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  2. But an electric XJ is probably 3 years away, the Porsche Mission E will be on sale before that and the other guys will probably have one in 3 years also.
  3. Tesla Semi starting off with a Bang, Can Tesla Deliver?

    Some of that is concept vehicle fluff, I wonder how different the production version will be in details...probably will have normal mirrors, etc.
  4. Head2Head: CTS-V vs E63S AMG

    Wish I could take a dump that fast, Must be Diarrhea cha cha cha!
  5. Interesting read by an actual trucker about the Tesla. Yes he is excited and believes we will move forward with EV Semi class 8 trucks. But he does have issues with the seating position, big screens and lack of Mirrors. Questions from a real trucker about Tesla Semi story here
  6. Head2Head: CTS-V vs E63S AMG

    0.02 seconds is the different between Randy taking a dump between cars.
  7. Elon Musk Compensation Update

    Elon Musk Compensation Update Seems the board is holding Elon Musk to a compensation plan that is all stock for hitting deliverables and taking the company to a $650 Billion value. First stock options kick in at $100 Billion and then every $50 Billion after that. He is not being paid cash or any other awards especially with the slip in Tesla 3 production. 12 year vesting period Stock grants only based on achieving milestones Must stay as CEO or serve at Chairman of the board and Chief product officer. Currently no changes in existing roles. Full Story here
  8. Cool Tesla Videos Thread

    Latest on the Tesla Semi, caught in traditional Matte Black with normal dual rear wheel configuration. Nice how quiet it is going through the office park it was caught in.
  9. Head2Head: CTS-V vs E63S AMG

    Yes, I had read this too and I love the Chart you posted. I really hope the New York Auto Show has Cadillac showing some suprises as well as the new expected CUVs. Escalade V and V-Sport would be nice. Plus some EV concepts. I truly believe Cadillac should have an AWD Escalade EV. This SUV is big enough to have the motors between the wheels leaving plenty of space underneath for batteries and turn the nose into a Frunk!
  10. Head2Head: CTS-V vs E63S AMG

    Oh I forgot, opinions only matter if you have the cash to spend on said cars. Good point. You only win more validity points every time you type. The worst part is assholes like yourself make the less biased people hate the brands you wish everybody was buying. I have nothing against Cadillac and I still love the CTS-V. Sorry I would take the Merc over it. Deal with it. Or bitch some more, whatever makes you sleep better.
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  12. I agree but I just don't see it financially making sense. I think maybe a real single cab short bed configuration of the mid sizers might be a better solution for the manufacturers. It will keep it small, capable, and they won't be trying to add a whole new vehicle for certifications and shipping and all that jazz of something completely different which may make it financially viable.
  13. Jaguar's first EV, the i-Pace is expected to arrive sometime this year.
  14. Head2Head: CTS-V vs E63S AMG

    @dfelt recently JDN was quoted as saying that of the 20 EVs coming from GM in the next 5 years.. a majority of them will be Caddys
  15. Head2Head: CTS-V vs E63S AMG

    I think the next BATTLE GROUND will be the EV race! Yes, I know @ocnblu will laugh at me, but the next battle ground that is open to anyone leading will be quality built EV auto's. Here it is anyone's game and I hope the past approach will not hinder the future autos. Car Wars
  16. Head2Head: CTS-V vs E63S AMG

  17. Head2Head: CTS-V vs E63S AMG

    I'm always an authority.. and in my mind.. Oh.. I'm biased as hell when it comes to American cars. Who questions that? FUCK anything that isn't GM unless its a comparison with Ford vs anything else. Then.. Ford has my vote. See a pattern there? Crazy thing is that for the past 15 years.. GM (and sometimes Ford and Chry) have been making vehicles that simply are the best choices when all factors are considered within a segment they compete. Bitches be talkin.. and I still don't hear 'em CADILLAC FTW!!! Now since U love it so much.. post your E63SAMG.
  18. Great info, nice job. I get the point of cost, but size is the issue that I think a Mini Pickup does over mid or full size for inner city neighborhood ownership where parking is a premium. I just think a Mini size has it's place.
  19. Bad to the Bones: Buick Grand National & Buick GNX

    @ocnblu can laugh at me, @balthazar can shake his head at me. I would NOT change a GNX or Grand National. But taking a Regal from 86 or 87, Monochromatic black with a Tesla AWD powertrain would make it an ultra sleeper.
  20. World's Greatest Wagon? - /BIG MUSCLE

  21. Bad to the Bones: Buick Grand National & Buick GNX

    Love the start of this video with the history walk of music, movies and so much more including bad ass Auto Rides! Gotta love the guy they interviewed that has both, Grand National and GNX. Talk about a freakin awesome auto. Lust - Love the comment that the Grand National never should have happened, it was terrible build quality but must have been created on a night of excessive alcohol. Off the shelf Mufflers with crushed corners to fit. LOL Love the section on cruze, never was meant to handle. Chicken in the road, hit it. Love this video GNX truly was freakin awesome! Love the comparison of the two and what you got extra in the GNX. Simple true AWESOME Car time in the 80's
  22. "... Now, before you think this is a matchbox truck, get this: the truck is capable of hauling up to 1,671 lbs. in its bed. That’s about 144 lbs. less than a regular cab Chevrolet Silverado equipped with the 4.8-liter Vortec V8. The Montana has a base price of $18,720 and can get to as high as $25,770 for a fully loaded top-of-the-line edition. If this pickup peaks your interest, you might want to heed the advice given by Jamie Ardilla, President of GM South America, back in July: “The Montana is also exported to Mexico, and the new version will be exported to Argentina and South Africa. If you are interested in the U.S. market, by all means place your order.” Read more: http://gmauthority.com/blog/2010/10/chevrolet-montana-debuts-in-south-america/#ixzz551U100cB" Chevy Colorado starts at $20,200.
  23. Random Thoughts Thread

    Now Dymaxion styling would be a cool way to go for a modern autonomous EV...
  24. Random Thoughts Thread

    Very cool, did not know it was still up and running, very cool to watch. They have it on You Tube:
  25. Again, nothing a trailer couldn't fix for the >1% of time you need stuff that doesn't fit in a hatch.
  26. Course I could see a modern mini like the Montana that Chevy builds in South America here too. Great Pics and info here
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