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1985 Lincoln Continental promotional video


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Just now, Drew Dowdell said:

What do you mean? These were great, solid cars.  Far better than the GM competition at the time. 

I actually really prefer the 80's Benz cars.

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1 hour ago, dfelt said:

These were amazing cars for their time.

See the source image

I always liked the Town car over the Continental.

I tend to view the eighties as a rather bland and barren era in terms of domestics...outside fo a few of the higher performance F bodies and Fox bodies...and the Grand National...

Ironically the car that Ford built during that era that I kind of don't mind is the Thunderbird. Nothing really special about it, but I loved watching them on NASCAR tracks and thought they made for a decent personal coupe.

Many Mustang Hipo parts bolted right on...

But even the Corvette of the era is hugely forgettable. Something like 135 C4 Vettes of the era were destroyed in Cash for Clunkers and I don't consider that any real loss for the automotive world.


But this era of Lincoln is seriously lacking in comparison to earlier generations...


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While I can agree to some extent that the D3 had some issues with not replacing some of their 70's platforms quick enough in the 80's to meet the competition.... what platforms they did release (in my opinion) were exemplary.

The Taurus/Sable release put the entire industry on notice.  My '88 Continental (Ironically enough in consideration of this thread, and based on the Taurus platform) is still one of the cars that I have owned that I think of very fondly. 

While a part of me yearned for some of the European cars, I would have been happier in a Mustang SVO over a BMW M3 any day.

And while my personal taste has always been towards Ford, I could come up with some offerings by GM and Chrysler that would qualify as market leaders in that era.

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