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William Maley

Honda News: Honda Considers A Type R Variant of the NSX

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As Honda/Acura begin production of the NSX, talk has sprung up about doing a more extreme version.


Nick Robinson, Dynamic Development Leader on the NSX told Autocar there are a number of folks who want Honda to do a Type R version as it would continue the revival of the company’s sporting heritage. Robinson was quick to point out that Honda hasn't approved anything at the moment.


What would an NSX Type R look like? It would be lighter than your standard NSX to begin with. A key item that could be removed is the NSX's hybrid powertrain. Not only would it remove a fair amount of weight, but it also would make it rear-wheel drive. There could also be the use of lightweight materials.


“There are places weight could be cut out. We are Honda so cost [of exotic materials on the regular car] is a consideration, but for a limited edition? Why not?” said Robinson.


Robinson also mentioned that a convertible version of the NSX is likely to follow.


Source: Autocar

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Meh, Too little way too late. Old auto vaporware trying to keep people excited about stuff that is not being delivered or delivered very well.


They are the Baby Boomer Asian version of a conservative mind set.


Honda, make your cars more exciting for the masses and then you can waste money on Pie In The Sky vaporware products.

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The summer of 2025?



That leaves us at least 4 years to enjoy it before Judgement Day occurs and the robots take over.

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The nameplates alone will add 50 horsepower with no other adjustments.

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