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Mercedez Benz News Mercedes-AMG Models Endangered in EU

Drew Dowdell

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If it drops to $3 billion that is still more than Tesla makes and stockholders love Tesla.  What matters is how much is going into EV's and autonomous  driving tech, especially for Daimler who makes so many semi-trucks, self driving is going to be huge for long haul trucks.

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Stockholders love Tesla because it's been on a general uptrend, certainly via the stock price, and only recently, flirting with profitability. Other than this week's NHTSA investigation, there's not been much scandal.
Daimler is on a downward trend, and with increasing scandals. It's also a decade behind in the EV movement. Big difference.

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12 hours ago, ocnblu said:

So now Daimler is denying battery supply shortages...  I'm guessing their roadblock to EV success is lack of buyer interest.  Something every single OEM is facing across the globe.

Seems really weird that no major big news outlet has the story about Daimler denying the battery shortage and their own press site does not say anything either.


This says they will build 50,000 this year, but even then that is short of the original stated goal on Daimlers web site of 60,000 and with only 7,000 built last year of a proposed 25,000 of their compact CUV, I have to question the lack of interest you state versus parts available and LG actual statement that demand is outstriping supply.

When they build the auto the buyers really want in the right size they will sell big time and Ford F150 EV, GM EV Trucks / SUVs full size, Rivian, etc. will prove that out.

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