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Why Use an Octane Booster as Fuel Additive for Your Car

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When to use Octane Boosters for your Car?

If you are facing an issue with the detonation of your engine, and your engine is making a metal rattling sound or knocking sound, it might be time to use an Octane booster. Petroleum or Gasoline is a highly evaporative fuel and in order to use this fuel in your engine, very specific external factors should work. If one of those factors such as temperature goes a bit high, it can have adverse effects on the engine. In such cases, the fuel combusts (even when the spark plug or ignition is not on), due to which engine and its various components get affected. 


If this happens for a long time, it can have adverse effects on the engine and its components. Octane booster works as a fuel additive, which is used to stop the engine performance from getting affected in this scenario. Some of the octane boosters also have chemicals that lubricate every part of the engine. Although you may think that lubricating your engine and using engine oil may save you from all of the above-mentioned difficulties, it’s not the case. For the high-performance engine, using octane booster additive gives an upgrade to the performance which engine oil can not give. Although the price of octane boosters is higher than oil, as mentioned earlier it gives the advantage of both using oil and also acts as a performance enhancer.


What are Octane Boosters?

Octane boosters basically act as a performance enhancer for your engine, because they are blends of other hydrocarbon components and are better than Gasoline at not detonating.

High octane fuels burn only when the ignition is on, and it burns very cleanly without affecting other parts of the engine. So, octane boosters are basically used to increase the octane number of fuel. So, for the high-performance engine, the octane number of the addictive that you are using must be higher than that of the fuel. 


Types of Octane Boosters :

You may have the question that how adding a small amount of octane booster can give better performance than using only fuel? How do they increase the octane number of the fuel? The answer is: They are made specifically as anti-knock additives, which when added to the fuel, increase the octane number by preventing the onset of knock(detonation or pre-ignition). Following are the best anti-knock additives to look at:


1.      MMT(Methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl)

This is the most favored octane booster as it is most environment-friendly.


2.       Ferrocene

It is a cheaper alternative to MMT. Due to its Security risks, it is prohibited to use it in countries like the USA.


3.      Aromatic Alcohols

These are also not very advisable due to their health risks and must be used wearing a mask and protective gloves. They also can’t be used in small portions and adding a dosage of 10% or higher of the fuel amount is required.


4.      Ethanol

It is generally used in race cars.


Once you decide that you want to use Octane boosters for your engine, you should consider the following points:


·         Quality: The quality of octane boosters also affects engine performance. You should keep them in the original container as they may contain alcohol, ethers or other chemicals. And you should follow the instruction to store them, as they generally do not last more than a year.


·         Budget: Before using octane boosters, you should keep your budget in mind. Initially, you can only use them for long journeys when the engine is going to be used for a long time. The best way to use octane boosters is to add them before every fill-up of the fuel and add them in the tank before the fuel so that both fuel and octane boosters are mixed properly.


·         Type of your engine: Octane Boosters are feasible only for high-performance engines requiring high-grade fuel. You should also refer your vehicle’s user manual for the minimum octane level required for your vehicle. Also, the newer your engine is, the more performance octane boosters can give. It works better with the turbo-charged engine than with old carbureted engines. 


To sum it up, octane boosters are like ensuring that you are feeding the best fuel to your engine that you can. Once you consider the above-mentioned points, you will see the result that octane boosters give in terms of your engine giving a consistent performance for a longer amount of time. Octane boosters give more power to your engine and help prevents engine deterioration due to long term usage. They avoid the adverse effects of pre-ignition, detonation and other unfavorable conditions for your engine.


There are a number of octane boosters available in the market, and if you want a guide regarding which one to use for your engine, you can refer this link


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I have tried Octane Boosters in the past and found no real gain. The only time they made a difference was on a persons car that had NOT been maintained with tune up, oil change, etc.

Keep the auto tuned up and services according to the service chart in the owners manual and the auto will never leave you stranded.

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Octane requirement of a given engine is 'X'.
If you are feeding said engine octane 'X' at the pump, octane booster will do nothing discernable.

Besides, modern electronics tailor ignition to deter detonation. Octane boosters are aimed at pre-computer (or pre-knock detection) cars, now mostly long out of regular daily use. It's OK for these vehicles in some instances, but for modern, post-knock detection vehicles, octane boosters are no longer relevant.

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