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Item: 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 Duramax

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My '40 : has push-button start, no ignition key/cylinder.
There's a 'master' toggle switch on the steering column bracket (to the dash) that energizes the truck.
There is a key in the same column bracket... but it only allows you to lock the steering column (rotate wheel until you find the 'notch', turn key & remove). All this works as intended.


Screen Shot 2021-08-07 at 12.33.42 AM.png

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As I bid farewell to my '04 Silverado, I reflect on some of the vast interface changes between it & the '21 Sierra.
• I thought I'd dislike, or at least find useless; the A-Pillar grab handles. Nope- I love them.
• On the other hand I haven't made much if any use of the rear bumper corner steps.
• The backup camera / image is pretty good/clear, has the 'angling lines' on screen, but I still back up using side mirrors. The camera I use basically the last bit of backing into a spot.
• Inside storage is a significant improvement. 
• The keyless entry thing (which the wife's '16 Malibu has); you sure get used to in a hurry. 👍
• Went for a local ride today, wife's comment was 'I love how much room there is in this!'

About 3450 miles, 400-mile average is hovering around 22.7 on the dash.  

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Posted (edited)

75(14) miles check-in.

No issues. It was experiencing a handful of what folk call 'crank/no start' events (cranks on first try but doesn't start, then always starts on 2nd attempt), but it got a software update at its first oil change and hasn't done it since. It was no big deal.

No recalls, no TSBs, no warning lights, no noises.

Still hitting rated MPG- low 23s on average (rated 22/26). Best MPG to date was 26.4. Have not done a highway-majority tank yet.

I filled up 3/24, prior fill-up was 2/28, so I am only 'charging' my truck once a month. ;)

I'm at 10 months & 1 week of ownership, only at 7500 miles. Work was slow in Dec-Jan, but I'm back doing 6 days a week now; so I think I'll be 'lucky' to hit 9000 miles by May 20.


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