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Why BMW Is No Longer The Leader In Luxury Sales

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A case of arrogance, complacency and a stray from what made BMW...BMW.  Sounds like GM of the 1970s-1990s...

Its fine that they had to go the sports "activity" vehicle way, they had to in reality, but they didnt have to blur their identity with their 3 Series either. The 3 series grew in size and weight, got a floatier ride and BMW had to introduce a new car to be smaller and re-name that one the 2 Series.  Again, sounds like GM with Cadillac and the Seville Touring Sedan to STS, to CTS and ATS and nixing the STS and now to CT5 and CT4.  

And the 2 Series is not exactly a pure representation of what BMW used to be either... Maybe the "M" version.

And speaking about "M".  When BMW slapped that on anything...that kinda also killed the vibe.  

My 2 cents. 

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The thing is, the truest BMW 3 Series sport  coupe/sedan in its purest form does not come from BMW or Mercedes or Audi or Cadillac or Lexus or Infinity or KIA.  Its from Tesla with their  Model 3. 

From the spartan, simple interior that looks like it belongs in an econobox, to the ugly but yet appealing small exterior styling to the sporty "balanced" handling to the small but very loud cult following preaching the "word"...

Id say, Tesla is also helping in killing BMW, not only Mercedes, and when Tesla brings out their sports "activity" vehicle shortly, it will bring BMW further down.  And when Ford brings out their Mustang activity vehicle, things will look very scary for BMW.  

Yes, I realize that Ive taken an EV turn here, but Ive read somewhere that BMW's slide is also because of Tesla's gain in their quest to improve sales and some of those sales come from the ICE world and BMW is the one that is taking the hit more than the other ICE makers. 

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The M2 is the most appealing BMW to me currently...manual transmission, inline 6...kind of a no-nonsense driver's car, like the M3 was in the 80s-early 00s.... I miss that type of BMW...

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5 hours ago, NINETY EIGHT REGENCY said:


Are we sure about this as the reporting of actual sales has BMW beating Mercedes-Benz


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I saw this video pop up on You Tube but didn't watch it because some of these CNBC videos seem sort of amateur hour, and I had also read 2 days prior that BMW was the #1 selling luxury brand in the USA.  Even if Mercedes is #1 globally, which I am not even sure if they were in 2019, BMW is probably #2 in the world.  

And the other thing is BMW is selling high dollar stuff.  I think they sold more X5's last month than they did 3-series and those X5's are selling for $60-70k, and the X7 is on fire and those are $100k.  They traded off 3-series sales for more profitable SUVs.

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