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William Maley

Subaru News: Subaru Plans To Go Electric-Only By the Mid-2030s

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5 minutes ago, Robert Hall said:

Chevy Boxer...Corvair.  I wonder if any one has ever swapped a Subaru boxer into a Corvair...



I couldnt find a Subie swap, I wasnt trying too hard either, but I did find a Porsche 911 swap

Image result for corvair porsche engine swap


But like always...a ton of LS swaps...

Related image


Even front engine conversions

Image result for corvair ls swap



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I like the “not jump on it right now” EV move. Grow into it, I say....

Still think there will be a few ICE Subies left,  for the diehards....

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There have been some STI powered Porsche swaps.


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What's more  blasphemous?

A Porsche  with a Subaru boxer 6 swap?        (I googled  quickly and I saw a handful of  944s,  one 911 and even 1 Beetle with a Subie swap)

A Corvair with a Porsche engine swap?

A 911 with an LS swap?

A front engine conversion Corvair?


I personally think all those swaps are awesome.  They all make sense and just augment the aura of the car in question that much more.  OK...an LS swap is no longer unique. One could say its cliché at this point.  But sometimes, an LS swap just makes sense. A 911 with an LS swap just magnifies the 911's characteristics that much more.   ( A turbo 911 (993),  is a beast, and AWD helps calm the beast down, but an LS swapped 993 without AWD just augments that beast mode times a million...and the LS is more or less the same external size as that Porsche 6 with the turbos making a tad more power but that much more torque.   A hater will only see Chevy small block V8 rather than see that the "personality" of the 911 with a LS is the same as a turbo 993 911, but with more chest hair...)

The only one I have a problem with is a front engined conversion of a Corvair.  That messes with the Corvair's original intent.  It augments nothing. It changes everything. 

So....to get to a point, tying this thread of it being about an EV Subie.  I dont think an electric Subie WRX STi changes what a WRX STi is all about with enthusiasts.  An EV Subie WRX STi with 4 motors like that Rivian truck, but tuned and softwared to be a rally race car for the street, like it is now actually, more or less, rather than offroad/wildlife life style truck is good by me. 




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