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Full Review & Drive: 2019 Chevy Blazer | The Athletic Crossover?


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My personal thoughts of the new Blazer is that it is does not hold true to the Blazer name. It might be a fine vehicle but GM should have given it a different name. The Blazer is an SUV not a Crossover. And by SUV standards the old Blazers were much more capable than most new SUV's anyways (how many are taking their new Yukons and Suburbans really offroading?). Plus Blazer (and Broncos) had removable tops (probably not legal to do with todays safety standards). When I first seen this Crossover I could only shake my head, might as well call it a Nova, that worked out real well when the compact Nova was put on the market.

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Things I like about the new Blazer:  2-row seating, no useless, tiny third row seat.  V6 engine availability.  Good looks (but only in RS trim).  I also see what so many are saying about what "Blazer" means to them.  At first I defended Chevy for using the name.  But seeing the final product, and the price tag, my opinion has turned south.  In anything but RS trim, this Blazer simply has a dull pall over it, even with its Camaro face.  I wanted to love it, I really did.  Can't.  Traverse in a lower trim can be had for a better deal than the Blazer, if a person wants a V6 Chevrolet CUV.

In the CUV game, Jeep has a more authentic feeling product.  Heck, even the Honda Passport is more compelling than the Blazer for the price.  Plus, you have the big dog in the room, a true SUV, the Jeep Grand Cherokee, available for less than the street queen Blazer.

Who knows, maybe GM will pitch GMC more toward the "adventure" style CUV with their promised AT4 package to trickle down from the Sierra to "every GMC model".

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It is nice soccer mom SUV, and it offers a nice amount of stufff for the family. Have to give it credit there.

But as far as using the name properly- GM has always disappointed in that. Like bringing the Nova name back in the late 80s....the current Blazer will never do the old justice.  They should have just saved the name for a bronco like product down the road.....

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