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Why The Pontiac Trans Am Ruled In 1976

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2 minutes ago, riviera74 said:

WOW.  Imagine Smokey and the Bandit in that hideous Orange.  Nothing looks good in Orange.

Well...Ban One could NEVER be anything else OTHER than black and gold with a 1977 fascia.  Even a straight up red 1977 Trans AM does not look good.  

So...Im about to agree with you with the Orange comment...kinda. Only for that shade of Orangey-Red on the 1977 and up Trans Ams.

Because...with a 1973 Trans Am with that specific colour....the Trans Am is AWESOME looking

Image result for 1973 orange red trans am

As compared to not too good looking...even with a straight up red 

Image result for 1977 red trans am

or even worse.

Image result for 1979 red trans am


In 1979...Black and gold, or white and blue, or the midnight blue Pontiac had were great...the red, on the later years not so much.

And...um....the General Lee STRONGLY disagrees with NO car looks good with Orange

 Image result for the general lee

Or The Hellcats

Image result for Orange Hellcat


Or even Toyota Supra. I could have gone F&F on you, but maybe you would have told me too ricer...in any way, an orange Supra is still hot.

Image result for oRANGE TOYOTA SUPRA







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Beautiful.  '75 and '76 were the pinnacle for F-bird, improving on the '70 to '73 styling.  Not a fan of '77 and '78.  Sort of okay with '79 through '81.  They should mess less, and not more, when they've got something dialed just about right.

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