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  2. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    Well.. Id say Ford has the bigger pressures! Mark Fields was responsible for some of the most profitable years in Ford's history actually. But...Fields was fired... Fields traveled to Silicon Valley to see what is happening there to at least emulate Silicon Valley thoughts over at Dearborn, even acquired or partnered up with Silicon Valley companies to not fall behind Silicon Valley thoughts...even recruited Silicon Valley philosophers...yet got fired because New York Wallstreet sharks have no trust in the Detroit boys what so ever. Tesla is a Silicon Valley giant...investors dont ask questions...honestly...I dont think they ever will ask questions in the same way those same investors never asked questions on Detroit when Detroit was King of the Technology hill in America!!!
  3. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    Would like to see the link to the Corporate PR showing there were no base or near base MSRP Envisions at production start-up. And how many pre-orders did Buick take on the announced MSRP of the Envision before showing the vehicle?
  4. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    Companies all the time put out higher trim or at least mostly middle trim first. The first year the Buick Envision was on sale it was only the premium trim with a base around $42k. Now they have one for $34k or whatever the base car is. Tesla is doing nothing different, year one they build all technology pack or extended range cars, and year 2 they will have the base.
  5. CR has long been suspect for refusing to lay out their 'formulas' for calculating their rating system.
  6. Quick Spin: My Test of the Chevy Bolt

    ^ And that's a very valid point; is the Model S interior worth $30K more than the Bolt?
  7. I failed to acknowledge this was a report from CR... Although I wont change my stance on what I wrote....I agree with this totally... I HATE CR... (that emoticon will have to do as there are none for CR...and because while Toyota was recalling their garbage...oil sludged Camrys, cracked and rusted pick-up truck frames, unintended accleration Lexus...CR STILL kept on recommending shytty Toyotas!) Crappy reporting on ANYTHING they test...not only cars...Just utter bullshyte!
  8. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    FoMoCo made $10 billion pre-tax profit in 2016 and miscroscopic Tesla lost three-quarters of billion. You tell me if the same pressures are in play.
  9. If you say so. I don't trust anything coming out of the Far East- lots of shaky stuff there. - - - - - Here's an '81 F-150 half ton ad. 300 CI I6, touting a thoroughly unbelievable 21/29 MPG. I had the same truck in a '94 (300 I6 but w/ FI, 4-spd auto, 2WD, 3.08 gears). Still have the window sticker- it was rated at 15/20. I charted every tank of gas from 6 miles to 146,xxx, and it only averaged 15. 23 years later the 'same' truck ('17 Sierra 1/2-ton EC/standard bed, but with 5.3L AFM V8 & 6-spd auto) is rated at 18 vs. my '94's 15. Again: this is the most unchanged vehicle segment...
  10. Quick Spin: My Test of the Chevy Bolt

    For a 40 000 dollar Chevrolet that is principally a high tech machine...Id say the Bolt is pretty great in how GM did the interior. Material wise, tolerance wise... Id say even better than how Tesla did theirs in relation to the Tesla's 70 000 dollar price tag. In short, I think the Bolt does a better job representing its 40 000 dollar price tag on the interior than Tesla does (on the interior) representing the Model S' 70 000 dollar price tag. That is just my humble opinion. And yes I have experience with a Tesla Model S. P85D to be exact. No...not the fully full-on luxury optioned one...but the more or less basic interior options... My business partner owns one. I see it daily. I drive it on occasion for shytes and giggles. I LOVE IT!!! I would purchase and Im considering heavily on getting myself a Model 3... maybe...we have a long ways to go before I trade in my current car and by that time...maybe other 100% EVs from other manufacturers might be available by then...but to reassure you folk, as of now, Id rather a Model 3 that aint even out yet to the Bolt... But...when I discuss...I at least want to be as truthful as I can...
  11. Nissan is in the HD game also, aren't they?
  12. I didn't say it was bad, but that it was inconsequential. My buddy has a brand new Sierra ext cab/standard bed 4x4, 5.3 AFM V8. Says he's getting great MPG, 24 on the highway (rated @ 18/24). But there's a clear delineation between half ton & 3/4T & above buyers. This article addresses 3/4T & 1T trucks- a segment that perhaps has the highest per capita product awareness in the industry. People who buy these either absolutely need them, or know going in what to expect. Also keep in mind this class of vehicle changes the least out of all segments of vehicles because of function dictates, which brings stability in awareness. Self-appointed 'advocacy' entities such as CR here market their cause as protective, IE: in this case a theoretical 2500HD GMC buyer will end up regretting their purchase because a F-250 Super Duty is rated to get 1 MPG better on the highway. While no one will refuse better MPG on the face of it, the Big 3 are so close that it's not going to drive any sales shifts.
  13. Quick Spin: My Test of the Chevy Bolt

    The Bolt and Model S are not remotely in the same price range. That said- they are widely compared by both the press & consumers because the main purchase factor for both is being a high range EV. Different buyers have different criteria.
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  15. Quick Spin: My Test of the Chevy Bolt

    This review is comparing a $40,000 quasi-crossover with an interior crafted out of recycled Cavalier parts bin pieces to a $70,000 luxury fastback sedan. I SHIGGY. THIS IS QUALITY JOURNALISM. GET THIS MAN A JOB WITH DOUG DEMURO ON AUTOTRADER DOT COM SLASH OVERSTEER.
  16. In olden days, fuel economy and cost of operation were actually taking points in truck advertising. Came across a 1953 Ford truck ad whilst reading the new Collectible Automobile Magazine, and the ad emphasized economy.
  17. Actually, I disagree about HD truck owners not caring... Manufacturers of Pick-Up trucks and full sized SUVs have gotten a free ride regarding emissions, gas consumption, gas guzzler tax and the like... Manufacturers used those loop holes to continue to produce full sized trucks the way they used to do it with BOF full sized cars....some gas saving technology ended up going into these BOF full sized trucks as the V8s used in them also went into some of their passenger cars which WERE and STILL ARE SUBJECTED to strict gas consumption rules... Would-be owners of these BOF full sized trucks were NEVER subjected to lose money DIRECTLY from their pockets...they did when their BOF cars were subjected to these rules...for those that switched from cars to trucks that is...but NOT those that were ALWAYS truck guys... But...hit the BOF full sized truck owners in their pockets like how BOF car owners were in the 1970s and I assure you with great confidence and ARROGANCE that these proud owners of BOF full sized trucks wont be so lovey dovey with their BOF full sized trucks anymore... Those Escalade driving soccer moms and cowboy wannabe dudes in their Longhorn Rams and Denali GMCs and King Ranch F Series will think twice before making such an expensive purchase that will now affect them DIRECTLY... And then there is the fleet owners...a fleet of these gas guzzling things where 1-2 MPG difference could mean (hundreds of?) thousands of dollars over the course of the life expectancy of the fleets... In a land (United States of America) where dollars and cents on the bottom line is ALL that matters and that dollars and cents on the bottom line is ALWAYS calculated and factored in...yeah...I think this matters and WILL make a difference...
  18. No reason not to provide the MPG figures...would think those numbers would be of value esp. to fleet buyers who do buy some of the HD trucks.
  19. Quick Spin: My Test of the Chevy Bolt

    the interior is garbage and the seats are harder than a gm accountant on bailout day...
  20. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    Can the same thing be said about Ford when Ford did the same thing upon the release of the 2013 Ford Fusion? They offered the base 2.5 liter engine choice but limited those to fleet sales and pushed the 1.6 ecoboost upon the consumers...which obviously the 1.6 ecoboost had a higher price tag than the 2.5... We know that the 1.6 liter ecoboost is not a 'gotta have now' engine we could conclude Ford wanted to push the ecoboost moniker... We also know that with the Mustang...the tried and true V6 was also offered but limited to fleet sales and pushed ecoboost upon the consumers...up until finally Ford just recently killed the V6 altogether. We know with Lincoln ditching the Twin Force moniker and keeping the same ecoboost moniker and with the arrival of the Ford GT that Ford put all their eggs in the ecoboost basket... Ecoboost...even with the might of the Ford GT engineering behind it....aint a 'gotta have now' technology. Maybe Ford is not as dependent on ecoboost to survive as Tesla is on the Model 3...I dont see this as a negative for Tesla if it aint a negative for Ford... And to my best knowledge...ALL HIGH END GERMAN makes do the same thing as Tesla just did...reminiscent of nickeling and diming tactics... BMW to Mercedes to Audi... Porsche takes this to a HIGHER level...not only do they nickel and dime the consumer, but they also charge even HIGHER prices for DE-CONTENTING options and ELIMINATING materials for lesser weight all in the name of selling you a "light, raw, back-to-basics" performance machine... What is good for the goose MUST be good for the gander... If this tactic will help Tesla be profitable and put some distance between the Model S and 3 and possibly make the Tesla sheeple fall head over heels even MORE for Tesla products...I say what the hell???!!! Good luck to Tesla!!!
  21. The point the benevolent do-gooders @ CR apparently have no idea of is, full-size truck buyers, ESPECIALLY at the HD range, aren't cross-shopping much at all, and of the mere 3 brands available- are very comparable in a criteria that HD truck buyers just do not care about.
  22. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    Common sense tells you cars start at all different prices. Point is not the base price, but from the standpoint of the business side; why a company would not build a base MSRP entry level model until sometime later, esp when that is how the brand got the bulk of it's pre-orders (when a car wasn't shown until much later after orders were opened up). Even if an OEM 'front-loads' higher priced models to take advantage of the 'Gotta Have Nows', the point is still if the the company is taking advantage of consumer activity or is dependent on it for survival. We all know Cadillac is profitable whereas Tesla never has been.
  23. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    Except the 3 will not start at that price at all while the XT5 DOES start at $39K. That’s what they’ve been saying so big difference in your apples to oranges comparison. The 3 is also competing with a car that is $35K further making your XT5 reference completely irrelevant.
  24. It is so hard not to count chickens before they hatch.....7 days left.

  25. Sounds like a good idea, they should push the limit to 10,000 lbs or even 12,000 lbs so these HD trucks have to be EPA rated. I also think for as long as we have a gas guzzler tax, it should be applied to all vehicles. If they hit a Maserati that gets 14/20 mpg with a $2000 gas guzzler tax, then a Ram HD that gets 14/20 mpg should get a $2000 gas guzzler tax, a Suburban should get one, Toyota Land Cruiser, etc. Even playing field. Then you'll see a push for high fuel economy in trucks.
  26. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    The price of the Model 3 I don't think will slow down sales at all. They will sell as fast as they can make them, actually they sell faster than they can make them since you have to order your car up front from Tesla, there is no dealer supply of 100 days sitting on lots. What is funny though is that if I mention the Cadillac XT5 starts at $39,395, GM fans quickly point out that they usually sell over $50,000 or even $60,000 in Platinum Super Trim. But if the Model 3 starts at $35,00 and transacts at $45-50k, that is a bad thing.
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