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Toyota News: FAILURE 2.0 Toyota Scrambling to Reboot EVs


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2 hours ago, oldshurst442 said:

In the US market?

Im not really following this thread.  Did I miss anything.  When has BYD decided to sell in the US market.  NHTSA has greenlit BYD EVs for the US market? 

Im confused. 

Cybertruck was never a real threat.  Cybertruck was never a real attempt for a pick up truck.  Cybertruck is just eye candy. A poster vehicle for teenagers and geeky Tesla sheeple to put up in the bedrooms and their garages. 

GMC HUMMER EV does a better job at being a poster vehicle AND it being an actual legit EV product. And despite a recent but small recall, HUMMERS are being ordered like no tomorrow.

As of July 2022, General Motors had 80 000 orders.   REAL orders.



As of Oct 2022.  Hummer orders are SOLD OUT for at least 2 years.   GM has capped that number, to which I diont know what number that is.  The article below says that there is a 90 000 unit reservation.  I guess 90 000 is the break even point.  GM has capped it somewhere  and it has sold out for at least 2 years.   Im guessing that the Silvardo EV and the new GMC Sierrar Denali EV will pick up (pun intended) where the HUMMER EV leaves off, and then some, until GM gets the true EV pick-up truck replacements on line. (With a configurable beds) 



The Cybertruck hasnt even started production yet.  Mid 2023...    And with Musk concetrating on Twitter,  and Musk being a micro-managing moron,  despite the already delays to get the Cybertruck on line, since late 2021, there doesnt seem to be any urgency.  

Buying Twitter. Not buying Twiiter. Accusing Twitter. Laying low for two months to buying Twitter again and firing almost everybody and having some poor schmuck take photos of him working hard on....Twitter seems to be more important.

So really, you mentioning Cybertruck as some sort of GM competition sometime in 2024 was not really a discussion point.  

Cybertruck was dated when it was introduced. Only a handful of people were awestricken with it. 

That was in Nov of 2019.  

That was 3 years ago to the day almost.

It comes out now, its old news.  It will come out 2 years from now. That would be 5 years from when it was first revealed.   It will be ancient by then...    


BYD is making electric buses and school busses in California.  There has been talk of their cars coming here for a while, eventually they will.  They are #2 in the world in EV sales, #1 in the world in EV + plug-in hybrid sales.

All these companies talk about orders and reservations, but how many of those are just people looking to flip it for profit if they get an early one, and once that opportunity goes away they can just cancel the reservation.   I'd rather see actual sales, the Cybertruk at one point had 1 million reservations, but they have sold zero o f them so who really cares until they actually sell them.

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38 minutes ago, smk4565 said:

BYD is making electric buses and school busses in California.

Electric city and school busses I knew about.  

I also know about their intentions of wanting to sell there other EVs in North America.  What automanufacturer doesnt want to sell cars in North America?   Funny thing is that China today, is the world's biggest market and not North America...   But wanting to sell here and actually selling here is one thing.  And then...doing it successfully is another.    

The Japanese were succesful (to a degree) because Acura, Nissan AND Infiniti, Suzuki, Mitsubishi have had various degress of success but now in 2023, not so successful...

This is because in the 1970s, a world oil crisis caught Detroit without an answer.  More to it than that, it caught the  North American way of life by surprise, NOT just the Detroit auto makers...

Self hatin' Americans LOVE to SOLELY blame Detroit for that, ignoring they had a HUUUUGE say on how the Big 3 handled that oil crisis.  Ignoring the fact that Americans LOVED their huuuuge chrome laden land yachts and thristy muscle cars just a couple of years prior...   Japan (and Europe) was used to producing  small 4 cylinder shyte boxes and they were already here so when the oil crisis began, they actually had the right products to sell us. But NOT because they were any good.  They used less gas.  Some cars they built were good. But Detroit too built good cars.  Their 4 cylinder response though, was disatrous because they needed those right away.  

But now, with EVs, Detroit is NOT caught with their pants down.  They are engineering GREAT EVs. 

American EVs of Tesla, Ford and GM are LITERALLY the BEST in the world...

BYD, if they sell here, better have EVs that are better than the American ones, which us a TALL order to fill, if they want to survive a decade let alone be a leader in the US market... 

Cheap EVs is NOT the answer for America.

Americans do NOT want cheap anymore.  They want affordable.  They want NOT to pay a big price but they EXPECT quality.  

Ford and GM WILL deliver on all that.  Tesla might not on the quality, but they are STILL the benchmark...

BYD...might deliver on price. But quality?   Cheap  and shoddy engineered will fail.  

Ford, Chrysler and GM know about cheap and shoddy.

Honda and Toyota also know about that.  Honda and Toyota failed MISERABLY in North America in the 1960s because their products were cheap and shoddy.

Acura, Nissan AND Infiniti, Suzuki, Mitsubishi were cheap and shoddy at the HEIGHT of Japanese market share in North America. In 2023, they are struggling in North America.

Yes, even Acura...  cheap and shoddy.   Late 1990s and early to mid-2000s Acura reminds me of late 1980s and early 1990s GM and Oldsmobile...   

If Mercedes doesnt change their game going forward with their shoddiness, they too will start losing out in North America.  And their EVs are pointing in the direction of fail in the US market... 

BYD is not a factor. And wont be for a loooong time. 

Tesla Model 3



BYD Seal



Maybe Americans like Chinese cheap knock offs.  They sure love cheap Chinese made Wallmart shyte. So maybe you are right, BYD may be a force to be reckoned with...  

Who knows?  


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This is why Toyota, Tesla and others that are not on top of their EV game NOW like Kia, Hyundai, GM, Ford and VW.

May 2022 - Hyundai and Kia Are Currently Second Only to Tesla in EV Sales in the U.S. (autoevolution.com)

July 2022 - In the last quarter, Hyundai and Kia achieved the same sales as Tesla in 10 years of work: although they still do not exceed it, Elon Musk is impressed - La Opinión (laopinion.com)

August 2022 - Hyundai and Kia Are (Still) Coming for Tesla (jalopnik.com)

Read any of the reviews and plenty of auto journalists have stated that it is clear that Kia and Hyundai used Tesla as the standard and yet now they have surpassed Tesla and are the standard.

This leapfrog game is why companies that are not competing now, are going to be way behind and could fail to stay on top where they might have been in the ICE world.

Other Legacy companies are going for replacing Tesla and the distractions that Tesla CEO is doing with Twitter and his lies are going to cost Tesla.

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On 11/2/2022 at 10:49 PM, David said:

This is why Toyota, Tesla and others that are not on top of their EV game NOW like Kia, Hyundai, GM, Ford and VW.

Other Legacy companies are going for replacing Tesla and the distractions that Tesla CEO is doing with Twitter and his lies are going to cost Tesla.

Tesla needs to replace Elon Musk with a REAL CEO who can manage the company and compete with all the (relative) newcomers in the EV space.

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