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  2. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    Mercedes builds what the customer wants. GM has not always done that, which is why market share eroded, rebates went up, and GM filed bankruptcy. GM is usually a few years behind the trend like crossovers were hit 10 years ago, Cadillac has one, even Infiniti has 4 of them.
  3. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    They already said the Model 3 has a base price of $35,000. The only thing is they are making well equipped models first. Buick did the same thing with the Envision.
  4. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    There is a certain, yet typical, irony in your statements about the F-150 and the GM 3800 when Mercedes has been peddling a 40 year old G Wagon to any sucker who is naive enough to buy it. That is why your constant trolling about the domestic makers here is pure folly and utter bull$h!.
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  6. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    And Tesla only makes the battery. Where the hell does SMK think all those other electrical components, like that giant tablet in the dash, comes from? The Tesla fairy? No. It comes from China.
  7. I would assume fleet buyers of semi trucks compare brands with some sort of TCO calculation to determine which are the most cost-effective? Individual owner-operators would be a different use case, of course.
  8. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    Where do you come up with these asinine comparison. That 2016 Envision you speak of was a damn near loaded model and they said, from the get go, that the lower trim model would be introduced later. The fact that was a little higher then a base Enclave is 100% irrelevant based on that simple fact. Hell, a CLA can sot quite a bit more than a Class, in certain trims so unless you really want to go there, you need to just come up with a better argument. Oh, and with a $40K+ price difference, one would expect a 3 to not cost anywhere near an S, so a little $3K difference in the first year Envison is not a big deal and not comparable to what we were discussing regarding the 3. Fact is that they have said that it will be $35K when it is looking more and more likely that it will start out higher than that. What do you not understand about that? And yet their ONE EV outsells all Benz EV models but I don’t hear talk of Tesla being able to take over them now do I? Everything you have spoken about GM and Ford is pure hyperbole and just pure hypothetical mumbo jumbo. You literally know not one damn thing about how they operate or plan to operate in the future. Man, your GM trolling is old, tiring, and just a simple load of BS.
  9. Sorry; here, back on topic: Wouldn't a far greater service be rendered by listing MPG ratings for semi-trucks? These drive FAR more miles per vehicle and far quicker than any 3/4T / 1T trucks do, and their fuel costs are tied into the product they deliver. Even 0.1 MPG better would add up and effect more people than an individual getting 1.0 MPG better in a Brand X 3/4T / 1T personal truck over Brand Y. I'm reading that the 'holy grail' of loaded truck MPG is 10 MPG and they are currently around 5.5-6.5 MPG. No 3/4T-1T gets MPG that poor. No Super Duty buyer is going to jump ship to Chevy because of 1 MPG better rating, so it serves no purpose. I'll bet under strictly level testing parameters, the Big 3 are within a MPG of each other- it's certainly not going to be, say; a 4 MPG difference. And even if it were, it's not going to sway brand allegiance.
  10. Volvo News: 2018 Volvo XC40 Shows How Sweden Does Small

    I like the look of the XC60 much more than the XC40...the rear quarters and rear doors of the 40 are too odd, IMO. But the current Volvos I like the look of more are the wagons...V60 and V90.
  11. Not sure how there is any correlation between MB and EVs and US market heavy duty diesel trucks... way to go off-topic.
  12. Ford News: Ford Plans Downtime At 5 North America Plants even with rebates are still 17-18k 15-16 models can be had around 10k with some pretty low miles......
  13. • MB makes no money on EVs, and they are grossly late to the party. Some might say they should have foreseen and beaten Tesla to the punch, or at least answered a 6 yr old product by now. • Their reputation -as you claim it- is built on excess and V-12s, not 84-mile 2-ton compacts. • Are consumers currently rejecting MB EVs suddenly going to go 'Hell Yeah America!' and buy them because they're built here? MB has no EV cred; actually its the opposite. Right now, Ford offers far more TRQ than any Tesla (792 vs. 925). Tho it's possible to exceed that in an EV, it's easier to turn up the TRQ wick in a TD. Also, what penalties any EV truck would encounter under load is unknown, but given those EV cars see with HVA/C useage... it's likely to be a major factor (moreso than 1 or 2 MPG differences focused on here).
  14. Quick Spin: My Test of the Chevy Bolt

    The interior was very nice for what it is.. the car is not supposed to be a luxury vehicle.. in fact.. it may be against the ideals of many of its intended buyers. Personally.. I think Chevy got this one right.. as they got this gen Volt right as well. In other words.. they did their damn research and came up with a winner. My biggest gripe continues to be that this and Voltec is not available in every division in various configs. In truth, it TRULY is the way of the future. It is inescapable . Fossil fuel vehicles as a primary source of transportation will leave this country in a very inferior position in the next two decades.
  15. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    • Stock price is the ONLY thing keeping Tesla's lights on right now. There is nothing of higher importance to the company- it's a pure revenue generator and the primary one. • Most OEMs don't make most of their components- outsourcing is the way of the industry today. It's part of how Ford, GM & Daimler turn huge profits. • 1 EV that just went nation-wide in sales 3 weeks ago. More are coming. Let's see how the Model 3 launch goes.
  16. Quick Spin: My Test of the Chevy Bolt

    Ahh, was inter-misled. Bolt interior: Still not seeing any Cavalier bits... but it is below that of the Volt's via the pics.
  17. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    Ride sharing will never be a thing... Just a glimpse of that ride sharing future...UBER's license to operate in London, England was revoked a couple of days ago on the account that Any ride sharing company risks of getting their asses handed to them if they dont co-operate... Any more regs forced upon ride sharing companies and they just become a regular taxi service...and ride sharing companies dont want any continue to operate in that grey zone and London wont be the ONLY city in the world with cojones to stop ANY ride sharing bullshyte! There has ALWAYS been ride sharing...this aint nothing new... New York City is famous for it! And its just a taxi service.. We all know how popular taxi services are outside of NYC... Uber undercut taxi prices...THAT is the ONLY way it became popular...not hard to do when no municipal or State government imposes a HUUUUUGE operator's license fee on Uber drivers as it does on a regular taxi service... Add to that no Uber driver reports least in the beginning...but as governments at any level stop being stupid and naive and blind to false income claims....and will be jailing ride sharing drivers for tax evasion... And app on a smart phone was not revolutionary.... Speed dial does the same thing... A phone call at the taxi center followed by a CB communication between driver and center relayed the same approx. pick-up time... This method still works as I call my food delivery service headquarters and they in turn get info the way I explained...with GPS locations on the truck...but they do call the the info is not on my smart phone...but yet...this way is how ONSTAR works for destination turn by turn directions, non? Sorry about the above rant... I hates the notion of car sharing...and I ALWAYS come up with a new angle of why it will NEVER work.
  18. Volvo News: 2018 Volvo XC40 Shows How Sweden Does Small

    It is bigger than an Encore. The XC60 is pretty similar, though I like the straighter lines and squared off look on the XC40. here is a side by side comparison
  19. MB is making a shift to electric in a hurry, so no fear on the gas mileage. An electric truck could make more torque than any of those Cummins or Powerstroke motors. And emissions standards need to be tightened on those too, they should have the same standard as a gas car. Those HD trucks emit a ton of black smoke and exhaust, and they should have to pay the same gas guzzler tax that a car has.
  20. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    If ride sharing becomes a big thing, then annual car sales could go under 10 million, one study showed 5 million compared to about 17 million today. GM and Ford aren't sustainable at 10 million annual sales, that is what happened in 2009. They will have to quickly learn how to make money with car sharing services. Teslas just seems better equipped for the EV-ride sharing-self driving car future that is going to happen. And one day Tesla will have a pickup truck with more torque, more horsepower, and lower operating cost than an F150, then Ford is in trouble. One thing about Ford and GM, they are both short sighted companies, what matters most is the quarterly profit number, their dividend and stock price. Tesla doesn't care about any of that, they care about the future. Ford would not take their $10 billion profit and put it into making an Electric F150, they will milk out the Ecoboost V6 until it is well past it's prime like GM did with the 3800 V6 and Dodge/Chrysler is doing with their whole line up. 1 EV. And GM doesn't make their own batteries either. GM should have 10 EVs for sale by 2025. Maybe they will, but I doubt it.
  21. Quick Spin: My Test of the Chevy Bolt

    Balthy I think that is a Volt interior, not a Bolt. And yes, the Model S is showing a gratifying drop in sales year over year.
  22. Quick Spin: My Test of the Chevy Bolt

    No. I have said it on several occasions the Model S' is not even remotely worth the $70K price tag. It really isn't even unique in its styling if compared to any other large car from Chevy.. Mazda.. Honda.. If the Bolt is $45K max.. the the Tesla S should be no more than $55K
  23. Quick Spin: My Test of the Chevy Bolt

    as so often is the case your dumbass is wrong No bitch.. sorry... I wasn't the first person to compare the two and I damn sure won't be the last. The interior was actually decent considering the tech.. and if U really think a Tesla has an interior worthy of a $70K car, then U really are one of the dumbest muthafuckas I've yet to see in this forum. To make it even worse.. I wasn't comparing the Tesla so much as referencing it since they are similar in their implementation of EV tech. From MT: LINK Materials are all price-appropriate and look pulled straight from the cool pages of the Ikea catalog. The ultra-thin front seats are nonetheless comfortable and supportive. The driver gets a reconfigurable high-res 8.0-inch digital instrument cluster, which does a good job at giving the driver only the information needed, such as speed, battery state of charge, range, and power usage, without overwhelming with extraneous information—like what exactly the powertrain is doing at any given moment.
  24. Quick Spin: My Test of the Chevy Bolt

    GM couldn't even figure out his to put the Malibu hybrid batteries under the back seat like just about everyone else has by you are left with a joke of a trunk for a "family" car.
  25. I don't think it's "hiding" anything- it doesn't seem to hurt MB that they list 51 individual models that are rated between 11 and 18 MPG. HD truck owners spend huge coin on trucks; they know what they like and what to expect. Duramax, Powerstroke & Cummins have all been around for going on 2 decades, and while they've gotten better, it's been incrementally. Duramax has gone from the Allison 5 gear auto... to 6 gears. In 17 years. In the same time frame the 1/2T has gone from 4 gears to 10 (2018 Escalade).
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  27. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    Well... Tesla's, Ford's and GM's stock worth aint really representative of their respective profits... Mark Fields was fired... Investors are questioning Ford and GM's future and both companies are full line car makers... Tesla's Musk gives those investors vapor ware...they applaud... 'Positive mojo' may evaporate. Or it may not... As of the short term at least...Ford NEEDS to get a 100% EV out there....ecoboost is not setting Wallstreet in fire.... At least GM has the Bolt... So...yeah...even with all that profit that the F-150 generates...if the Model 3 makes Tesla profit and then the consequent affordable CUV...Ford maybe need of a Tesla take-over as SMK suggested... Just playing Devil's advocate because I dont believe all the bolded part that I wrote in this last post!!! The other stuff is plain reality of what is going on...
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