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Infiniti's First Car Was An Admirable Failure


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I always thought this car was sleek.

Cheap Wheels: 1990-1996 Infiniti Q45 | The Daily Drive | Consumer Guide®  The Daily Drive | Consumer Guide®

1990-96 Infiniti Q45 | Consumer Guide Auto


But I never took to it.   I did prefer it over the Oldsmobile Delta 88s and Buick Lesabres of the 1992-1996ish period.   But that is not saying much as I didnt like those offering by GM as well. But the Bonneville, especially in  SSEi trim, was the one I liked over any of them.  I LOVED the Bonneville actually. Any trim. I did have a small soft spot for the Lesabre and Park Avenue though.  But not for the Oldsmobiles. 

Im not mentioning the GM trios of the 1988-1991 period as those H Body cars were 1980s cars and the Infiniti Q45, although it was introduced in 1989, was a 1990s product. Therefore the 2nd generation H Body cars, to me at least, fits more of a comparison and competition to the Q45. 

I never liked the Lexus 400. Its direct competitor from Japan.  Although I did view it as stately, the Lexus that is, I always thought it was too much of a copy cat to Mercedes. And it was a copy cat.  I liked that Infiniti went proudly on its own way stylistically to do an American market luxury car.

As far as the Acura Legend goes,  I thought it was weird looking. 

Cadillac and Lincoln's BOF fullsized models were always a favorite of mine during this time.  Cadillac's STS was also.  Lincoln's other models, not so much.

I didnt like Audi. I hated BMW. Although I did respect and actually lusted over the E34 and E36 M5s. 

Mercedes, if they werent of the AMG kind, I didnt even look at. But one good thing about that was that at this point in time, AMGs were REAL AMGs.

Therefore in hindsight, after typing all of this, I have come to realize that I actually DID like this Infiniti Q45 after all.  Maybe my biased blinders for GM and American cars kept me in the closet for this car. 

I liked Nissan corporation a lot during the early and mid 1990s with a lot of their products. Great cars. Always a tad short in the market place when compared to Toyota/Lexus and Honda/Acura.     


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Well stated Oldshurst.. Now.. Motorweek did say when they reviewed the 1992 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight that it looked like an Infiniti in the rear:



When I see Infinti Q45, I see what Oldsmobile Aurora was aiming for and how GM was trying to turn the Oldsmobile brand to a import fighter:


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