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Apocalypse Vehicle


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So since most people are sitting home, everything is cancelled and it looks like the beginning of apocalypse (just kidding) lets play a small game.

Post you idea of the end of the world vehicle, what you will use, what will you add to it.  Is it Mad Max type truck or a muscle car like in "I am legend".

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I think a Duramax ZR2 Bison left almost stock would be ideal. You get range, a bed for holding extra stuffs, and 4 doors(also for extra stuffs), undercarriage protection and the off road capability while maintaining OEM reliability, would be pretty ideal. I think the only thing I'd possibly change would be a slightly larger set of tires and/or a small lift. It just doesn't need anything. 

I guess you could add a brush guard and winch for added protection. 

Duramax ZR2 - 2.jpg

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This was a common discussion over at Motor Trend forums and one that always amused me. An end of days vehicle thread is always fun .

I will do two choices. The first will be a smart ass choice because I like being a smart ass... And then will be a choice that is fun and to the thread's point meaning...lets have fun, man. Fantasy threads are awesome, man!!!

OK...the smart ass choice.

You guys do realize, that when the sky is falling, and the end is near for humans...that gasoline will be scarce...right?

Who is gonna refine that black gold to make gasoline. Who is gonna transport it to the gas pumps? 

Yeah...that's right!  NO-BAW-DY! 

Depending where I decide in North America to escape from other dimwitted humans fighting each other for whatever it is they are fighting for in a collapse of sanity and order...

The indigenous people knew how to get around in their homeland BEFORE the white man came over...Im just gonna copy what they did.

To hunt and to protect.  Old school with the bow and arrow because wood and stone could be found anywhere in the woods and river beds so I could make my own arrows and the bow itself and the like and a modern tomahawk because...well modern tomahawk is just an awesome tool that has been improved 1000% from an equally awesome predecessor.  Plus miscellaneous modern survival stuff., The gun only as a last last resort. Bullets are gonna be hard to find. So we use those sparingly. 


Image result for north american indian bow and arrow  Image result for tomahawkImage result for us military survival knife

Image result for survival shovel

And a North American Indian Canoe.

The original go anywhere vehicle for North America. Light that one could carry it with ease in the forests, and easy to manoeuvre in the many little rivers of North America that could withstand the sometimes raging flows of those little rivers....

And easy to make.  

Image result for indian canoe

And if I decide to go waaaay waaaay  up north to really make sure I get away from shytty humans...

My vehicle of choice. Huskies and a sled

Image result for husky sled team





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I would go with more traditional approach, an older Land Cruiser set up for overlanding


It was good enough fro Sarah Connor in the latest Terminator movie.  I wouldn't mind the arsenal of weapons she was carrying in it either :)



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