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William Maley

GM News: GM's Upcoming Electric Onslaught

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With low oil prices again, and we dont know how long the Saudis want to do this, and Ive heard the Saudis wanna keep it low for a good long while, Im willing to bet that EV sales are gonna be shyte in the short term. The only thing that will save EVs this time around is that countries are not gonna budge on the banning of ICE vehicles. Or at the very least, the countries wont lax on the emissions regulations.

I say, GM better keep the Camaro alive with its V8  because I might go crazy with this Covid-19 thing and maybe I spin into a mid-life/Covid-19 crisis and buy me-self a  ZL-1 Camaro, ship it to Trans Am Depot and they fix me up good. Like this one. Exactly like this one down below!!!

Image result for gold 2019 trans am 455 super duty



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EV sales will go nowhere because auto sales generally are going nowhere.  When gas exceeds $4 a gallon ($5 in CA/AK/HI), then EVs will probably really get some momentum.  Right now, BEVs are 1% of all sales if that high.

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15 hours ago, balthazar said:

^ OK, but WRT GM, what would you rather lose; $15/share, or $440/share?

If the buyer spent $10,000 on each, they lost the same amount(excluding the exact dollar amount). Nobody invests by buying a share quantity. They tell their broker how much to invest and they buy the closest whole share quantity to the dollar amount. 

13 hours ago, oldshurst442 said:


One question.

You think that Cadillac or Lincoln arent capable because dont have the expertise or because they arent willing? 

Remember that Chrysler has merged with Fiat.  Maserati and Ferrari. So...do you think that Chrysler aint capable either or not willing?  

Are we gonna shyte on Ferrari for FCA if you think FCA aint capable?

I just wanna know where you really stand on the issue.  Its still a tad vague for me. 

Having no expertise versus not willing are two different things. What is your reasoning for your opinion?


Ferrari isn't a part of FCA, they're their own company. Lookup stock symbol RACE.

I'm just way more confident in Cadillac or Lincoln totally botching a 200k luxury car than I would be in Bentley. Yes, experience and past execution..and don't give me that 1930's Cadillac's adjusted for inflation prices crap because none of those people are still employed at GM. 

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On 3/24/2020 at 9:17 AM, ccap41 said:

Ferrari isn't a part of FCA, they're their own company. Lookup stock symbol RACE.

I'm just way more confident in Cadillac or Lincoln totally botching a 200k luxury car than I would be in Bentley. Yes, experience and past execution..and don't give me that 1930's Cadillac's adjusted for inflation prices crap because none of those people are still employed at GM. 

That Ferrari/FCA thing Ill tackle another day.  While its true that  Ferrari is no longer part of Fiat ownership...its a recent thing...but Its OK...what was bugging me more than that comment will also be addressed by what I got to say now.

Your comment that I have in bold always sat rough with me. I had a bad taste in my mouth reading it. But I wasnt sure how I was going to tackle it. And then...I got to read this comment you made in another thread. The Random Thoughts Thread

On 3/24/2020 at 11:18 AM, ccap41 said:

One reason I love these companies... When they're called upon they help deliver to their counties.

"On Tuesday, Ford detailed extraordinary measures it's undertaking as the automaker ramps up efforts to support health care workers on the frontlines. The Blue Oval said it's already started 3D-printing face shields -- a critical piece of personal protective gear -- for health care workers to help protect them from the virus as they treat patients. The first 1,000 shields already shipped out to local Michigan hospitals for use. By the end of this week, Ford says it will have 75,000 shields complete, and 100,000 shields will roll out of two Ford facilities weekly thereafter.

While work continues on face shields, Ford said it's teamed up with 3M and GE to support the design and manufacturing of respirator masks and life-saving ventilators. With 3M, Ford told its engineers to get scrappy and creative, and they delivered. "

More details in the link.


"The automaker said Friday evening it will collaborate with Ventec Life Systems to help scale up and build life-saving ventilators. GM itself won't be building the machines, but the automaker will lend its logistics, purchasing and manufacturing expertise to Ventec as it ramps up production."


"Italian-U.S. car giant Fiat Chrysler has confirmed plans to produce a million face masks a month and said it will distribute them to emergency services in North America to help the fight against coronavirus.

FCA, which is also trying to help produce badly needed respirators for patients in intensive care in Italy, is one of a number of large manufacturers adapting production lines to make products in desperately short supply."


Your bolded comment in that one had me puzzled because in the linked quote you decided to use...PRAISES Ford's engineering prowess...

So your original comment:

On 3/24/2020 at 9:17 AM, ccap41 said:

I'm just way more confident in Cadillac or Lincoln totally botching a 200k luxury car than I would be in Bentley. Yes, experience and past execution..and don't give me that 1930's Cadillac's adjusted for inflation prices crap because none of those people are still employed at GM. 

Had me seething... literally!!!  :explode:

I just didnt know how I would rebuttle. I didnt have any way or knowledge to counter you with. 

Until now!  :gitfunky:





How Ford Is Using Seat Ventilation Fans to Build Thousands of Respirators

An ingenious solution to provide needed aid to frontline emergency workers in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ford announced today that it is partnering with 3M in order to manufacture powered air-purifying respirators (PAPRs) as part of its response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These respirators are often called positive-pressure masks as they take contaminated air, pull it through a filter, then push it to the sealed mask using an air blower.

Ford will assist by providing components from their parts bin to build the respirators. The design released by Ford (top) will use 



 You mean to tell me....that Ford could come up with an INGENIOUS way to engineer a ventilator mask using parts bin parts that could be used almost anywhere easily and it could mass produce it easily all on a short, VERY short time frame to come up with an idea like that, engineer it, engineer a way to mass produce it, build the production line for it and finally to get it all done...yet they CANT and dont know to get cows that roam free without fences so their hides could be perfect, they dont know how to make that hide super soft and stitch it with French stitches? 

They cant make it all fit and finish like a Bentley either?

Yet they could engineer ventilator masks on a whim though...

Now you know why I was seething with your comment. 

You are proud that American companies come up with awesome ways to help not only Americans, but the whole bloody planet in times of need, yet you shun them with the same intensity.

I asked you...


You think that Cadillac or Lincoln arent capable because dont have the expertise or because they arent willing? 

BEAN COUNTING has been a problem...

THAT is what you see with American cars in the past. Especially during the malaise era.  American know how is second to none.  Dont confuse the two. 

American bottom line capitalism is what killed Lincoln and Cadillac. But let me tell you something...FoMoCo and GM engineering is WORLD CLASS!!!    

Looking at the new Navigator's interior and how Cadillac is gonna do the new Escalade...

And seeing how Ford is leading the charge with these ventilators...


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On 3/19/2020 at 5:03 PM, smk4565 said:

The AMG GT R Pro which is a front engine, rear drive coupe, same as a C7,  is faster than the 755 hp ZR1.  And I know it is faster because it had the record for front engine rear drive car.

The 911 GT2 RS has like a 6:47 Nurburgring time which is also the old generation since the new 911 is out.  Let’s see the C8 in the 6’s.

All GM plants are closed now.  So one wonders what delays will happen with development cycle of future product.  And what production delays will occur,  Corvette is done for 2020 orders.

The 755 HP ZR1 coundnt put the power down efficiently.  It was barely faster than the Z06 in various performance criteria and hence why Tadge Juechter, THE Vette engineer pushed hard forand got the mid-engined platform  for the next gen Vette, whcih happens to be the C8... so nothing new that you are bitchin about here...nothing of importance  in other words...hence why I decided to make the font so small...because I dont care for that....its pollution and wate of time coming from you and nothing else. 

When the track focused C8s arrive, the REAL track focused C8s like a Z06, and its coming soon, very soon, your question will be answered...again, small font because just pollution and waste of time...

Your question about what happens to the C8 now for 2020 and 2021? Here is your answer:





Chevrolet is already preparing to launch the next model year of the C8 Corvette. Orders for the 2020 car have been halted, and allocations for the 2021 model-year Corvette will start in late May. And according to official dealer documents leaked on the C8 Corvette Owners Facebook Group, it's getting some significant updates.


The biggest update is the addition of two new color choices: red Mist Tintcoat and silver Flare. According to Corvette Blogger, they'll be replacing Long Beach red and Blade silver. The document also shows that Magnetic Ride Control has been made a standalone option for 2021—previously, you had to order the Z51 performance package to get it. Wireless CarPlay will apparently be made standard across the Corvette lineup.






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    • By William Maley
      On Wednesday, General Motors invited a number of media to their tech center in Warren, MI for their EV Day event. The company is making a big bet on electric vehicles with 11 new vehicles rolling out by 2025, featuring a new electric modular platform and battery tech. Here's what we know.
      Third-Generation Electric Vehicle Platform
      Underpinning this massive push is GM's new third-generation EV platform (BEV3). The new platform was designed to provide flexibility for different vehicle types - ranging from compact cars to pickup trucks. Battery packs are designed to be mounted beneath the passenger compartment to allow for a lower center of gravity. This results in more passenger room and improved handling. The platform also allows for different drive configurations - front, rear, or all-wheel drive - depending on the vehicle.
      Ultium Battery Technology
      Providing the electric power for these new models is what GM calls Ultium batteries. Working together with its battery partner LG Chem, the Ultium batteries are large-format, pouch-style cells that can either be stacked vertically or horizontally in packs. This will allow more flexibility for engineers to design battery packs for vehicles.
      More important is the chemistry of the batteries. GM has reduced the amount Cobalt - an element used in the making of batteries that is becoming harder to find and expensive - by seventy percent. Instead, the batteries are using aluminum. This will hopefully bring down the price of the battery packs.
      Battery capacity will range from 50 to 200 kilowatt hours - giving a projected max range of 400 miles depending on the vehicle. Level II and DC fast-charging are both supported.
      The Vehicles
      At the event, GM had 10 vehicles on display and one shown via digital renderings. The current plan is to start launching the new models beginning later this year.
      Updated Chevrolet Bolt: The first vehicle to be launched in this offensive. It will get an updated interior with a more premium dash. Chevrolet Bolt EUV: The crossover-variant of the Bolt, it is about five-inches longer and rides on a wheelbase that has been stretched by three inches. An updated roofline reportedly eliminates the small front windows on the Bolt. The EUV will also be the first model outside of Cadillac to get Super Cruise. Chevrolet Midsize Crossover: About the same size as the Blazer, this model has an aggressive design and features a low roofline. A pair of 18-inch multimedia displays dominate the interior. Chevrolet Full-Size Truck: This was the model only shown in digital renderings according to those who were at the event. It will complement the Silverado and be aimed at those who want something to be used on a job site - not like the upcoming GMC Hummer Truck or Rivian which are aimed more at lifestyle folks. This model is expected to arrive in 2025. Buick Crossover and SUV: These two models didn't have a name and were wearing a design that was described by the Detroit Free Press as a "vaguely European look".  GMC Hummer Truck: This will only be available in a crew-cab configuration with a five-foot bed. The design will be utilitarian and boxy. Inside, two large screens will serve as the instrument cluster and infotainment system. Don't expect any leather as many of materials used inside will be made from recycled materials. The truck will also have removable roof panels (like the Jeep Wrangler, that can be stored in the front trunk. GMC Hummer SUV: Basically the same as the truck, albeit using a shorter wheelbase. Cadillac Lyriq: We have seen teasers of this model last year and Cadillac dropped another this week showing off the silhouette - reminding us some crossovers from Jaguar and Porsche. The vehicle is wide and rides on 23-inch wheels. Size-wise, it is similar to the XT5. The interior boasts a 34-inch-wide high-def screen and seating for four, though the production model may have seating for five. Cadillac Celestiq: A new four-door flagship sedan that has a long front end and a fastback rear according to those who saw the clay model. It will be hand-built and carry a six-figure pricetag. Cadillac Large SUV: About the size of an Escalade, it be complementary vehicle to it. The model will have a more traditional design than the other Cadillac EVs. Inside, it will boast large screens up front and three-rows of seating. Source: Roadshow, Detroit Free Press, The Drive, General Motors
      Press Release is on Page 2

      GM Reveals New Ultium Batteries and a Flexible Global Platform to Rapidly Grow its EV Portfolio
      WARREN, Mich. – Starting today, General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) is gathering hundreds of employees, dealers, investors, analysts, media and policymakers to share details of its strategy to grow the company’s electric vehicle (EV) sales quickly, efficiently and profitably.
      “Our team accepted the challenge to transform product development at GM and position our company for an all-electric future,” said Mary Barra, GM chairman and CEO. “What we have done is build a multi-brand, multi-segment EV strategy with economies of scale that rival our full-size truck business with much less complexity and even more flexibility.”
      The heart of GM’s strategy is a modular propulsion system and a highly flexible, third-generation global EV platform powered by proprietary Ultium batteries. They will allow the company to compete for nearly every customer in the market today, whether they are looking for affordable transportation, a luxury experience, work trucks or a high-performance machine.
      “Thousands of GM scientists, engineers and designers are working to execute an historic reinvention of the company,” said GM President Mark Reuss. “They are on the cusp of delivering a profitable EV business that can satisfy millions of customers.”
      Ultium Batteries and Propulsion System Highlights
      GM’s new Ultium batteries are unique in the industry because the large-format, pouch-style cells can be stacked vertically or horizontally inside the battery pack. This allows engineers to optimize battery energy storage and layout for each vehicle design. Ultium energy options range from 50 to 200 kWh, which could enable a GM-estimated range up to 400 miles or more on a full charge with 0 to 60 mph acceleration as low as 3 seconds. Motors designed in-house will support front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive and performance all-wheel drive applications. Ultium-powered EVs are designed for Level 2 and DC fast charging. Most will have 400-volt battery packs and up to 200 kW fast-charging capability while our truck platform will have 800-volt battery packs and 350 kW fast-charging capability. GM’s flexible, modular approach to EV development will drive significant economies of scale and create new revenue opportunities, including: 
      Continuous Improvement in Battery Costs: GM’s joint venture with LG Chem will drive battery cell costs below $100/kWh. The cells use a proprietary low cobalt chemistry and ongoing technological and manufacturing breakthroughs will drive costs even lower. Flexibility: GM’s all-new global platform is flexible enough to build a wide range of trucks, SUVs, crossovers, cars and commercial vehicles with outstanding design, performance, packaging, range and affordability. Capital Efficiency: GM can spend less capital to scale its EV business because it is able to leverage existing property, including land, buildings, tools and production equipment such as body shops and paint shops. Complexity Reduction: The vehicle and propulsion systems were designed together to minimize complexity and part counts beyond today’s EVs, which are less complex than conventional vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. For example, GM plans 19 different battery and drive unit configurations initially, compared with 550 internal combustion powertrain combinations available today. Rising Customer Acceptance: Third-party forecasters expect U.S. EV volumes to more than double from 2025 to 2030 to about 3 million units on average. GM believes volumes could be materially higher as more EVs are launched in popular segments, charging networks grow and the total cost of ownership to consumers continues to fall. New Sources of Revenue: By vertically integrating the manufacture of battery cells, the company can reach beyond its own fleet and license technology to others. The first generation of GM’s future EV program will be profitable. The initial programs will pave the way for further accretive growth. GM’s technology can be scaled to meet customer demand much higher than the more than 1 million global sales the company expects mid-decade.
      Upcoming Launches and Reveals
      Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC and Buick will all be launching new EVs starting this year. The next new Chevrolet EV will be a new version of the Bolt EV, launching in late 2020, followed by the 2022 Bolt EUV, launching Summer 2021. The Bolt EUV will be the first vehicle outside of the Cadillac brand to feature Super Cruise, the industry's first true hands-free driving technology for the highway, which GM will expand to 22 vehicles by 2023, including 10 by next year.
      The Cruise Origin, a self-driving, electric shared vehicle, shown to the public in January 2020 in San Francisco, was the first product revealed using GM’s third generation EV platform and Ultium batteries. Next will be the Cadillac Lyriq luxury SUV in April. Details about its launch will be shared then. The reveal of the Ultium-powered GMC HUMMER EV will follow on May 20. Production is expected to begin in Fall 2021 at GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant, GM’s first assembly plant 100 percent dedicated to EV production.
    • By William Maley
      Today in Tokyo, Subaru put forth an ambitious plan. By the mid-2030s, the Japanese automaker will only sell electric vehicles worldwide. This announcement comes as no surprise as both China and Europe have announced stricter emissions regulations that will be coming in the near future.
      But to reach that goal, Subaru will be working with Toyota (which owns a 8.7 percent stake in Subaru) on developing both hybrid and electric vehicles. In a statement, Subaru executives said work has started on a “strong hybrid” vehicle using Toyota technology. No other details were provided. The two are also working on full-electric vehicles that will launch sometime this decade. These vehicles will play a key role in Subaru's goal of having 40 percent of vehicles sold be all-electric and electrified cars by 2030.
      Despite this change in direction for powertrains, Subaru executive's stress their vehicles will retain the key traits that have their vehicles unique.
      “Although we’re using Toyota technology, we want to make hybrids that are distinctly Subaru,” said Subaru's Chief Technology Officer Tetsuo Onuki.
      “It’s not only about reducing CO2 emissions. We need to further improve vehicle safety and the performance of our all-wheel drive.”
      Source: Reuters, Autoblog

      View full article
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