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The video is an interesting chronicle of the Town Car's morphing over a span of years.

The most sensible and dignified one was the 1990-1997 run.  It looks clean, while still keeping the notchback sedan lines from before.  The model run prior to this had front fenders and rear taillamps that were too finned.  It was not too long after college (I still had a few zits) that I had to go on a trip with a bat$h!t crazy boss who headed back home early and I got stuck with one of these to get around and had to take it from White Plains NY to JFK to get back home.  Since it had no road feel whatsoever, it was scary driving it on narrow NYC expressways next to the guardrail.

The 1998 rounding of the lines, in my mind, was a fail.  There were a few waves of Lincoln products that got hit with the ugly stick.

I will say that the 4.6L SOHC V8 was a beautiful engine.  It worked well in the Town Car, the Crown Vic, and the Grand Marquis.  I drove it in a rented Thunderbird in the latter part of the '90s and it was smooth, powerful enough, and returned decent fuel economy.

At about 2:00, there's an embedded commercial that trashes (ad hominem style) the downsized DeVille, Ninety Eight, and Park Avenue.  They might not have felt as heavy, but they rode just about as well.

And, then, at 5:00, we see a Floridian driveway that looks like that in which the talkative dude from SW Florida does his very detailed videos of classic cars.  I'm sure he'd be a hoot to have lunch with and talk cars.

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