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Bought a new minivan

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I am in love with these. And yes I have knocked down almost 30 on road trips.

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A few updates on the van.  We have had it almost 18 months and it is about to roll 24k miles.  We still love the thing.  Last spring we drove it from metro Detroit to Orlando, Fl and back with a 2 night stop in Atlanta on the way down and 2 nights in Pigeon Forge, TN on the way back.  Even with Atlanta, Orlando and Pigeon Forge traffic I think we still averaged around 26.5 mpg for the trip IIRC.

Unfortunately the stop/start battery died in the mountains of Tennessee on the way back.  This was right at the 12 month mark of ownership.  The funny part is the dealership tried to tell me that the reason the battery died is because we don't drive it enough.  I asked him how 18k miles in 12 months isn't enough?  🤣 Obviously he had no reply.

The most recent trip was metro Detroit to St. Louis.  Great city to vacation in with kids!  Tons of stuff to do there.  It was around an 1100 mile trip.  First tank was calculated as 26.7 mpg - 80 mph and 3 adults and 2 kids in the car.  The second tank was 24.7 mpg calculated with 4 days of short, local trips around St. Louis included.  Not too bad.

The only other issue we have had with the van is the battery covers breaking on both wireless headphones.  This is a known issue that unfortunately is not covered by Chrysler's B2B warranty but is covered directly through Delphi (now Aptiv).  They were on back order for like 6 weeks but we did eventually receive a set of new replacements in the mail.

It is also starting to make a groaning noise from the front end when you first start moving.  That is the only time you hear it.  I'm guessing something simply needs lubricated and I will have it checked out next time it is at the dealership.

Last thing for you Pacifica owners: be careful what windshield washer solvent you put in it.  At the very least, run it through a filtered funnel when putting it in.  I got a bad gallon of the green Rain-X type (don't think it was Rain-X brand) and it clogged the filter and burned up the pump.  My wallet was $300 lighter after that one.  I don't know if the stuff was bad or it went bad because I left it in the garage over the winter and it isn't rated to a very low temperature.  It was like it separated and left cloudy slime in there I didn't notice until it was too late. :(  Dealership said stick the the standard low temp blue stuff.



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