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Is the Ford R&D doubling of EV auto research a shot across GM's bow? What about everyone else?


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Since Ford Motor Company reported a complete Q4 / 2020 fiscal year report with a loss of $2.8 Billion but a doubling of R&D on EVs to $22 Billion from $11 Billion and a $7 Billion for EV Autonomous driving, the auto reporters are asking this very question: Is this a Shot across gm's bow or is it targeted more broadly across the whole industry as everyone wants to take sales away or greatly slow down Tesla.

Tesla's valuation appears to be based on investors putting money with new technology seems to be driving changes of the future. 

gm has now committed to moving into the technology camp with a solid date of when new ICE auto's will no longer be produced as the whole portfolio will change over to EV's. Ford also is now committing to this same strategy. This now makes one wonder about the rest of the auto industry.

Stellantis CEO did an interview with Forbes that has put cold water on Peugeot coming to the US in the near term future as he wants to invest in the existing US name brands and grow their 12.7% market share. He also said that Stellantis has the manufacturing power and EV technology, but getting it into the hands of everyone is the concern at reasonable prices. Stellantis CEO says this is in the hands of the various global governments as he wants cleaner air and believes diesel the dirtiest of fuels will die off before regular petrol and where dictated by governments such as China and Europe will see a faster change over than other countries. Yet with the change in administration in the US, he says this could move the Stellantis brands to move into the full EV camp at a future date.

Then we have small countries that have decided to make a major change in moving the country into EVs way sooner than other places and killing ICE sales like Thailand. This will allow local Thai startups to compete for the first time with international companies that also do not have anything in the market yet. 

With a large range of battery plants coming online over the next 18 months, the move to EVs could happen at a pace that took decades for ICE in the early 1900's.

So this brings this back to the original question, Is Fords Doubling commitment to EV's and moving ICE into the last generation like GM a shot across GM's bow or a shot at the whole industry to say, look at us, we are moving into a Technology driven auto company and our stock should be much higher like Tesla's.

Currently gm is valued at just under $80 Billion, Ford is valued at $40 Billion, Tesla is valued at $807 Billion, Toyota is valued at $155.5 Billion, Stellantis is valued at $50.5 Billion, Daimler is valued at $71 Billion, BMW valued at $46 and VW is valued at $90.7 Billion and while there are plenty of other auto companies, one has to wonder what Ford is focused on with the drastic change and speeding up of moving to EVs as a complete global portfolio.

Sound off and discuss how, what, where and when you think this will have it's big affect.

Charged EVs | Is Ford’s increase in EV investment a shot across GM’s bow? - Charged EVs

Stellantis CEO Reveals Peugeot U.S. Fate, Job Security, EV Conflict (forbes.com)

Future Toyotas, Stellantis, batteries and EVs - the week | Automotive Industry Comment | just-auto (just-auto.com)

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