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  2. Took a look @ EV West's site; they'll ell you a single Model S motor, 275-400 KW, plus some support pieces for $12,000. Add an LSD and you're at $15K. For some reason, this electric motor only has a 1 year warranty- would've expected with the relative simplicity vs. IC, it would be at least double the OEM IC warranty. Didn't see a range of installation prices. So far, their conversion kits are only made for penalty-box Euro vehicles tho. Not looking like a sound financial deal, IMO.
  3. What a joke of a picture, move the smoke down to the front of the car and see how well it slips around the whole car and not just on top of the hood. These tests are a joke and waste of time as any car today pretty much slips through the air when you have minimal resistance. Lets see how it really fares when you have the actual front of the car hitting the smoke. Doubt there is that good of a CD and what a tired worn look for a car, this could be any of their products from S-Class down to A-Class they all look the same and are just bland boring overpriced Toyota / Chevrolet equal auto's.
  4. February Car Spotter

    Saw an Amphicar yesterday, white w/ a black convertible top. First one I can recall ever seeing..was up on a rack inside the Quaker Steak & Lube Restaurant, Vermillion, Ohio. Walked underneath--neat looking, flat bottom w/ twin propellers at the back. In the restaurant parking lot, saw a black Tesla Model S (don't see many around NE Ohio compared to Scottsdale), and a new '18 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited in dark gray---sharp, the differences from the previous are subtle--biggest cues are the lighting changes front and rear.
  5. So totally agree and perfect analogy, a worn bar of soap is exactly what the car looks like. Tesla is a patent / powertrain win for who ever eventually buys them, right now their best bet is what they have started to do which is sell the Powertrain via EV conversion shops like EV West who will sell and install it for you into your auto or just sell you the package for doing it yourself.
  6. Random Thoughts Thread

    '60 Cadillac station wagon (long wheelbase) ~ Short wheelbase version ~
  7. Random Thoughts Thread

    For a supercharger that large, you would need a big block...a really big block.
  8. A CTS-V-engined XT5 would be pretty cool but like all of those hi-po SUVs, they just don't sell (your metric). EV versions are no doubt coming, but customers there are few & far between. Again I mention porsche; they sold 6,713 gas-engined Panamera's in the US last year, and 18 "top of the line" E's. That's 0.002%. And THAT'S the answer to your "total mystery" of why there's not an electric Cadillac CUV (yet).
  9. Cadillac can go up market, the XT4 will be sized and priced like Ann a Envision or Terrain Denali, which just gives GM 3 vehicles in the same space. Granted it is the sweet sport of the market and Cadillac needs a small SUV. Total mystery to me as to why Cadillac doesn’t have a crossover with a CTS-V engine or an electric crossover. GM is the Bolt, why can’t they scale that up to a mid-size SUV with double the motors for Cadillac?
  10. Tesla's 'worn soap' look is already long in the tooth from the Model S, by the time the Model 3 fills 20% of it's pre-orders, the design will be a decade old.
  11. • I would. I'd like to see domestic sales @ 200K as a ceiling. XT4 will put them there after it's first full year. That's why the brand doesn't need any 'CT3' or 'XT2', besides the fact Cadillac shouldn't be so far downmarket. • Panamera E sold 18 copies last year, 1 more than the discontinued/leftover Cadillac ELR. It's basically a rumor. Everyone already has seen it - it'll look like every other 21 sedans MB has.
  12. Short term car shopping. Again.

    I think every Northstar derived engine burns oil faster than they burn gasoline once they get over 100k miles.
  13. The Genesis G80 outsold the CTS and CT6 last year (individually not combined), I wouldn't say Cadillac is doing fine. But if you want performance and a crossover, Cadillac is missing the market, they have nothing there, while Audi, BMW, Alfa Romeo, Porsche, Mercedes, Jaguar, Land Rover all do. Here is the problem with BMW and Cadillac, they thought the M5 and CTS-V were the ultimate performance sedans, the top performance car of their brands. They didn't think to make them their mid-level performance sedan, where as Mercedes has decided to go next level: And we get to see it in March! Game on if Cadillac and BMW want to step their game up. Porsche has the Panamera E-hybrid at the top of their range, but an E63 is as fast as that thing. And AMG is going to use F1 tech in their cars as they move toward electrification. The perfect item to use would be their electric motor that spins to 50,000 rpm, vs 18,000 rpm on a Tesla Model S and they are tiny, and each one makes 160 hp. One at each wheel and you have a 640 hp EV using hardly any packaging space or weight. They are going to leave Ferrari in the weeds, let alone the M5.
  14. Any more delays past June and I think Tesla will have officially shot themselves in the foot long term. Benefit is that Chevy is going to win over some skeptics who will find the BOLT to be every bit as good if not better than the Tesla 3.
  15. Short term car shopping. Again.

    My 300K plus suburban does not use oil. I think it is how one does the maintenance or not. Seems those that think they do not have to do maintenance seem to have all the issue in the world.
  16. Short term car shopping. Again.

    My 178K mile GM doesn't lose any oil.
  17. Random Thoughts Thread

    Sweet SuperCharger!
  18. Short term car shopping. Again.

    A 120k mile GM car burning oil? There is a shocker. Although at least with a GM car you can buy oil buy the quart, if you own an Audi with over 100k miles, you gotta buy the whole case. So this is easy, for a sedan you look at the big 3 of depreciation, the Hyundai Genesis, Buick LaCrosse and Lincoln MKZ, all 3 of which you can pick up a 2014 model for in the $14-17k range. I would avoid a Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep, those with Fiat are the 4 pillars of unreliability as the mileage climbs. For a cheap car, under $8k, there are plenty of Saturn Vue, Pontiac G6 type bankruptcy era GM cars out there, 4-5 year old Cruze and Focus are into the $8k range.
  19. Tesla is really good at designing cars, really good at marketing cars, terrible at producing cars. And this is Tesla's chance to cash in, they need to get that production line at full speed, before everyone else enters the market.
  20. Short term car shopping. Again.

    My buddy is also looking to replace his 3rd vehicle, I believe it's an '02 mazda tribute. Bad exhaust manifold leak, back-side of motor, with 176K it's not worth the investment to repair, so once it's due for inspection, he's getting rid of it. He's narrowed his choices to the mazda CX3 and the Escape. They have a honda CR-V and no one in their family of 4 likes driving it & visibility is terrible. Also looked at the RAV4 and he slammed the door on it when he saw how horrible & cheap the interior is.
  21. Dream Car Garage- ATP Used Car Edition

    Need to hunt some chargers....
  22. Short term car shopping. Again.

    Ah, I see I not the only one thinking cars right now... If you're thinking CUV, an Escape might not be a bad choice. Since I get the Ford discount (and last automaker to offer a decent discount as well), I have been looking at a 2018 Escape S (base model) No touch screen, no turbo (you get the 2.5) Looks like again they are going to throw another 4k discount on it in the spring, and since it starts at 23k, you could be looking at 18-19k for a pretty solid and popular trucklet... (thinking with employee discount it might be 17ish-hard to say no to) Both the Malibu and Fusion have really good lease deals, under 230 a month. Slightly used Fusions (14-16) can be found for around 12-14 grand with under 40k miles....quick and easy to pay off.... If anyone can drive a stick, Used Focuses are dirt cheap right now.....
  23. Random Thoughts Thread

    Never get tired of that vid....
  24. Random Thoughts Thread

    Might need some wings too....
  25. They're not here to sell in every segment like a full-line mass-production mainstream corporate manufacturer [does that sound like any other OEM you know of?] Their performance-options cars are doing fine; still available & still immensely regarded. BMW just released specs on their new M5, which obviously benchmarked the CTS-V's performance numbers. Next generation is in development now, and the lead there will swap again.
  26. In 2005 when there were 17.5 million cars sold in the US, similar to 2016 and 2017, GM sold 4.5 million cars but lost $10 billion dollars. So that was pointless. Worldwide in 2006 GM sold 8.97 million cars, vs 7.93 million last year, so down a million, but GM sold 9.6 million cars in 2014 worldwide, after dumping 4 brands. Their sales are still pretty close with half the brands that they had 10-15 years ago, and most of those brands lost money. If Cadillac is here to sell high performance luxury product, where is the product? Crossover is the #1 body style now, I don't see any performance crossovers or even high luxury ones. And they have 2 performance sedans dying on the vine, no sports cars.
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