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Tesla 'Cybertruck'

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3 hours ago, ykX said:


Shatter proof maybe, but pop apart proof no. 3 pieces for sure, LOL :P 

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2 minutes ago, balthazar said:



Fisher Body Craftsman entry, 1966 :

Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 7.31.58 PM.png

This one reminds me of a lot late 60s-early 70s Hot Wheels and Tonka truck designs, cab forward w/ big wrap around windows.

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Hilarious piece bowing down at the Tesla altar:

• Buyers, even Tesla buyers, don't give a crap about Franz's 'artistic growth'. A functional vehicle has to be functional, and buyers want features and amenities, not a barren, cold, industrial object.

• Holding up the Mini and the DB9 as examples of 'captivating design' is a stretch. E-Type is good everywhere above the wheel hubs, which is most of the car, but they never adequately finished it off below that. There are a hundred other more captivating designs from which to have chosen, which brings the writer's design sensibilities into question. As if praising the Tesla truck wasn't enough evidence of that.

• If the Company is in a 'design rut', why not a 2nd generation of the 9-year old Model S? What stopped them from doing anything different in all the years of unveiling 4 different models? Why is the 3 nearly a carbon copy of the S, years later? What Tesla Roadster?

In fact, is the truck merely hard evidence that Franz is a one-trick pony incapable of better, fresh and/or truly futuristic design?

• Where did the Ridgeline remotely approach 'reinventing' the pick-up? It flopped because it was a substandard pickup, not because consumers didn't think it's designer hadn't grown enough as an artist.

- - - - -
Tesla truck best approximates a garbage truck; slab-sided, crude and seemingly without any artistic input.

But at least a garbage truck has demonstrated functionality; you can put things in & get things out of it's cargo area.

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53 minutes ago, balthazar said:

'Future' design, 1980 :

Screen Shot 2019-12-01 at 8.09.39 PM.png

That Citroen Karin and Aston Martin Bulldog were the first concepts I thought of when I saw the Cybertruck...way cool. 

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