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Ford News: Ford Mustang Mach-E is Consumer Reports Top Electric Pick for 2022


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For the past two years Tesla model 3 has held the honor of being Consumer Reports (CR) top BEV pick. Now comes along Ford and their Mach-E knocking the model 3 into second choice. Tesla model 3 is still on the recommended list due to its latest technology, long range battery pack, charging network and a driving experience closer to a high-performance sports car than a sedan.

Mustang Mach-E just did it better according to Consumer Reports. To quote the report: The Mustang Mach-E is also very sporty, plus it’s more practical and easier to live with. The Ford is also quieter and rides better. Both cars have large infotainment center screens, but the Mach-E’s is far easier to operate and doesn’t require multiple steps to activate routine features, such as using the defroster or adjusting the mirrors, as with the Tesla. Also, the Mach-E has an edge when it comes to reliability, according to first-year results in our Annual Auto Surveys of CR members.

Consumer Reports (CR) does point out that the Tesla Model Y is more similar to the Mach-E and even outscored it in the road test section but has a worse than average reliability which keeps it out of the Top Picks recommendation category. Reliability being a key factor in CR overall score system, the paint, body integrity, body hardware, power equipment and climate control system issues is why the Model Y failed to be in the Top Picks recommendation category. Model 3 has an average predicted reliability score.

Mustang Mach-E owners have so far reported very few problems with their auto giving it an important advantage over the Model Y and 3. CR has also stated that the connected driver monitoring system gives it a notable edge over Tesla's system.

Ford's active driving assistance system with driver monitoring, BlueCruise active driving assistance system is a far more affective driver monitoring system with appropriate warnings when the driver's attention wanders. Tesla Autopilot system can still be used if the driver is looking away as long as they have at least one hand resting on the steering wheel, limiting the effectiveness to the lack of attention on the road.


Ford Mustang Mach-E Is CR's Top Pick Electric Vehicle - Consumer Reports

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