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GM says to make profit on all EVs in 3yrs time!


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GM says to make profit on all EVs in 3yrs time!

According to CEO Mary Barra, GM will make a profit on all EVs sold by GM globally by 2021. This is due to what she says will be a 45% increase in battery density with generation 2 battery to come in the Bolt and a modular global platform that will support Pure EV, Hydrogen and petrol Plug in extended range auto's. She went on to also say that GM will have battery costs down from the current $145 per Kilowatt-hour to less than $100 by 2021.

Interesting statement by automotive experts according to the story this is based on is that GM has the largest battery and EV group in the world only rivaled by Toyota and Daimler who are both on a surge of hiring to get to the top of EV R&D.

GM has been issued 661 US Patents on Battery Tech from 2010-2015 only surpassed by Toyota with 762 patents in the same time frame.

Interesting statement in the story is:

In addition to the battery work, GM engineers are developing a new dedicated "plug and play" structure for its next-generation electric vehicles that is flexible and modular, meaning it will be able to accommodate battery systems of different sizes, as well as hydrogen fuel cells, one of the sources said.

In an interview, Mark Reuss, head of global product development, said GM's strategy to reduce battery cost is not tied to a single improvement such as a change in battery chemistry, but rather a series of continuous enhancements in battery technology and packaging.

"There are no silver bullets here," Reuss said. GM also has not solved all the problems required to achieve its goal, he said. "It's called 'product development' for a reason," he said.

The most recent developments and enhancements in battery technology have not been made public, according to GM's Fletcher.

"There's a lot of stuff that we choose not to patent because we don't want to make it visible" before the new technology goes into production, Fletcher told Reuters.

GM EV Profit Strategy Story


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