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Industry News: VINFAST the Newest BEV Auto Maker from Vietnam!


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VinFast is Vietnam's first Volume auto company, but it is not stopping there as this is a division of the Vingroup, the largest real-estate company and largest private enterprise in Vietnam. VinFast aims to make "Made in Vietnam" a household term by becoming the largest auto and motorbike brand in Southeast Asia.

VinFast has a massive Billion-dollar factory in Hai Phong that opened in September 2019. They started with a local 5-person saloon car and 7 person SUV and added a 3rd small hatchback. Working with the Global auto design studios, Pininfarina, Zagato, Torino and Italdesign, VinFast believes they will have the best global desired 20 vehicle portfolio

These were the original sketches that were released in 2019.


We fast forward to 2022 CES show where VinFast unveiled three new models to join the existing models. The model lineup goes by the naming convention of VF5, VF6, VF7 which join the existing VF8 and VF9. The VF8 & 9 had other names but were changed for the 2022 model year to be in the same naming convention as the rest of the models. One would have to say not a very imaginative naming system. Very boring and bland much like who a few German companies name their autos.


The VF 8 and VF 9 are taking reservations at this time for release in 2024 from manufacturing. The VF8 will start from $41,000 and the VF9 will start from $56,000. The prices do not include destination or the cost of a mandatory battery lease. Unlike many other companies, VinFast believes customers would rather buy the auto and then choose the size of battery pack they want and via the lease system be able to scale up or down on size to meet their needs.

The VF8 & 9 will come with dual-motor powertrain making 402 HP and 472 lb-ft of torque. VF8 is quoted to have a 300-mile range, VF9 is quoted to have a 400-mile range at launch.


VinFast has a current line of Autos and Scooters that are ICE, they are transitioning over to BEVs and BEVs are the only thing planned for the U.S. at this time according to their press release.

One can look at their current lineup here: Homepage (vinfastauto.com)

For the U.S. Market, VinFast has stood up the following web site: VinFast (vinfastauto.us)

Currently the VF8 & 9 BEVs are listed on the U.S. web site as the VF e35 and e36.


VinFast has their CES website here with videos: VinFast Global EV Day | VinFast (vinfastauto.us)


The big question to ask is that many Chinese auto companies have announced they will enter the U.S. auto market and have failed. Will VinFast finally succeed? Next question to ask is how will consumers feel about mandatory battery leases?


'VinFast', Vietnam’s First Ever Carmaker, Unveils Logo - Logo Designer - Logo Designer (logo-designer.co)

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