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1985 Oldsmobile FE3-X Project Cars | Retro Review

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9 hours ago, riviera74 said:

So what is the difference between this Olds and a Buick Regal Grand National?

Honestly.  Nothing that is special. Other than the awesome exterior look of it. But even then, the ground effects on it are overkill. 

I love 1980s ground effects and skirts and body cladding. 

1988 Cavalier Z-24 is awesome.

1992-1995 Pontiac Grand GT is just sublime.

1989 Pontiac Turbo Grand Prix is just my fave.

Countach from the cocaine era 1980s???  Cant get any better than that. 

But on this Olds. Not so much.  I prefer the body lines of the 1980s G-Body as is.  That body style is sexier without the skirts.

Anyway. Back to the specs.   



Displacement 5.OL, 307-cid V8
Horsepower 200 @ 4000 rpm
Torque 250 ft.-lbs.. @ 2600 rpm
Induction System Quadrajet carburator 1986 intake manifold and swirl port heads
Exhaust System Anti-reversion headers
Brakes Four-wheel discs
Wheels 16x8 cast alloy
Tires 255/50VR-16
Seats Recaro ‘C’ type
Instrumentation 140 mph speedometer,7000-rpm tachometer,
                           accelerometer, oil, fuel, coolant temperature
Monochromatic paint, window tinting, functional
aero/ground effects package, headlight and grille covers,
front air dam, flush emblems, rocker panel extensions,
wheelwell evacuation ducts, brake cooling ducts and an
adjustable rear deck spoiler.
The GNX had more power and torque through a turbo and intercooler and a V6. Also, the GNX had a trick panhard rod torque arm connected to the rear axle which made the GNX's rear spring up up instead of squat down when doing quarter mile runs when one would hold the brake down  and use the gas pedal to spool up the turbo.  The regualr GN did not have that and I doubt this Olds does not have that either.
Oldsmobile's 307 tuned to 200 horspower and 250 ft. lbs is as good as it gets. The actual Hurst/442 production model got 170-180 HP and 255 ft. lbs.
The 1985 Monte Carlo SS had 185 horsepower and 220 ft lbs of torque on Chevy's 5.0.
I guess its an improvement over the Chevy.  I guess  this FE3-X is smack in the middle of the GNX and the SS for power figures...
 I wonder what the Grand Prix made? Dont really feel like googling that. 
OK...maybe it handled the twisties better than the other G-Bodies?
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These cars and the Monte Carlo's are perfect for restoration except changing out the motor/tranny for something modern from the connect and cruise packages of GM's crate program.



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