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  2. Genesis News: Genesis G70 is Korea's 3-Series Challenger

    I thought from the other article it wasn't until 2022
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  4. Genesis News: Genesis G70 is Korea's 3-Series Challenger

    I wonder how long they will wait till offering Hybrid and EV in the Genesis car and CUV product line, 12-18 months or more like 24-36 months?
  5. Genesis News: Genesis G70 is Korea's 3-Series Challenger

    Escalade on d So while we've had our bit of fun.... lets try to get back to the Genesis please.
  6. moving to pacifica is not an unsound idea, and it's a quick way to offer a plug-in hybrid in a full size mid-lux car as well as helping with Pacifica amortization. Might involve a rename, that's why we're not hearing of the 300 continuing. Concorde anyone?
  7. Genesis News: Genesis G70 is Korea's 3-Series Challenger

    to the bolded part. So one lemon.. and it happens is indicative of a while truck line that has sold millions upon millions when the platform was alive? Ridiculous But then... their hummer at minimum is 8 years old. H2 stopped production in '09. If they've replaced their alternator TWICE.. the second part was faulty too.. and very seldom have I ever heard of anyone taking their vehicle to a dealership for a tranny rebuild.. so the tranny rebuild must have been bad. Missing how that is an H2 issue As far as me having the Camaro as a DD.. yeah.. it was my daily driver from August 2010 to July 31 2013 when I got my Impala DD. I don't kno if U kno but I had a Tahoe at the time before I got my Yukon.. If I needed to move anything larger I brought that. AND WHO THE FUCK GIVES A SHIT ABOUT MOVING BIG SHIT ON A DAILY BASIS AND THEN BUYS A CAR IN THE FIRST PLACE? Camaro, Mustang, Camry, or even an Impala?
  8. Genesis News: Genesis G70 is Korea's 3-Series Challenger

    take a used H3, Jeep, or RR over it as well
  9. Genesis News: Genesis G70 is Korea's 3-Series Challenger

    Lazy rivers...HA! YOU actually posted a rugged tough SUV that is supposed to be military tough in a LAZY river... You just filled up the whole card with that one pic as you were trying to pass that off as a dangerous and tough SUV thing... Therefore
  10. There is also rumor that the 300 will move to the Pacifica platform and be a front drive sedan. Although I wonder if the 300 even survives, Pacifica sales should slide off by 2019, I can easily see them closing down the Chrysler brand. That will make this mess easier to sell, which is the end goal by those in charge.
  11. Genesis News: Genesis G70 is Korea's 3-Series Challenger

    ^^^ Yup... And @smk4565 I guess you missed the snorkel... Besides...the Russians in this case do it better! Those is what I call REAL off road the TRUEST sense of the acronym that was started by that humble little General Purpose Vehicle that we now know today as JEEP With all said and the end of the day....Id still rather the JEEP though... Something about 'Merica Phoque YEAH! that I prefer over Commie Ruskies!
  12. Genesis News: Genesis G70 is Korea's 3-Series Challenger

    ^ since Day 1 : "Why buy a copy when you can buy the original"??
  13. Genesis News: Genesis G70 is Korea's 3-Series Challenger

    But what if you want to drive your car through a lazy river?
  14. Genesis News: No N Treatment for Genesis Models

    I don't get it really, why not make performance models that are hybrids? You can have performance EV's too. I think what it really comes down to, is a performance model G70 at $60-70,000 or a G80 N-performance at $85,000 isn't going to sell. I don't see the Genesis brand as having the bandwidth to get that top dollar price, and they don't really have the hardware readily available to do it either, so that is a lot of money to spend to get there too.
  15. It’s rebates. Got a problem with that so much that you have to bring it up? Sounds like the truth bothers you regarding the rebate leader FCA (and again that is based on factual manufacturer data and not typical bait and switch dealer rebate ads). And before you even go there, I have made it known many times that I would take a Challenger over a Camaro or Mustang any day of the week so you please just hold on to that GM bias card for now.
  16. Genesis News: No N Treatment for Genesis Models

    Electrification of the automobile is but one more step toward absolutely boring homogenization across the market. There will be even less to differentiate the brands if they all operate the same. A sad, sad fact that electrification is the end of the automobile... if it is allowed to take over. It's like NASCAR, with the common body templates, and nothing but stickers to half-assedly identify the participating brands. And Tesla proudly builds a purposely faceless vehicle, with the Model 3 being the creepiest conveyance out there. It SUCKS!
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  18. Surprised Jeep has not done a Hellcat Wrangler themselves and continue to let another 3rd party do it.
  19. Genesis News: Genesis G70 is Korea's 3-Series Challenger

    @oldshurst442 Yup take this every day over the G-Wagon!
  20. Genesis News: Genesis G70 is Korea's 3-Series Challenger

    Ill take the one that won the war... To boot...BECAUSE its an offroader...and luxury and off the beaten path are opposites of the class spectrum and therefore a LUXURY OFFROAD SUV is A BLOODY OXΥΜΟRON... Ill start with this Or this And spend tons of money making it do this and making it look like this And have money left over to buy several of these And these Laughing at all the idiots that buy LUΧURY OFF ROAD SUVs Land Rovers, Escalades and G Wagons alike... Sue me!
  21. Do you even read? They are moving to the Ghibli platform. Probably cheaper and better suited for their larger sizes o be honest.
  22. Genesis News: Genesis G70 is Korea's 3-Series Challenger

    Personally, I would as well. A Sport Supercharged, please.
  23. Not moving to Giorgio means they want to kill these cars off or sell the band and not let the buyer get that platform. No doubt they'll do a Hellcat 300 to milk in some sales at the end. To move the Charger to the Ghibli platform that is a car that came out in 2012 or 2013 in 2021 means it is 8 years old to start with. You can tell FCA wants to get rid of Chrysler and Dodge.
  24. Genesis News: Genesis G70 is Korea's 3-Series Challenger

    Hopefully it is a good car, and a fun to drive car. It doesn't have the interior as good as the Germans though, you can already tell from the photos it is closer to a Mazda 6 interior than a C-class or A4. As if they know they have to sell at a discount so they will cut corners somewhere. If they price this car aggressively I think it could do well, if that turbo V6 is $40k and it comes down to a G70 or a 4 cylinder ATS, C-class or A4, that is a compelling argument for Genesis. And since it is G-wagen day, I'll say that the GLE is no doubt better daily driver and probably has more cargo room too. But you aren't a baller in Beverly Hills without that G-wagen.
  25. There are people who already want a 300 Hellcat, so it is a no brainer. I find it interesting as aI was reading a review of the midsize M6 Gran Coupe and that sucker was 4300 pounds and the AWD tester it was being pitted against was an Alpina and over 4700 pounds! Weights are similar with the E Class. The weight is currently easily inline with other RWD cars, even a size smaller. I have no problem with them keeping the LX platform around. It is proven, it dances with anything in it's size rane, and all of them look great. The offer all the modern safety features ie lane keep assist and emergency braking/adaptive cruise control, and all the comforts such as high quality leather, 8.4 inch touch screens, heated and ventilated seats, etc, etc. I love the fact that for 2200 you can get the 6 piston Brembos and the wider 275 tires on any 6.4 model, and for 18 the Challenger R/T offers the 4 piston Brembos with a bilstien performance suspension. This should also be available on the Charger R/T as well and possibly the 300S (the 18 Challenger is the one you can price out on their website so far). I also like that they are getting rid of the 5.0 uconnect for the new Uconnect 4 with the 7 inch screen as standard (Uconnect 4 with the 8.4 is still an option). Not to mention standard Android Auto and Apple Carplay. And the "aging" Challenger has outsold the Camaro so far this year and even outsold the Mustang last month. The Charger and 300 make up the bestselling fullsizers, outselling the Lacrosse and Impala Combined. They aren't as stupid as you think. And please do not even try to say it is just rebates. Checking here, on the Chevrolet webiste for example, their rebates are just as high, if not higher.
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