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  2. Drew Dowdell

    Mazda News: Rumorpile: Turbo Power for the CX-5?

    This. Though I have driven the 2.3T in the Mazda 6.... I didn't get enough seat time in it for my satisfaction, but my initial impression was that it is still not a V6 replacement, though still better than the base 2.5
  3. Drew Dowdell

    June Car Spotter

    An absolutely Immaculate first generation Dodge Dynasty. Very likely with the original owner behind the wheel. Grandpa was making *ahem* excellent time! It did not have a V6 badge on it so that means it was the 2.5 liter 4 cylinder and a Chrysler 3-speed automatic praying the rosary at that speed over the mountains outside Altoona. I also found a mostly intact white '84/'85 Toronado in a scrapyard with the same color interior as mine but full leather... AND the leather is near perfect! I will be placing phone calls tomorrow. There are a bunch of parts I'd like to snatch. I'll have some pics from that scrap yard to post later, some shots that might interest @balthazar
  4. Cubical-aka-Moltar

    June Car Spotter

    Saw a few clean vintage GMs whilst out and about yesterday. -A '70 Buick Grand Sport in silver w/ black vinyl top -A black '69 Buick LeSabre 4dr ht w/ Buick road wheels -A white '65 Olds 88 2dr ht -A black '66-67 Corvette convertible -A silver blue '77 Pontiac Grand Prix (different car than the one I saw for sale last month). and on the weird end of the spectrum a blacked out '91-92 Olds Custom Cruiser wagon w/ purple headlights and a padded top w/ the big rear side windows covered. I think I've seen this car around before from a distance.
  5. loki

    Mazda News: Rumorpile: Turbo Power for the CX-5?

    the 2018 cx9 is 4,166 to 4,361 lbs the 2018 cx5 is 3,527 to 3,655 lbs 600lbs to 700lbs. having 2-3 adults less weight would be noticable. it's late, not googling the turbo engine weight difference to N/A engine
  6. balthazar

    Random Thoughts Thread

  7. Yesterday
  8. dfelt

    Random Thoughts Thread

    So this is a custom job then. WOW, talk about some skill. Nice!
  9. balthazar

    Random Thoughts Thread

    It's definitely sweet... but this '47 Buick is a 'phantom'- Buick didn't build a 3-window coupe in this era. Sure wish they did- the coupe has tremendous 'back'.
  10. dfelt

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Talk about some sexy lines, they do not make them like this anymore. WOW

    1992 Cadillac commercial


    1987 Cadillac Commercial

  13. dfelt

    I know what I'm getting next!

    Those tears must be like cheap chardonnay, dry as the desert. Me see no tears, just hidden jealousy.
  14. The last trailblazer still sold millions and if like I do, you got the limited production AWD SS you got your Corvette SUV. I like my SS very much as does everyone that has drove it or ridden in it.
  15. balthazar

    Chevrolet News:Chevrolet Brings Back the Blazer As A Crossover

    Nissan should have had a competitor for the SIlverado in 1980, not 2004 (BTW; still not a competitor). Point being- I don't believe OEMs are putting the bloa-funked murano up as a target for product planners. Nissan's non-car sales ace is the rogue; everything else in their trucklet portfolio does so-so.
  16. regfootball

    Chevrolet News:Chevrolet Brings Back the Blazer As A Crossover

    despite the fact that the similarly sized Rogue it shares the showroom with, which is a CUV by the way, sold over 400,000 units last year....... the Murano which is in much higher price classes still sold 80,000 or so units. that's a sizable market and its growing. Chevy should have had a Ford Edge / Murano competitor by 2011 at the latest. Not 2019. the last Blazers and Trailblazers were among the junkiest vehicles GM has ever built.
  17. riviera74

    Bentley News: Bentley Plans A Even Faster Bentayga

    Not all of the 1% want to brag about how much net worth they have with a half-million dollar SUV. Many millionaires drive more common cars than you might think. Only those who don't know better will spend way too much on this vehicle.
  18. riviera74

    Mazda News: Rumorpile: Turbo Power for the CX-5?

    The CX-9 needs a V6. This will probably work out very well in the CX-5.
  19. riviera74

    Chevrolet News:Chevrolet Brings Back the Blazer As A Crossover

    Same reason GM did not put out crossovers 16 years ago (for the most part): BOF SUVs were way more profitable back then, at least until $4 a gallon gas and the recession killed a lot of them.
  20. balthazar

    Chevrolet News:Chevrolet Brings Back the Blazer As A Crossover

    Murano is selling barely over twice the rate of the Armada. It could slide off into oblivion and I doubt many people would notice/care.
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