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Of course- the red Protosport 4 above is a Pontiac....

>>"Oldsmobile and Buick had commercial chassis and 'Flower Car' body styles-I know Oldsmobile also had a Sedan Delivery up until about 1950 (I don't remember if Buick ever had one or not), and the Olds Toronado also later, circa 1973-78, lent its chassis not only to those 1970's GMC Motorhomes (heavily advertised in magazines such as National Geographic), but also to Flower Cars-"<<

Flower cars have always been aftermarket coachbuilt... at least after the 1930s. No factory 'flower car' type vehicles from Buick or Olds from the '30s thru today.

I highly doubt the '70s GMC motorhomes used Toronado chassis, but I could be wrong on that. Powertrains, yes, but those motorhomes had to be relatively monsterous in weight compared to the Toros, and as well-engineered as the Toro was, I wonder if it was over-engineered enough to reliably carry a 6 or 8-ton body....

Pontiac had an RPO Sedan Delivery style from '49-53, but Olds's '50 SD was a one-off prototype- not regular production. Buick and Olds had numerous trucks, but they were all before 1925.

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Here's one...my favorite of the 2 Oldsmobiles I've owned. The Brougham seating was incomparable on a long-trip...no other car I've owned was more comfortable...my only complaint is that this one did not have a small block Olds V8. Oh well, I miss my 1984 Cutlass Supreme Brougham coupe.

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Photo taken at the American River canyon, Auburn, CA, about 35 miles east of Sacramento, CA

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Some concepts...




Right...I remember these concepts/sketches...and was expecting the Intrigue to be released as the Antares.

Still, I think both the final design and the Intrigue name were good choices!

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This French '54 Citroen Traction Avant, powered by a 15-hp six, was a taxicab in Paris when it was purchased by General Motors. GM engineers took it apart to help in their design of the Oldsmobile Toronado, GM's first front-drive car. GM Vice President Bud Goodman drove the car for a while, then sold it in 1970-71 to Gilliam Clark, Matthew Clark's father. Note the front suicide doors.

You learn something new everyday. I did not know that....and thanx Olds Guy...for sharing your knowledge....although we are approaching 9 years since you posted this...and I dont know if you are still around....


I wanted to post a fantastic, memorable Oldsmobile picture as my first contribution to this thread, when I found this picture...

I dont know if she truly was restored....but Id like to think that she was...

Oldsmobile may be gone...but she keeps marching on...

This '69 WILL continue on to spread the joy of Oldsmobile.


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