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Mazda diesel hybrid cx-5


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The model will use a simple, low-cost system called a "mild hybrid." It will feature a 48-volt battery and a small motor that will give an extra boost during acceleration and other phases of driving.

Mazda says the new model, which combines the hybrid system with a new engine designed to be 10% more fuel efficient, will improve mileage of the hybrid by around 20% versus Mazda's current diesel engine, which is already considered the world's most efficient.


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Interesting, I do have to question the last sentence where they state worlds most efficient diesel engine. Mazda never got it into the market in the US and had nothing but problems in Europe with it, so I doubt this.

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1 hour ago, ocnblu said:

That's because Europe and the U.S. are trying to quash efficiency.


I can find so many problems it is sad. Here is just one of the constant problems with the terrible built Mazda Diesel motors.

2014 Mazda6 Diesel - Serious Problems

Wow, people are cancelling their orders out in Europe and Australia for the SkyActive Diesel due to the problems of diesel fuel overfilling the crankcase.

Mazda's response to this is that the owner MUST check their dipstick level every 600 miles or Mazda will void the warranty if and when the engine seizes. 

So Mazda is basically putting the owner on notice that if they don't check their dipstick oil levels every 600 miles, they are not performing proper maintenance and if the crankcase gets sucked dry or overfilled with diesel fuel, your engine will fail and Mazda will not cover it under warranty:


Mazda is also calling for oil changes every 2,000km or 1,200 miles:

Mazda CX-5 oil issue fix nearing

This has sealed the deal for me, NO DIESEL for me. Too many problems and Mazda has no solution right now and is finding band-aids to deal with it until the engineers can figure out what's happening. 

So Mazda expects customers to pay a $4k premium for a dieselengine that needs to have its oil level checked every 600 miles and an oil change every 1,200 miles? Mazda really dropped the ball on this and hopefully this error isn't going to bring a demise to Mazda as it did a few decades ago before Ford bought them back from the brink of extinction. 

Mazda has the desire to be innovative but they lack the testing and R&D on some of these designs. They should have done more tests on the diesel before releasing it to mass production. This will come back to haunt Mazda.

Clearly many Mazda fans want nothing to do with the piss poor quality of mazda built motors.
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