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mazda truck idea


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it's a pretty far off possibility, but i was just thinking if mazda could produce a truck that could be under 3500lbs, ~3200lbs minimum and be in a class like the old ranger.

it would have all skyactive engines as optional.. 2.0L be able to tow a ton, 2.5L, 1.5 tons, and the 2.2 diesel or 2.5L Turbo for 3500lbs. only 2.5L+ has AWD optional

just make sure the GVWR can let it hold a good deal of weight in the bed.

perhaps only have extended cabs.

have good mpg like the CX-5,  26/35

or at worst something closer to the CX-9, but 23/32

pricing may be somewhere in the low 20's...21K for starters, and up to ~32K for top of the line.


do you think this idea would make any waves in the market?


what is your idea?

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I think it could definitely work. I mean there are still so many S10s, Rangers, and previous generation Canyonados on the road that they were a big hit. People love them. I'm just not sure how well those engines would work but then again those old S10s and Rangers didn't have much under the hood either and if you can also extract 30+mpg from one I think it would work just fine. 

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Yes, I have been saying it around these forums for a long time we need the return of a true Mini Pickup. The Chevy Luv, Ford Ranger, Mazda Pickup, they all were awesome mini pickups and the city folks love em as they are great for the runs to home depot. Hopefully someone in the detroit 3 is listening.

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