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Cadillac News: Cadillac SuperCruise Getting Big Upgrades

Drew Dowdell

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Cadillac's SuperCruise is currently considered the best of the hands free driving systems on the market, but some recent upgrades to Tesla's AutoPilot are pushing Cadillac to innovate further. Cadillac plans to roll out SuperCruise to all of its models starting with the 2020 model year.  Before that happens, Cadillac has some updates in store.

Cadillac is able to push updates to the SuperCruise system via an over the air package. While not considered a "next generation" of SuperCruise, Cadillac will be adding capabilities.  Those could be features like automatic lane changes and wider availability of the system on interchanges.  In addition, the just released Cadillac CT5 gets slightly upgraded hardware over the CT6.  One area where Cadillac has made improvements is in feedback to the driver.  If SuperCruise can't see road markings due to poor road conditions like snow or heavy rain, the system will display a message as to why it cannot engage. 

SuperCruise monitors data from customers and they analyze why the system disengages.  This data is then used for further development and refinement of the system.  Cadillac said in vehicles so equipped that 70 percent of all highway miles driven are traveled with SuperCruise active.


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