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6 Franken-cars from OEM parts bins we wish existed


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  • 8 months later...

What I would have loved in the mid 1990s, if Chryco had dipped into Mitsubishi's engine department, along with their AWD system and would have incorporated that into their LHS cars.   Dodge did have a Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4 twin in the Stealth R/T.   Now imagine a Dodge Intrepid and a Chrysler 300M with AWD and a twin turbo set-up with that 3.0 liter V6 with 300 hp and 300 ft/lbs torque in the mid 1990s?   

Excellent would be a good 1990s catchphrase for those would be cars.  Along with being leaders in the marketplace with turbos and AWD in family sedans that would later become the norm...

excellent - Wayne - quickmeme


Also, imagine a Prowler with a 5.9 liter Magnum V8 under the hood instead of the V6 they decided to use?  OK...I understand why Plymouth went with that particular V6.  If they didnt want the 5.9 Magnum image on their Prowler,  they sure mde the mistake of having a weak V6 image into it. With an homage Hot Rod car to the 1933 Ford, and a name like Prowler, the car BEGGED for a V8 under the hood, or at the very least an engine more than the 215 horses it initially had and more than the 250 it ended up having. Maybe they should have FORCED Mercedes to give them the 4.3 liter V8 Mercedes had at that point in time.


On Oldsmobile from the late 1990s.

The Intrigue SHOULD have had an Aurora V8 option ( hey...GM put a 5.3 liter with 300 horses in the W-Body a decade later) and the Alero should have had a Shortstar V6 option.   


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  • Staying in the 1990s.  GM should have given the Impala SS a real final send off by taking a page right out of Tim Allen's mind and creation by offering a limited amount of LT5 engined Impala SS.   
  • Also, Cadillac's Catera should have been re-worked substantially from the Opel Omega...   Cadillac should have looked at Holden and those versions (Middle East and Australia)  rather than the Opel version from Europe. An LS1 should have been the sole engine offered in 1997.  I mean, the Australian and Middle Eastern versions got V8s. The Pontiac GTO  later on got an LS1 and and the other Corvette engines eventually....   

The suspension set-ups ups could have been retuned to be somewhere in between Australian/Middle Eastern Lumina SS muscle car-ish and European Opel Omega-ish.   The interior should have been re-worked to be more Cadillac than Opel...  But then again, that would mean Cadillac and GM would have thought things through with the Catera rather than just phoning it in as they actually did.   Too many meetings in how to do a proper sports sedan I guess...  Its not as if they didnt have the engineers from Holden, Opel, Corvette, SAAB at their disposal and the actual cars that were actually sold with those EXACT things...


  • The Mercury Marauder that we got in the 2000s should have had the Coyote 5.0 V8.  OK...maybe the Coyote came after the Marauder's death.  So...the Crown Victoria should have had a Coyote engined variant then if not the Marauder.    


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Still in the 1990s.  This was a magical time for cars after the dreary 1980s....

The Infiniti J30. It was on a 300ZX platform variant and shared a detuned 3.0 liter V6 with the 300ZX. 

J30 '93 | Infiniti, Nissan infiniti, Datsun car

It also had a J30T model in the later years. A touring option. Imagine a J30 with the twin turbo version with 300 HP and 300 ft/lbs torque of the Nissan 300ZX TT.  Or with the R32 Skyline  GT-R engine and AWD.     I didnt know of Skylines in the early 1990s, I learned about them in 1996 or so, but I did LOVE (behind closed doors on the hush hush)  the T-Topped 300ZX TT and I did LOVE the J30 at the time. I did wonder why Nissan never offered a hot version with the 300ZX TTs powertrain. 



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I will also mention the G-Body GM midsized muscle cars of the 1980s.  In the article, the author mentions that readers would prefer if those had a modern LS under the hoods. That is fine and dandy, but in the 1980s, even the LT1 was not around.  Crossfire L83s and L98 V8s were what Chevrolet was offering in their Vettes and Camaros.  In 1990, the DOHC  LT5 was introduced but the G-Body was long gone by then.  So...

Even as a teenager in the mid-80s, I was wondering why Chevrolet never offered the same Vette borrowed and detuned 5.7 liter L98 that was in the 1987 Camaro IROC and 1987 Trans AM GTA in the 1987 and final year 1988 Monte Carlo SS like how the F-Bodies had.  It seems like a detuned L98 same HP as IROC Z would have been a great Monte Carlo SS.    The G-Body also had decent handling that would have been greatly enhanced by the IROC-Z and TA GTA suspension setups...  It was a no brainer for me. If Buick went out with a bang with their GN and GNX, Chevrolet could have made a small controlled explosion with a detuned L98 V8 Monte Carlo SS. Which would have been welcomed I think.

I wish GM had given more R&D money to Pontiac to develop the 4.9 liter Turbo V8 further and better and the 3rd generation Firebird/Trans Am and Grand Prix would have had their own V8 to be proud of. And like Buick, their own killer turbo engine to reside in the 1980s G Body.  

As the article states for a Quad 4 Fiero, if GM did not penny pinch the Quad 4 and manufacture it quickly and cheaply, and made Oldsmobile develop it properly, then a Quad 4 Cutlass Supreme with 300 HP and 300 plus ft/lbs torques "442"  would have been a great send off for the RWD Olds G Body.   And a great platform to really showcase what a proper Quad 4 was capable of. As we all know, the Aerotech had a few speed records at that time. And was capable of a lot of horsepower.  1000 of them to be exact.

And a common theme here for Buick, Oldsmobile and Pontiac:  TURBO.     Ahead of the Japanese by at least a decade, if not more...




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I have always like a Lotus Esprit from the 1980s. From the James Bond submarine car to Pretty Woman's Turbo Esprit.  But this aint about that. 


Its about the Delorean DMC-12.   I learned that Doc Brown's flux capacitor time machine had an Esprit inspired chassis just a year ago and that got me thinking just now,  that maybe,  the DMC-12 would have greatly benefited from the Esprit's  turbo 2.0 liter 4 cylinder of the early '80s.  I think a 200 HP and 200 ft/lbs of torque 4 cylinder engine would have been a "funner" engine choice.  


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