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Appears to be much better. The greenhouse still needs to be less balloon-y but the front looks good.

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There is no way you can pass a valid judgement

over this car based on what is essentially an

educated guess covered up by a tent. :huh:

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Ford is hoping to buy some time for its full-size Montego and Five Hundred sedans prior to a full-scale redesign in a few years.

How old are they? It's not like they've been around forever and look dated. If anything the refresh is 1-2 years premature by import manufacturer standards.

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i can tell you from experience how neglected the little detail development of the chicago twins was. don't get me wrong, they are good cars. but they feel so undeveloped and unfinished.

six speed tranny, great idea. but they didn't give it a manumatic nor did they bother to program it correctly. the engine has pop available, the tranny just can never be where you need it to be. why can't i shift it myself? The car whould be downright fast if I could do the shifting myself! It loves to rev! and makes good power from about 3k on up.

top class safety, but they didn't make side airbags standard.

the stereo system is crap in terms of sound.

why no inexpensive factory remote start like GM?

why no ipod jack or sat radio?

the dashboard glare is reprehensible for a company that has likely built 200 million cars or something like that.

the ride is taut but there is little or no roll stiffness. its too hard a ride for the geezers and doesn't handle like the younger set wants.

the steering has good weight at times and when turning feels dead. the steering is way too slow.

they didn't bother to tune out the low end engine buzzing. that, and road noise is too much. c'mon, spend a little money and put in some sound deadener.

the climate controls are far too low.

Love the high seating position. But why aren't the seats more shaped like buckets? They are flat. At least they are firm but there is no shape. Were they afraid the geezers wouldn't be able to climb over the side bolsters to get in? If so, then why did you make the ride so firm? Geezers don't like that.

the styling is dull. the late 06 changes (molding deletion, add mud flaps and spats) really make a nicer look but why was is so frumpy to start?

why don't the door locks all unlock when you shift into park? I hate, no, DESPISE having to hit the unlock button every time i get out of the car when i want to get my kid out of the back.

A fair amount of the interior plastic still looks cheap. and why no telescoping wheel?

-i am waiting anxiously for the duratec 35. I just hope the 35, and exterior updates are not all they fix. Bottom line, Ford had no resources to nail this car from the start. they did a great job with what they had, but the market splash could have been much better. When Ford finally gets it right, they will sell BUCKETLOADS of these cars.

I would love a black refreshed Montego.

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Thanks to the 1996-99 "frog" Taurus, Ford played it safe, too safe.

And no, no, no, the Freestyle is NOT deing dropped! The Edge only has 2 rows of seats, so Freestyle stays.

Yeah, TCC has some spyshots of the refeshed Freestyle

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This car looks wrong with the bodyside moldings deleted and will look like $h! with all the resluting dings and dents.

it looks far better with the spats, mudflaps and the molding deletion. If they were to put modlings back on it, they should not have any chrome and they should be really really minimal. The car looks too top heavy with the molding, especially with the chrome. The spats 'lower' the car, which emphasizes the length of the car better and then it looks lower and sleeker. Ford should blackout the chrome around the side windows/greenhouse and then make the door handles all chrome.

the biggest problems with the 500 are the dumpy grille/front end and the even dumpier rear end. the front needs to be lower and more aggressive and the hood needs to be sculpted more. the rear end needs to be cleaned up. the diagnol cut over the side of the tailights is atrocious and has no connection to anything else on the car. the scupted lip over the trunk and tailights should just be a simple crease. the back side is shaped all wrong and the old Passat wannebe taillights need to be redone.

If I were redoing the car, i would shorten the deck a bit and lengthen the greenhouse. I would redo the wheel arches so they weren't so soft looking. The would have sharper creases and maybe be a bit larger and more dynamic.

they did an ok job proportioning the car considering a car has never been done like this before. The command seating raised the seats and therefore the greenhouse. The 'visual center of gravity' by neccessity has to be higher on this car than others in relation to the wheel centerlines, even with the big 18" wheels and tires. Still, i think they could have reshaped the side cut lines and messaged the proportioning and height of the side windows to begin with. In all honestly, they could drop the top of the car an inch or so and still have the good headroom. The resculpting of the hood combined with that would help 'lower' the 'visual center of gravity' as well and give a stronger realtionship to the wheels.

someday SOMEONE will make the perfect mid-large sedan (for me). reasonably priced. powerful. FWD or RWDbias/AWD. very sporty and performance oriented but not extreme in that regard. cheap to run and insure. lots of room. stick available. smooth 250-300hp v6 (mazda6 fails this). nice interior that is driver oriented. top notch safety (mazda6 fails this).

i mainly got the 500 for cheap price and lots of room, as there just not any other alternatives that i could afford that met enough of those criteria.

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