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Would You Rather...SONG EDITION


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  1. 1. Would You Rather Listen To Pitbull or REO?

    • Pitbull ft Enrique Iglesias - Messin' Around
    • Reo Speedwagon - Take It On The Run

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Heard this song a couple of days ago on the radio. Im addicted to it!!!


But, Im torn apart inside.

I dont know how to handle it.

Part of me thinks it screws up the original. Part of me thinks its a total botch job and does the original no justice.


HOWEVER....the other part of me...the party animal side of me, the Greek part of me,  the part of me  where boys will always be boys no matter what age I am and damn it all to hell if Im a daddy...to a....10 year old girl....and she will grow up one day and hopefully will forgo all what transpires in that video and lyrics...but then again...its human nature...I cant stop her from becoming a woman...


Anyhoo...I absolutely LOVE this version of the song:

Cant get enough of it!!!!


Alternate video:


and the original:





Classic rock will NEVER die..but dayum!!!!

Too freakin' bad I aint 20 years old anymore so I could rock da clubs with Pitbull blasting on the dance floor with Messin' Around on the speakers and Im surrounded with chicas....


Its a good thing that I lived my 20s to the fullest in the 90s!!!






So....which version do you folk prefer?

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Ten days later, and the mad love I have for the Pitbull version has kinda been reduced to a more reasonable level of just "LIKE".

I just like this song now.


Seeing that nobody saw this thread the first time around, Im still curious to see what you people think of it.

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Another bump just in case you MOFOS finally got to know the song and now actually have an opinion on it!

Or maybe not!


I know I STILL LOVE the song!

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+1 on you CP for not ignoring the thread.

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I saw the thread..read it.. but couldn't listen to the songs at work. :( 


Then I forgot when I wasn't at work.. I'll try and remember later! 

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Love the modern take of Pitbull, but also fully respect the classic of REO.


If I am in a pumped up mood, then Pitbull, Crashing after a long week at work, REO! Break out the Wine baby! :P




FYI, Saw this thread when it first got posted but never got around to checking it out till now. :D

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Dear Dave,


Its a step in the right direction.

Good for you for tolerating...Pitbull.


All his songs always contain a couple of spanish words, mainly numbers counting up, a couple of ooooooweeeeeess and that is it.


But the beat is a killer beat.

I have no idea what the chicas do in 2016, but the Montreal chicas circa 1992-1996 LOVED this kinda stuff and went crazy on the dance floor.

If an alpha male wanted to mate in Montreal circa 1992-1996, he had no choice but to tolerate this kinda stuff, learn to dance and move his pelvis in ways Elvis would be jealous....

So that is why I like this music today.




Its AWESOME that you like Pitbull's version.

I think when you were younger, the ladies were not a problem for you.

I think you know what I know about the ladies and the dance floor...

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