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Oh no, not again, .... 2018 Chrysler Pacifica Touring L Plus

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Up until Quebec made winter tires mandatory, I always had all seasons on my car. 

Now that I drive with winters...in the winter, I dont think Ill ever go back to all seasons for the winter. 

And my Acura got some of those electronic beeping and chiming safety devices. I turn those off myself as the Acura TL is pretty OK with the blind spot angles and the ass of the car aint too high either.  I drive the old fashioned way, I use my eyes and ears and brain to guide me.   (Not a knock on those who prefer electronic safety devices).

The wife's Fusion has none of those things and like the Acura, the Fusion does pretty darned good as well with the blind spots and the vision sights so no electric safety aides  are really needed.

When Ive had rentals lately, back-up cameras have been available, and I didnt seem to be using them. Actually, I tested out the cameras and while reversing,  I could get the car(s)  and SUVs (Explorer,Edge,Escape, MDX) closer  to a wall without back-up camera help than with actually looking at the screen with the camera on...and I got within a centimeter without hitting the wall with all the cars and SUVs...

I was actually afraid that the picture on the screen was closer than what was pictured. In other words, I trusted my eyes more than the electronics...

I did learn to park a full sized Chevy cargo van without side windows and with just the side mirrors and 2 small square windows waaaay out in the back doors when I first learned to drive...

Sure, I shared with you folk how I wrecked two cars when I was 21 in a matter of months and lucky to be alive, but none of that matters...:D

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So, the debate began today....wife wants smaller vehicle but admits the utility of the Chrysler van is amazing.

So, we'll see how this progresses as our lease is up early next year...there is always pull ahead.

An interesting unknown, Chrysler has touted the all wheel drive as new for 2021 model year....BUT there are actually 2020 'launch edition' ALL WHEEL DRIVE Pacifica's already out ....... 2021 adds the option of a real console and armrest.  Not the fold down skinny seat armrests.  BUT will it be too EXPENSIVE to get that real armrest?

Toyo Celcius 'all weather' tires we put last winter on the van have driven as well as the OEM Michelins.  The Michelins were touted as amazing tires in the wet and snow with long tread life.  The tread life sucked and the wet and snow performance was average.  The Toyos due to 'all weather' design were quite good in snow; not as good as a full winter tire but with deep tread and sipes, better than an all season.

But still, this van has been amazing.  No issues (knock on wood).  Comfortable, great gas mileage.  Pulled about 28 mpg on a recent highway trip and it averages about 23 mpg in normal city driving.  I am sure mpg with AWD drops some, but it would still be very good for such a large vehicle.  Whether we end up with a Pacifica or something else like a Blazer or Traverse or Enclave or Atlas / Cross Sport / Explorer / XT5 / XT4 / 2021 Envision..... I can vouch that this Stellantis is quite good for the family segment.

Here's some recent vacation pics....










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