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2016 Chevrolet Silverado LT Crew Cab Start Up, Road Test, and In Depth Review


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I love the new trucks. Too bad they did not get the new refreshed styling with the main overhaul as it better represents the changes under the skin they got a couple years ago.

I feel too many under estimated the extent of the last upgrades as the truck really did not reflect it in the styling.

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Interesting that after GM did this our Steel bed is superior to your aluminum bed,





Honda then comes out with the same test to show up both of them:




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Speaking of the Ford vs Chevy rocks and toolboxes tossed in the bed ad, I wonder if they pre-cut slits in the Ford bed so that the dents would get punched through....

It is really hard to believe that it would puncture that easily. I mean I know it's a lot of stress in one tiny location(corner of one of those blocks) but still tough to believe. I need to look at the fine print on that commercial next time just to see what it says. 

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Well the thing about aluminum is the issue of fatigue. No amount of military alloy specification can get rid of that main issue.


At first when I saw the video, I was all over GM. I was mightily impressed.


But then after thinking about what the video meant - what kind of situation....the part about dropping stones that heavy from that height, without some kind of cover...as simple as a few sheets of plywood...


It's just not a realistic situation. No one is going to buy a 2016/7 brand new crewcab truck and do any of that without the multitude of factory or aftermarket bed protection solutions or just some sheets of plywood. At that point I just dismissed the premise of the video. 


Now if they just did the toolbox test...that would have been something. But they didn't do that. And as much as there is bravado in doing that demonstration, anyone with a head on their shoulders that can actually function would see through that situation.

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And then I can also think about other stress tests - where GM trucks don't look so good. It's marketing, you see these kind of ads from all 3 makes. Like I mentioned before, Big 3 middle finger time.

No, Chevy is the only one that straight up brings in an F150/Ram 1500 for comparisons on their commercials. I don't remember a Ford or Ram commercial where it wasn't just about their own product. Maybe they'll have a line like "most fuel efficient" or something but they won't have the three trucks lined up. 


Ford and Ram just tout thrie products. Chevy brings in all these stupid comparisons that are clearly blown out of proportion. 

"This car looks like a BMW"

"Best V8 fuel economy"

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Cheating?  The Honda has the equivalent of a bed liner.  The point of the Chevy commercial was to show the toughness without a bed liner. 

Drew, is that a bed liner? Honda marketing seems to be stating that their bed is a carbon composite bed, no liner and the door to the storage area in the bed seems to confirm it at least from a visual standpoint.

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Cheating?  The Honda has the equivalent of a bed liner.  The point of the Chevy commercial was to show the toughness without a bed liner. 

Drew, is that a bed liner? Honda marketing seems to be stating that their bed is a carbon composite bed, no liner and the door to the storage area in the bed seems to confirm it at least from a visual standpoint.


Even if it was a bed liner, if it comes standard why would it matter?

If they're smart enough and it makes financial sense to offer a standard bed liner than they deserve to be touted as the "strongest bed". 

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Most trucks sold come with a bed liner. In Honda's case, the bed is made out of bed-liner material, without the bed-liner there is no bed.

Ironically, it is the Work Trucks that tend to come without a bed-liner because they're being sold to a low cost.... yet they're the ones also most likely to get a load of bricks dumped in the back. Susie McMansion buying an F-150 King Ranch or Silverado High Country is pretty much guaranteed to have a bed-liner... and it will be absolutely pristine. Joe the Plumber who buys the most basic W/T Silverado or F-150 probably won't have a bed-liner to drop his toolbox on.... and Joe the Plumber is not going to be buying a Honda Ridgeline.

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This test proved nothing really.


People who actually do that kind of dropping payload into the bed, probably don't stop at 12 times. They probably work the hell out of their truck. Damage is damage.


Yep, let's willingly damage our trucks, when most after market drop in liner solutions can easily protect the bed, for less than the cost of replacing a dented and deformed truck bed.

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Well the fact is simple a truck bed is expected to dent but it should not be expected to tear or puncture with a hand held weight of an object. 

I have seen and done it my self where I have tossed any thing like a tool box to a cylinder head  or block into a truck like this and if it dented no big deal but if it punctured I would not be happy. 


First off most people anymore and most factory trucks had a spray in coated bed liner. With that said it will keep the scratches to a min but it will still dent. 

As for plastic drop in liners they are no bargain either as need to be pulled and often do more paint damage as they rub and grind on the metal and the tailgate. I have seen many tear up the paint on the tail gate. If it is a metal bed they are recommended to be pulled and oiled down yearly. Also with a hard plastic bed liner crap slides all over the place. 

This is why if you really look liners are only in half the trucks. 


The GM spot with holes in the bed was made to target the Fleet Sales meeting in Detroit the following week it was released. GM made sure this was seen in theaters, TV and the Free Press. They also made sure on the First Monday to have full page ads i the press and paid to have one sent to every hotel room in Detroit. This is what really made Ford mad. 


While GM did not expect to change a ton of minds on what they buy they have planted a reason and some thing for people to consider. As time goes on and as holes appear in Ford beds this will play out for some. and may get some to change. 

As it is truck buyers are loyal and they stick to their brands. Even in the years where the hood hinges rusted off Ford trucks people still went back to buy them. Why some out of loyalty and some because Ford has always offered trucks at a Cheaper price. 


Why do they sell more F series trucks. Well they offer more Variations. GM does not have a 450 or 550 and FM also sells like 18% fleet vs. 37% fleet for Ford if the numbers I read are correct. 

As for who makes more money? Well I read the Ford is a more expensive truck to build and even then they are still offering incentives as when they did not offer them the sales tanked. People regardless of brand expect incentives anymore. 


GM on the other hand has had a higher ATP, Also they sell less low profit fleet sales. Add to this they also have the sales of GMC to add in to this that they do not creatively count like Ford does the F series models. The truth is in half ton sales that are the majority they are generally neck and neck on sales. But if you look at the money made GM has been reported to make more money on their trucks. 


Ford likes to market the F series as being the best seller for marketing. But that does not change the fact most sales in Half ton are equal for the most part and GM is not going to market that they are more profitable on the half ton trucks. 


It is a pissing match where everyone has a wet pant leg in the end. 


Yes some people change but most do it because of price and often they go for one truck and return. I have seen many go to Dodge over the years because it is a good deal on price only to return to Ford and GM after issues. The Ram is a good value but the quality has been an issue there. I just had two co workers return to Ford and GM. 


In the end GM and Ford make a big deal on their trucks but they should as they both make good money on them. They would never have worked together on the transmission if they expected one would take the other out. They know they rule the segment and will continue to do so. 

The real issues are coming with the CAFE regulations. Ford even with going to a V6 and all aluminum is not even close to the numbers they are making. GM also is not there either. I expect a major change in how trucks are built and sold. 

The half ton slot is the king slot. but to make the numbers I expect the Colorado, Canyon and Ranger to take that slot as their own for Half ton ratings. Now there will still be full size trucks but they will be rated at 3/4 ton where regulations are not as tight. 


Look around the 3/4 used to be the gutted work trucks but today you can get a Denali, High Country or King Ranch if you like. Most standard models are not gutted. You will be able to get the larger truck just expect to pay more for it. 


The smaller trucks are now moving into the slot the Half tons used to be in price wise and are now able to do what most full size can do with the Diesel option and even the V6 at 305 HP.  I expect their MPG to increase too. 


I also expect some other tricks like Hybrid tech and stop and start. 


This is the cash cow segment and they have to find a solution here. Part of the burden is now on the CUV segment as they are already pushing tons of 4 cylinder CUV models that are making a ton of money. 

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