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what "car" youtube channels do you like?
i recently found barricade garage for comedy

haven't watched much lately, but the car wizard is typically pretty good too.

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Jay Leno  (I enjoy Jay immensely) 

Autoline Detroit/Afterhours  (off and on)

HorsePower Obsessed  (ever since the C8 Corvette was teased and revealed and I continue monitoring what the channel has to say about future C8 variants)


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I have a few that I enjoy watching frequently..  for wrenching on money pits:

The Kansas guys---they often appear in each other's videos:

Hoovie's Garage (maybe my favorite for Tyler Hoover's goofy persona and banter w/ the Car Wizard) 

Car Wizard

Watch JR Go  

Velocity Garage   

The Florida guys:

Tavarish (good personality, and so optimistic about his wrecked exotics)

Wrench Every Day (spin off of Tavarish's channel w/ Jared Pink wrenching)

Samcrac (never finishes anything, but always adding high mileage, worn luxury and sports cars from Copart auctions)

VTuned Garage (a kid that seems good at fabrication)

vehcor is an interesting outliner..very dry presentation, guy doing extensive repairs on ordinary late model vehicles like a body swap on a wrecked Silverado..weirdly compelling.

For car reviews, I like The Smoking Tire, Savage Geese and Seen Through Glass..

Others I enjoy are Drive Tribe (related to the Grand Tour) and Vinwiki Car Stories (lots of interesting stories). 

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Jay Leno's garage (big fan too)



Engineered Explained

The Smoking Tire

Motor Trend used have excellent videos but now they want you to pay for the good stuff, so no...

CarandDriver posts some good videos of their reviews as well 

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