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“Dream with us” | See Buick’s electric future vision | Buick


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Ive got lots of things to say about this. Regarding the Wildcat EV About what I saw in the first video especially.


What was presented to us,  that its a perfect world.  Serene and clean and oh boy...rich. Opulent and stress free. Nothing hectic. Even when it rained, it was calm rain. Little perfect droplets on the beach.  All the future tech with LED screens and connectivity and perfect ambience lighting that could be controlled everywhere is actually tech that exists now, but Buick's marketing team has showed us that owning a Buick and this tech being  part of Buick ownership is synonymous.  And its GREAT as this shows Buick is finally addressing 1 problem its got, that Buick has long been absent  from people's minds that Buick is a luxury brand.   This commercial tells us that Buick is a serene, clean, perfect luxury brand that will help us in keeping us sheltered and coddle us with stress free living.

I liked the commercial because I liked the message.  I also hated the commercial because I hated the same message.

I like the fantasy world being presented to us, but I also hate living in fantasy worlds as I know reality is reality and is a bitch most of the time.

As far as the Wildcat goes, Buick and GM are doing luxury EVs the way luxury is supposed to be.  Cadillac and Buick have readdressed their luxury image with their EVs and have effectively gone back to their luxury roots.  I for one, am super ecstatic for this.   The exterior styling of the Wildcat showcases that Buick luxury EV need not be aerodynamically ugly. (looking at you Mercedes).   Need not be looking like all other cars on the road with mundane styling.  

Interior styling and materials.   Although the Wildcat is just a concept, looking at what GM done with the V cars, Escalade, Corvette C8, Hummer and Lyriq, all their last and newest offerings,   I think we should all stop the whining about GM interiors being crap...  I believe if a Wildcat EV does make it to production, the exterior mostly intact, the interior would be world class no doubt and therefore a new inspirational  luxury vehicle for all walks of life.

Despite all that. Despite all the serenity and perfection that is being peddled by Buick, its Wildcat and being an owner of a Buick for the future, I wanna  disrupt  all that calmness!!!

This Is It! The Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept Foreshadows the Brand's  All-Electric Future - The Fast Lane Car


Because in THIS new future of COVID, Trumpism rightist bullshyte, Alex Jones misinformation for self promotion profiteering, a new cold war, disastrous climate change,  the future is not quite the land of milk and honey vision that was presented to us by buying and owning a Buick.  

Chaos is more what it looks like.    And Dodge got THAT covered!!!




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