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  2. Here's Why the Chevy SS Was a Total Failure

    No because U kno what I bought. I guess I could've bought an SS but I wanted what I bought more.
  3. Random Thoughts Thread

    Interesting, Jalopnik compares German leases to Cadillac and says that Cadillac January to end of March Lease specials are far superior to anything the Germans are offering as you get more auto due to higher trim, better motors for less monthly coin. Cadillac is finally hitting the last part that should allow them to win against Germany. https://jalopnik.com/here-is-how-cadillac-finally-figured-out-how-to-take-on-1822151999 Pretty impressive to see the comparisons and live lease ads from each company and how since the story was written the monthly prices have gone down even more. Go Cadillac Go! Other Interesting story at the J-Bone web site is they are saying BMW wants to make Apply Carplay a subscription service you have to pay for to allow your phone to access the BMW system. Imagen having to pay to allow your iPhone to connect to your car. https://jalopnik.com/bmw-wants-to-turn-apple-carplay-into-a-subscription-ser-1822167088
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  5. That would be incorrect. The $16k price class - Civic - 138, Cruze - 138, Corolla - 132, Focus 125 or 146, Sentra - 125, Yes, some can be optioned over that, but not at the price the Forte sells at.
  6. I don't M-B is worried about sales numbers for the G. It's more about exclusivity and rarity than volume. Besides, the GLS sold 32k in the US last year..so there is the volume luxury sales.
  7. Here's Why the Chevy SS Was a Total Failure

    He appears to be relatively young--maybe under 40, probably hasn't had much experience with old cars and their features that while once common, are strange and different compared to the controls of a typical car of today. His reviews seem like they are his first time encountering a particular model. Older Mercedes, for example, have plenty of 'quirks' that are different from a typical car of today, like the console mounted power window switches, the funky trunk lock, etc. Or features that were relatively unique in their day like heated reclining rear seats. It is understandable that not every car reviewer is an obsessive that's read everything and knows every bit of minutae about every model.
  8. I understand Niche Model, but they are clearly leaving money on the table I believe. 2017 sales based on most common pricing online. Take G-Wagon 4,188 sold * $120,000 = $502,560,000 Take Escalade Standard 22,994 * $85,000 = $1,954,490,000 ESV 14,700 * $90,000 = $1,323,000,000 Total Sales of Escalade = $3,277,490,000 So 3.2 billion in sales or 502 million in sales. Which would you want?
  9. Here's Why the Chevy SS Was a Total Failure

    • The '76 (?) Eldorado review was cringe-inducing. • My '40 Ford has that same floor-mounted high beam dimmer switch, coming up thru the oak plywood floorboard. • Recently watched his review of a '91 S-class. I agree with DD- he's not funny, and the manner in which he gushes over a cars' "quirks" make him seem to be looking at a car for literally the first time in his life. All the reviews I've seen of his could be cut to 60-90 seconds long.
  10. It's not a volume model, it's a niche model. The Maybach version of the next gen GLS will serve as the biggest luxo SUV.
  11. Cubical I get the point that for a CAR, the S-Class Maybach is their top of the line. For SUV, that is their G-Wagon which for all of 2017 sold 4,188 units. I believe if they had a more modern version like the GLG I have posted pictures of that might or might not come out in 2019 as a saleable product but had the G wagon concept front end, it could probably sell 10-20,000 units as their top end SUV. MB might be thinking Retro, but that part has played out in today's society and I think this new with OLD SKIN G-Wagon will see sales diminish not rise. Just as Cadillac has the Escalade as their top end SUV/CUV and currently the CT6, MB has the G-Wagon and S-Class covering those and in that regards I question MB mgmt. decision about keeping the old body style. I also think Cadillac is missing the boat by not offering a V edition Escalade as well as a V Sport edition just like they do on the cars.
  12. Corvette Impala & Silverado aren't using the same body as they did in 1979 tho, do they?
  13. Your 'point' is invalid. It works for M-B..they know what they are doing. It will sell as much as it needs to sell. Your comment about it being 'out of line' with M-B styling, well, I thought you were against brand conformity--i.e. the 'different lengths of sausage' approach the German car makers usually follow with their sedans--you always slag on that. Nothing wrong with having a model or two in the lineup that goes it's own, distinct way...the Wrangler doesn't have much in common styling-wise with other Jeeps, neither does the Corvette--it doesn't share styling with the Silverado or Impala. And both are considered iconic, as is the G. And the price point is irrelevant for such models.
  14. Then you're still missing my point. It's way out of line with the face/message of the rest of the brand. It's like a weird adopted cousin with a wandering eye or something. I'd be OK with it if it were priced under the GLS. Which, BTW, as the 'G' version of the 'S', should be the flagship SUV. It's just out of whack when Daimler recently realigned everything to "make more sense", and I find myself highly confoosled, as no doubt many others are also. Highly. And smk has stressed it's the s-class that's the flagship, meanwhile ignoring the maybach and that the g-vagun is priced higher than the S-sedan, both highly significant factoids to our hardcore MB fanboi. I'm sure he knows best- just as he does for all GM's doings. I just don't happen to agree with him on this one.
  15. Reread my previous post, the G wagon's style is part of it's cachet. It wouldn't work if it looked like other luxury SUVs. And it's not their flagship; that's the S class Maybach.
  16. The "all new" part that's missing is the part where it LOOKS remotely 'all new'. Wrangler isn't an uber-expensive brand flagship and doesn't pretend to be, yet is still has some features more modern than the G-vagun. G-vagun should represent the pinnacle of brand product development, yet it represents the absolute antithesis of that. Imagine if the Escalade was "all new" yet looked basically indistinguishable from the '99 in 2018. Because.
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  18. I think MB knows what they are doing.. sales volume isn't the measure for a luxury product.. exclusivity and uniqueness is... It sells more than enough, and the look is totally unique. And again, what part of 'all new' are you missing? It's not 'already built stamping', but intentionally styled to resemble the previous model...like the Jeep Wrangler was totally redesigned recently, yet keeps a strong resemblance to past versions. And besides, they have more 'modern' mainstream luxury SUVs for the volume..the GLE and GLS, and a Maybach version of the GLS is coming supposedly...
  19. But that is the point Balthazar and I are trying to make, the underside might be modern according to MB, but the look is severely dated and while they sell them at an overflated price for what you get IMHO, they could probably increase sales greatly if they used the GLG style of body as the new G-Wagon scaled to be larger. MB is missing a bigger sales potential by sticking with already built stamping in building and selling the G-Wagon.
  20. Well, the G has been totally redesigned for the 2019 model year, as is the subject of this thread. It should do well with it's retro styling...
  21. But you get the sentiment being expressed here, yes? That the G desperately needs a redesign to bring it into the current century? Designs can be scaled easily- not a major hurdle.
  22. Random Thoughts Thread

    ^ That's a pretty blatant attempt to coin a phrase. I could get behind the narrative tho, but the author instills way too much of the spoon-fed hype on the Model 3 to be taken objectively.
  23. Here's Why the Chevy SS Was a Total Failure

    Let's Review a Ford or FCA product then.
  24. Unless you blow up the pic they kind of blend in. Two thin silver levers against all the black.
  25. But it still has 132 lb-ft when others in the segment have 155-175.
  26. Here's Why the Chevy SS Was a Total Failure

    I have no opinion on him as a person, but his video reviews of cars suck. Would it make you feel better if I picked apart a review of his from a different brand?
  27. Here's Why the Chevy SS Was a Total Failure

    Yes, I get the point. You don't like the guy. You don't like things that he points out. Whether they're opinion or not.
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