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435 Mile Range BMW i3 according to Lion Smart Storage of Germany


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BMW i3 was Germany's first electric vehicle to go globally for BMW. The current model comes from the factory with a 33 kWh battery good for 114 miles of range. Range anxiety has been an issue with widespread adoption of electric vehicles. Light Smart Storage has shown off their all new 100 kWh Lion Light Battery that gives the BMW i3 auto a 700 km range or in US scale 435 miles.


The exciting technology about this battery pack is that it is totally flexible in terms of capacity, voltage and physical dimensions to meet each manufactures needs for the EV. The lion light battery is developed with the following tech: each cell has its own fuse, this allows for just an individual cell to fail and it can then be disconnected from the system, safeguarding the integrity of the rest of the battery for continued use. The next tech feature is the cooling system that is cell focused. This is a phase change coolant from liquid to gas to handle the thermal energy and is release via a valve. This ensures the heat does not spread to nearby cells and cause thermal runaway, the leading cause of battery fire. Another tech feature is the lack of any wiring within the battery. Cells are arranged in supercells which then are arranged into larger modules. Supercells have measurement cards connected directly to the battery poles to monitor voltage and temperature. All of this gives you a high quality, no maintenance dependable battery pack for long life.

Lion Smart lists BMW, VW, Toyota, Bosch and Kreisel as their customers who will use the tech or purchase battery packs for upcoming EVs.

What this tells us is that a number of upcoming electrical vehicles are going to smash the range anxiety issue and deliver long road trip capability. After all they just tripled plus the range in a BMW i3 keeping the same size battery pack, reducing heat and showing off what will probably be in BMW's next EV to be released in 2021, the iNext EV.


Lion Smart Press Release

Autoblog story

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