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  2. There is zero proof of illegals voting in Mass numbers.
  3. Banks were deregulated with the repeal of Glass-Stegel Act. A big thing that came from that was that banks could now gamble with your money in dodgey investments. Simultaneously, mortgage regulations went out the window so that anyone who could fog a mirror qualified for a mortgage. You couldn't let your dog off its leash or it would come back with a home equity line of credit. At the same time, wages stagnated. Off shoring became the big thing for companies to do. The internet made it even more possible. People trying to make up for the loss of wage increases started turning to the home equity line of credit just to keep up with increases in the cost of living. That was what the professionals call; A Bad Idea. All of these newly qualified mortgage holders became house shoppers. This started driving up the price of homes. Speculators came in and flipped homes forming a housing price bubble. Swirl all that together and you have the perfect storm that caused the recession starting in 2007. It all formed because banks wanted less regulation. Not all regulations are bad, some regulations keep bad things from happening. CAFE is regulation with good intentions being implemented badly. I agree with it's generally stated goal. I disagree with how they go about getting there. Repealing it without replacing it would lead to bad things, including possibly a significant loss of the auto industry in the US.
  4. anyway... gonna move on from the alternative fuel sources, that's gonna sour things between us all here
  5. Problem is, the inmates are running the asylum in Cali. Gonna cut most of the politics out, but simply put, there's a reason for the mass exodus basically. If you removed the illegals, implemented voter ID and didn't have radical judges overruling the consent of the govern, then I'd believe the state truly knew best (And the inmates would be put back in their cells) It truly is, bro, it truly is
  6. Not gonna pretend to know when that was, mind filling me in, chief?
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  8. Cubical-aka-Moltar

    May Car Spotter

    Sweet.. I saw a Buick today w/ a New Jersey plate...a dark blue current gen LaCrosse in my neighborhood.
  9. balthazar

    May Car Spotter

    Not my pics, but I did see these exact cars today~ in addition to a '63 Impala 409 coupe, '65 Bonneville convert, '59 Merc Park Lane convert, '59 Olds 88 2-dr hardtop, '59 Olds 98 convert, '59 Bonneville 2-dr hardtop - all incredible survivors or nut & bolt restorations in one guy's collection. Fun day.
  10. I see quite a few ProMasters around in various liveries and noticed how square they are. Front is rounded, but the rear doors and rear body and glass are all very cubist. Maybe Ram could spice things up w a retro 70s style Street Van package w custom wheels, shag carpet, etc.
  11. regfootball

    2018 Buick Regal Sportback Essence

    Second / Revised review Driven: 2018 Buick Regal Sportback Preferred II 2.0t (the original review is in the first post of this thread. This post is a second / revised review) HIGHS: prior review -Nice understated shape conceals a cleverly integrated hatchback design -'Decent' propulsion from 2.0t engine -Nicely shaped upper dash with touchsreen oriented slightly to driver. Interesting at least from a design standpoint. -Sporting driving position and good room in both rows, mostly, plus the biggest benefit being improved leg room over previous model -Really nice cargo space, with seats up, or seats down, the cargo area of this vehicle and the flexibility of it in a car like this IMO is a major draw -View outside of this vehicle is improved over its platform mate (Malibu, my daily driver) due to the rear door glass being longer and taller. View out the front and rear is essentially the same. -AWD availability is a nice plus, thanks Buick. added -shifter was more aggressive, seemed to downshift better. Driver may have been more throttle aggressive as well. -Preferred II cloth was ok by me. It has a nicer pattern and more stitching compared to regular Preferred trim. This maybe should be the standard cloth. I would still want a more elaborate leatherette / cloth mix or leather still anyways. -Heated Steering wheel! on Preferred II trim. -Back lumbar support was exceptionally comfortable and noticeable. Seat felt way better than my Malibu and for some reason better than the last Regal drive. -loved the dash angled to the driver. LOWS: previous -I can't recall any of the GM vehicles I have driven with this ubiquitous 2.0t engine, where i have actually been wowed or impressed by it. It has decent thrust, but honestly you gotta spool it up a bit, the tranny doesn't respond instantly, it's not a five star smooth tranny, and it's kind of rough and noisy overall as a powertrain (AT LEAST FOR IT'S PRICE / CLASS). I was hoping the 2.0 would make the car match the near luxury description but I don't think it's overall a smooth enough powertrain to meet that claim. It's neither smooth, nor sporting or exciting. And this is with front wheel drive. I will reserve final judgment until i get in the GS with the v6, which is the engine I think most people will really end up liking in this car. added For whatever reason, the powertrain felt better this time. The 2.0t still doesn't feel like a very elastic motor to me. It does not seem to like to rev to me. Ever. On like 10+ vehicles I have driven with the 2.0t . I guess that part of it is not a deal breaker however. -Heavier than it's Malibu platform mate. No doubt acceptable due to the larger engine, but the benefit of the extra weight doesn't manifest itself in any real tangible way anywhere in the ride and drive of the car. -Not really any quieter inside than my Malibu. Strange, because this Buick is supposed to have quiet tuning, and goo in the tires to help make it quieter. The ride isn't really any more plush, either. added For whatever reason, the car felt reasonably quiet inside. -Steering is sort of dead and mushy. That's not GERMANIC now, is it. -NEED TO BE ABLE TO TURN OFF THE AUTOSTOP WHEN YOU WANT TO. -Not really much nicer inside than in my Malibu. The lower dash is the same 'less expensive' plastic you see in cheap Chevy's. The door panels are a little nicer, but not that much more. Many switches and buttons are the same. The console is nicer (I don't like the shifter centered in the console now actually, it's quite a reach) I guess...except for cupholders in front of the climate controls. The upper dash material is an upgrade over the Malibu, but it's not a PREMIUM dash material either. -I can't really tell for sure if the seats are better. My Malibu seats are poor. The Regal seats seemed to hug me more, but they still felt thin and insubstantial. The leather quality was slightly better, but still nothing to write home about. Added as mentioned above, the cloth in the Preferred II was ok, still would want leather, but for cloth wasn't bad. Seats and back support felt far better this time around. -Rear head room suffers a bit with the hatch design. I don't mind the tradeoff personally, but the Malibu retains a bit more headroom, and the Regal TourX really has much more....so get the wagon if rear head room matters. -Sunroof was nice to have considering how bunkerlike the Malibu can feel....but again the hatch design limits the size of the sunroof here compared to the Malibu's BAMR. I can live with the compromise here myself, and again, the wagon will satisfy your urge for BAMR if you need it. I would encourage GM to develop a way to integrate a larger moonroof with the hatch design. I think it could be done, but would require time and money on a redesign effort. Added This time the car had a normal moonroof. While not quite a awesome as a larger moonroof, it did lighten up the cabin inside some. I tend to think the rear vision camera surround view rear view mirror would be beneficial on this car because of the really small rear window. -Options / packages on this car are, simply put, stupid. But that merits its own post. At least in this car, the heated steering wheel and leather heated seats were both included. You can actually get this car with heated steering wheel but without heated seats. How f-cked up is that? In 2019, Fusion, Toyota, and others will have things like blind spot and cross path detection as standard equipment. And those are not 'premium' makes. Added -The very nice person accompanying me on the test drive and I spent a lot of time mocking how stupid it was for Buick to offer this car from the factory trimmed out with a heated steering wheel but without factory heated seats. This sheer utter complete stupidity of this to sell vehicles in snow / cold states alone is cause for product planners to get canned. I don't give a shit if the car is built in Germany and that creates logistics issues. Honestly, Buick pull your head out of your behind. -I'll let others decide if they think the styling is too tepid. I don't mind the understated styling but do admit that the color selections that are available on this car leave me wanting. I like the red on the GS, and the smoked pearl metallic is nice. And Buick seems to think they should charge extra for paint colors when they don't make the ride and drive anything special. -pricing. I think the average nature of this car would be easily forgiven if the pricing were in line with being an average car; not priced for a premium marque. Like the LaCrosse and Envision, it is best to wait out the model year if you are buying and wait for the inevitable 7,000-10,000 or more in discounts...which might bring the pricing in line with what the vehicle really is. You can't say this vehicle is appealing at the prices it is at now. Added The rear hatch while masterfully done, is pretty large and is on the border of really benefitting from a power hatch setup with your remote. It is large, heavy and clunky to close / slam shut. SUMMARY: This probably seems like a negative review, but you should consider it more of underwhelmed and let down. This car as I drove it just doesn't have any kind of endearing personality to speak of! At the end of the day, it took Buick two extra years to bring to the US it's own Malibu clone, which doesn't have much more to show for it.... apart from the clever hatch and base 2.0 engine upgrade over the 1.5. I actually am very curious now to be among the first to try the 2019 Malibu 1.5t + CVT combo. But that's an aside for another discussion. The 2.0 that general motors puts in so many vehicles has never impressed me, and that's due more to it's character than anything. I had hopes this would be the ONE CAR that it would feel sporting in; one that would make the car feel at least a little, like a SPORTS SEDAN. Nope. I will wait with baited breath to someday find a v6 GS to test, as i think it will be the only Regal worth anything. At least worth anything more than just being another option in the midsize, genericar class. And I hope Buick is working on a twin turbo six option as well for the GS (GSX?). I tend to think this car won't move the needle in marketplace excitement until it has a tire shredder under the hood to brag about...The v6 will promise smoother revs and deeper lungs at least......... Still, as a replacement in the bottom end of the Buick lineup for the Verano, I am ok with this. Just please, sex it up! Added The car seemed nicer this time around. Still not sporty but pleasing. Ok for a Preferred trim I figure. Buick needs to change the available colors and allow a GS body trim package for a front wheel drive Regal. All the muted and dark dreary colors Buick offers now needs to be balanced out. I would like to see a GS style body trim package available for a Regal wagon that is not a TourX as well. Hopefully this car may be available with a newer turbo four some day but due to the Opel break off, probably not. After driving this and the LaCrosse back to back I must say for a daily driver I would prefer this but either car is ok.
  12. Those Promasters are cool. Short wheelbase, low roof. Could be a home on wheels.
  13. As Drew has stated to you Ocnblu and I have also, we have partners / spouses that also have a say and we respect. Like Drew, I am a patient man and will wait for the right style and interior color combo that makes the wife happy and gives me the powertrain I am wanting. Money is ready, just need the right product to buy. It has not been for a lack of trying that I have wanted to change to a daily driving EV.
  14. Yeah, it's a beautiful crossover... really like the exteriors and interiors of the current Volvos...really like the V90 wagon also. Out of my price range now, but a CPO down the road, never say never...
  15. Going by you purchase history, I would say the only candidate currently would be Volvo XC90 phev
  16. EVs and Hybrids are interesting, just nothing that really appeals to me right now...we'll see in 5-10 years how the market looks.
  17. If the only manual transmission left in the world was a FWD Ram Promaster, I doubt you'd be putting down a pre-order deposit. That's how I am with EVs. There are lots of plug in hybrids I'm interested in, none I can afford right now. There are no EVs I'm interested in... but not because of the power train. I wouldn't buy an EV ProMaster either. It's just not my kind of vehicle regardless of power train.
  18. That it does.. going for a drive on winding roads through a national park yesterday in my 5000lb Jeep w/ the windows down, sunroof open and stereo cranked up (listening to The Cure) was fun. Great Spring weather and greenery now... 2.5 sec 0-60 in a Tesla sounds like a lot of fun...
  19. I had a whole bunch of fun in a CT6 which can drive itself if I want it to. Fun comes in different packages.
  20. Drew Dowdell

    Industry News: Most Electric Cars Sold in the U.S. Are Leased

    I never said EVs for everyone. You're against EVs for anyone. You want to tell people what they can't have. With EVs you must change your mindset on your fill up patterns. You start each day in a Bolt with a full tank. You "filled up" overnight. If you're on a trip and need to locate a station to charge up, like everything else, there's an app for that... In fact there are multiple apps for that.
  21. That is up for vigorous debate on so many levels.
  22. It's not the white dash for me, I kinda like it. I don't like the look of the car, I don't like how spartan the interior is. I'm used to driving Buicks, Cadillacs, Oldsmobiles, and LTZ Chevys. I already said if they put the power train in a Regal or Lacrosse I'd be there. I already have an auto trader search for a CT6 PHEV and Fusion Energi Platinums 2017 or newer. No one makes a pure EV that I like. I'm ready to put my money where my mouth is as soon as someone produces the vehicle the way I want it. I waited 5 months for the color and equipment combo we got in the Encore. I'm a patient man when it comes to buying things the way I want them.
  23. And when you get low on fuel in the Honda... how much effort do you have to put into finding a place to refuel it in less than 10 minutes so that you can continue your "electric cars for everyone!" tour?
  24. Fake. Totally staged. I drove 200+ miles this weekend in very hilly terrain, having fun rowing the gears in my miniature Jeep. The Tesla is no more exciting than an electric shaver.
  25. Drew Dowdell

    Industry News: Most Electric Cars Sold in the U.S. Are Leased

    A Tesla has a longer cruising range than my Honda.
  26. And the new roadster will go beyond that with Plaid Mode.
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