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Worst Automotive Features of All Time: 1971 GM Forced Air Ventilation System

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In looking at the habitually pioneering Toro - in this case of the early '70s in the video -  it seems that this could have been one of the first attempts at eye level rear brake lamps in a passenger car, unless someone knows of other examples.  The Toro kept them through the mid-1970s and, together with the opera window and vinyl top, this combination looked good.

I don't understand this.  On non A/C vehicles, aren't the pull tabs beneath the dash, in tandem with the fan speed on the panel, forced air ventilation of sorts? 


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What I have read is they were drafty and you couldn't completely shut them off, so there was always some airflow.

I seem to recall reading some weird trivia that '71 Pontiac B-body decklids were made in two varieties with different numbers of louvers and different numbers of rows of louvers...more then less... don't know if any of the other brands did louver versioning like this, thought it was interesting...but can't find a reference to that now..

Thought it was interesting that it was the '71 B-, C- and E- plus the Vega that got this ventilation system, but only for '71, though the Vega kept it through '73 IIRC...

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