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Cadillac XT4 V-Sport and a Mystery Car Show Up on Cadillac's Website


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Its most likely a go.. for 2020 and we'll see it at the upcoming Autoshows. As I said yesterday.. the 2.7L Turbo or an EV combo would be sweet.. if Cadillac doesn't want to use the LGW 3.0L TT. Personally I think Cadillac may just be getting ready to go all in.. in terms of performance.. by offering all of its VSports and VSeries as AWD. I have said it to many a person when asked about the driving of my CTS-V.. It is PHENOMENAL.. but U must have discipline on the throttle at both take off and even at higher speeds because of the traction. Even more so in my Z06 due to the weight. AWD will remedy this.. and most likely put its acceleration times below that of the Germans, including Porsche, due to the massive torque and power..coupled with the weight advantage that GM has been engineering into every one of its vehicles over the last 5 years

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Would love to see an XT4-V of some sort... even if it is a turned up 2.0t with fat fenders and whatnot.  Electrification would ruin it.  That coupe clay, while intriguing, speaks BUICK to me with that sweepspear shoulder.  Unless GM is taking the iconic Buick indentifier away and giving it to Cadillac... which would squander even more of GM's brand history.

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