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GM News: GM Secures Long-Term Lithium Supply and Cathode Active Material Supporting Long Term EV Growth


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GM has struck not once but twice this week with Livent and with LG Chemical. 

Livent has signed a multi-year sourcing agreement with GM to supply battery grade Lithium Hydroxide extracted at the Livent South America brine-based operations. The lithium hydroxide is used in making high performance Ultium battery cathodes resulting in higher mileage EVs. This contract has two goals achieved, until a North American processing plant comes online, the lithium extracted will be shipped from South America, over time it will transition to bringing raw ore to America for 100% processing and a commitment of supply allowing GM to achieve their goal of 1 million EVs yearly production by 2025 and more beyond that year.

The Livent contract compliments GMs long term plans by adding supply to a longer-term supply contract with LG Chem where LG Chem has agreed to supply GM more than 950,000 tons of CAM over the next 8 years supporting production of 5 million EV autos.

LG and GM will explore the localization of CAM production in North America by the end of 2025.

Jeff Morrison, GM VP, Global Purchasing and Supply chain had this to say:

“This agreement builds on GM’s commitment to create a strong, sustainable battery raw material supply chain to support our fast-growing EV production needs,” “LG Chem has demonstrated technical expertise, high-quality and mass production capabilities of cathode active materials over the last decade. At the same time, this agreement demonstrates GM’s commitment to strong supplier relationships, and compliments our many other recent EV supply chain announcements.”

GM continues to sign and grow their contractual commitments secured with strategic partners for all battery raw material in supporting EV production based on the Ultium Platform and battery packs.

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