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  2. ccap41

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Speaking of weather... This is a small town my brother, his wife, my sister, and her husband and kids all live in. Pella, IA. My sister-in-law works for Vermeer. Luckily, everybody was okay. I don't know about everybody in the town though. It ripped through there pretty hard. https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/news/2018/07/19/central-iowa-tornado-weather-storms-vermeer-pella-marshalltown-marshall-courthouse-bondurant-damage/804565002/ This whole campus is Vermeer and here's some of the damage.
  3. dfelt

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I like rain, I would take it.
  4. Today
  5. Because I'd rather the EU get money than China.
  6. Cubical-aka-Moltar

    Volvo News: To Avoid Tariffs, Volvo Sources XC60s For U.S. From Sweden

    I wonder what percentage of foreign-branded vehicles sold in the US are built in the US...a lot of the high volume sedans are built here (Accord, Altima, Camry, Corolla etc). And BMW and M-B build most of their CUVs/SUVs here, as do others (Honda Pilot, etc).
  7. Cubical-aka-Moltar

    Random Thoughts Thread

    The weather forecast is much the same here. Been really nice this week, esp. the last couple of days. I've been doing a bit of grilling and working a few hours a day sitting on my back patio..
  8. balthazar

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Too bad mercedes owners had to sweat for another 20-some years vs. the DeSoto owner. - - - - - This canNOT possibly be possible:
  9. Latest News New Audit Rakes NHTSA Over the Coals On Takata Recall Doesn't put NHTSA in a positive light ---> Read More Rumorpile: A Grand Wagoneer Trackhawk?! Possibly hauling ass for 7 people ---> Read More To Avoid Tariffs, Volvo Sources XC60s For U.S. From Sweden Volvo was sending XC60s destined for the U.S. from China, then tariffs came into play ---> Read More Ford GT Production Falls Short Last Year, Works On Making Up the Difference Various issues caused this ---> Read More PSA Group Has 15 States As Possible Entry Points For Return To America But what happens if the tariffs go into effect? ---> Read More Lamborghini CEO Confirms Aventador Replacement Will Be Electrified How retain a big V12 ---> Read More Upcoming Toyota Supra To Offer Turbo-Four and Six Chief engineer on the model confirms the turbo-four ---> Read More Latest Reviews Review: 2018 Hyundai Sonata Limited Bringing Back Some of the Magic ---> Read More Review: 2018 Hyundai Accent SE vs. Kia Rio EX Dueling Subcompact Sedans ---> Read More Quick Drive: 2018 Genesis G80 Sport AWD Sport or 'Sport'? ---> Read More Review: 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti When an Italian does a compact luxury crossover ---> Read More Quick Drive: 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road Double Cab Driving a 2017 truck in 2018 ---> Read More Click here to view our privacy policy CheersandGears.com - Established 2001 P.O. Box 17974, Pittsburgh, PA 15235 You can manage your subscription settings at the following link Unsubscribe
  10. trinacriabob

    July Auto Spotter

    I get the sense that a few of the regulars on this forum are sort of taken by Mavericks ... possibly for their humorous qualities.
  11. Do you routinely use a fuel injector cleaner or fuel system additive? I do. I add a bottle to the tank about every 5,000 miles, in addition to using the better detergent gasoline brands. Which ones do you use, like, and/or know have a good reputation? I've heard Techron is the best. Others mention brands like Lucas and Seafoam. I don't know much about these, so I don't use them. I have also used STP and Valvoline fuel system cleaner. You need to read the label on the Techron bottle. The one that is nicely priced only treats 12 gallons of gasoline. The one in the larger plastic bottle treats up to 21 gallons. My tank holds about 17 gallons. Any ideas on fuel injector/fuel system cleaner brands and frequency?
  12. trinacriabob

    What did you do to your ride today?

    Yesterday, the car received a new transmission fitting where the line comes in (or out) to being cooled. There was a small leak that had been there for a while. No more drips. Keeping my fingers crossed. I like a clean concrete parking apron.
  13. balthazar

    Jeep News: Rumorpile: A Grand Wagoneer Trackhawk?!

    Again with the '$4/gallon gas' ? Back to thinking there's only a single tune for the Hemi, eh?
  14. Yesterday
  15. riviera74

    Jeep News: Rumorpile: A Grand Wagoneer Trackhawk?!

    Sad but true. No one wants to pay for these low-mileage woolly mammoths, especially when it comes to repair bills and $4 gasoline.
  16. Both parts are really scary when you think about it. Can't NHTSA just build a proper searchable database to address those issues?
  17. If the president thinks that highish tariffs will bring production to the USA on a permanent basis, he has another thing coming. While SOME foreign-made vehicles are assembled here, not all of them will. There is no reason that BMW would ever build their sedans here; same with Mercedes or VW or Audi. Volvo moving some of its production to Sweden does not prevent the president from essentially declaring a trade war against Sweden in particular or Europe more generally. Sorry, no one can bring back the Eisenhower 1950s, even if this president and a lot of midwesterners would like to do just that.
  18. Cubical-aka-Moltar

    Jeep News: Rumorpile: A Grand Wagoneer Trackhawk?!

    Right...I also noticed when this first made the rounds a 'Low D 3 row' -- a 3 row version of the next Cherokee, and a 3 row midsize listed (E-segment 3 row). Basically a 3 row GC...wonder if it will be branded as a GC and sort of be the Durango replacement.. Since Jeep has 0 3 rows now, I could see both of these here given how hot the CUV/SUV market is...
  19. smk4565

    Jeep News: Rumorpile: A Grand Wagoneer Trackhawk?!

    I predict a 100% chance of a Hellcat Grand Wagoneer happening, I am shocked there isn't a Hellcat Ram pick up yet. This is FCA's one trick and they'll keep playing it as long as they can. This is the only way they know how to get profit margin on a car, but eventually this will run it's course and these Hellcat V8s that get 11 mpg will be getting smoked by every electric car on the market and no one will want them anymore. Once upon a time, GM thought the way to make profit margin was to drop Northstar V8s in Bonnevilles and Lucernes, and 5.3 V8s into Impalas and Monte Carlos and throw lots of SS badging on them. No one wants those cars now, and the modern turbo 4 sedans outrun most of those beasts. The same will happen with all these Hemi vehicles, some of which are 365 hp from a 5.7 liter V8, there are 2 liter engines making more than that now.
  20. smk4565

    Toyota News: Upcoming Toyota Supra To Offer Turbo-Four and Six

    Well the ES is the same size as the GS, so they can just keep the IS as a small car, ES is mid-size already and the LS sticks around to sell its 500 cars a month. The LX and GX are sales dogs, I can't see them lasting much longer, LX might since Toyota will probably keep the Land Cruiser. But when you look at LX, GX, LC, LS those combined are like 30,000 units a year, there is no volume there, which is why Toyota has lets those vehicles on market for ever to die on the vine. The previous LS went nearly 10 years before a major overhaul and that is their flagship and original Lexus, now they barely pay attention to it.
  21. They still track these things in the technological equivalent of CSV files. I've done my own investigation into vehicle flaws and started running into walls because similar vehicles that share parts are often reported separately. I was tracking a dashboard flaw in the GM GMT800s but because the Silverado, Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, Yukon XL, Sierra, Escalade, Escalade ESV, Escalade EXT, and Avalanche are all reported separately, it is difficult if not impossible to see the full extent of the problem.
  22. Drew Dowdell

    Actor Mark Wahlberg becomes Chevrolet Dealer

    What a funky bunch....
  23. Drew Dowdell

    Volvo News: To Avoid Tariffs, Volvo Sources XC60s For U.S. From Sweden

    So, again... why?
  24. https://www.greencarreports.com/news/1117749_oil-analysts-predict-peak-consumption-in-2036 Seems many analyst feel that EVs and self driving auto's will start affecting Oil producing company by 2036 and that that will be the peak production year for Oil.
  25. http://www.autonews.com/article/20180719/RETAIL07/180719752/mark-wahlberg-chevy-dealer-ohio He has gone in 50/50 with a partner and bought Bobby Laymen Chevrolet of Columbus Ohio. He says he will have an active hand in growing the business and be on site often to help with sales. Dealership will be renamed immediately Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet. You can now buy a Chevy from Marky Mark!
  26. So? I didn't say let's swap China for Sweden. I said "Europe", as in, the entire continent.
  27. Suaviloquent

    Volvo News: To Avoid Tariffs, Volvo Sources XC60s For U.S. From Sweden

    XC60 is a really popular vehicle, they should be making it in their new plant here.
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