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MotorWeek | Retro Review: 1990 "GM10" Bodies/ W Platforms

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Billions of dollars wasted by GM.  It could have replaced the G bodies with a short wheelbase H body or put an independent rear suspension on the A body. GM didn't get the W body right until the 1997 and 1998 redesign. 

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Yeah....I heard that before.

The platform did cost a fortune...

 GM did sell a ton of them. Maybe GM did not make their money back from them at that 1997 point in time because it was said that GM lost money on each sold but it was a decent platform non-the-less.  I dont think the W-Body was crappy engineering, I think it was more about crappy brand management and crappy production oversights that cost GM money on the W-Body.


I think GM did the right thing by going FWD on their midsizers as the G-Body RWD cars were declining and becoming irrelevant real fast!

And I dont mean the special edition Olds/Hurst Cutlass Supremes and the Buick GNXs and and the Aero MonteCarlo and Grand Prixs. I mean the plebeian versions of these cars. 

The G Bodies were all coupes.

Coupes as family cars were already in decline as the minivans were taking over, but sedan sales were strong.

The W-Body cars were nice sporty mid-sized family car offerings that sold decently amidst award winning Ford Taurus' and sales juggernauts of the Chrysler mini-van and import loving maniacs of Accord/Camry/Maxima and let us not forget the internal competition of GM's own FWD A-Bodies...

The W-Body championed over the FWD GM A-Body....and the Ford Taurus at the end of the day!!!

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