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Anyone else miss Pontiac?

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Hi, folks! I used to post here years ago under the names Carnage, SevyrdSoul, and C.H.U.D. I used to be big into photoshops and sketches. I kinda ran out of inspiration years ago, That is, Automation came out.

Here's a Pontiac SJ8 I began working on yesterday. I believe, with all the outlandish design traits in current cars, Pontiac would be a leader in design today. I miss them so much haha.






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Nice.  It would be great to know one of those programs to come up with auto designs. 

Yes, I very much miss Pontiac.  Even if they pared down their offerings to just a few, I, too, feel they would be at the forefront of GM design.  If they were the most provocative in the past, why wouldn't that also hold true in the present?  I feel that Pontiac should have been retained as a niche brand with 2 or 3 offerings in their stable.  This has been mentioned before on this forum.  As a kid, Pontiacs turned my head most of all the GM cars, with a few exceptions here and there.

And, you zeroed in on the split frontal fascia treatment and strong horizontals along the rear fascia as Pontiac would.

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