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William Maley

Audi News: Rumorpile: Audi Fast-Tracks Development of e-tron quattro SUV, Puts Other Models On Hold

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The diesel emission scandal has caused Audi to change up their development cycle. A source tells Car and Driver that Audi has sped up the development cycle for e-tron quattro and h-tron quattro models. The board has allegedly diverted engineering and financial resources toward these models and put all non-essential projects on the back burner.


“Everybody is of course concerned about the aftereffects of the diesel crisis, and the thinking is that Audi has to show people we are serious about these kinds of cars,” said the source.


“Every kind of thinking has changed since the diesel problems. We are pushing to bring zero-emission cars to market as fast as we can now—and pushing to do them right.”


Here is what we know about the two models. The e-tron quattro will be arriving in 2018 and sit in between the Q5 and Q7 (this is the supposed Q6 model). Much like the e-tron quattro concept shown at last year's Frankfurt Motor Show, the production model will boast three electric motors - one on the front axle and two on the rear axle. Range is expected to be around 370 miles.


A year later, the production version of the h-tron quattro will appear. It will supposedly have a range of 370 miles and can be re-filled with hydrogen in four minutes.


But what about the non-essential projects? This is where it gets interesting. Car and Driver says there are three projects on hold - the Q4, TT Offroad, and TT Sportback. The Q4 as we reported earlier this week is a coupe-like crossover based on the Q3. The two TT models were the dream of former Audi development chief Ulrich Hackenberg of creating a TT family.


Source: Car and Driver

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So my Take on this is as follows:


VW, O-Sh$t, we just screwed our selves royally, what can we do to make people forget about this and minimize our massive billion dollar losses as we clean up this mess.


EV Auto's now that there is dense Lio battery packs that can do a decent range.


Personally, I think this is the right move for Audio. Shelve the TT crap, delay the Q4 and get this out. 


If they truly deliver 370 miles on a charge, then we will see people convert over and this would be the tipping point where auto companies realize that they can build a variety of EV auto's and dump petrol.


We are in interesting times that will change the way we see and move about.



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I have seen now that you can buy all the way up to 72V, 800Ah battery packs. I see the future being very strong with EV auto's.


Cleaner, more reliable and less maintenance than traditional auto's.

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