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  2. Efficiency can too easily equate to totally boring homogeny. This should be seen as a real threat to the enjoyment of the personal car, and when enjoyment diminishes, lower sales follow, and on and on. This is why I will continue to rail against automotive electrification... it instills a numbing sameness that will suck all the joy out.
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  4. Random Thoughts Thread

    "FIN" - like a French film
  5. Tesla Unveils Their Electric Semi Truck

    I need someone to verify what I've read all over the internet. Is it true that for the rolling shots, these things are being propelled by ICE? Just curious.
  6. Porsche News: Rumorpile: Porsche Reconsiders 911 Hybrid

    No way no how will it be a Porsche 911. It will be like every other plug-in, humming device except with a familiar shell plopped over it. Just like NASCAR except they still use internal combustion... same boring chassis underneath them all.
  7. The U.S. handed important things over to China and we have ourselves to blame. Industrial might is what propelled us to prevail in WWII and go on to become the top world superpower. But we got lazy and spoiled. The "Made in the USA" label has become a novelty rarely seen and usually accompanied by hollow patriotic cheers. Manufacturing ability (or the will to manufacture) is of utmost importance to a society. Globalism is a danger.
  8. Porsche News: Rumorpile: Porsche Reconsiders 911 Hybrid

    HA! This little guy is making Porsche shyte bricks!!! Hybrid 911...bring it on is what I say! 'Bout phoquing time! I love it when arrogance from Germania gets humbled... What Im thinking about...is that if Porsche actually goes 100% EV for the 911 one day and does it like a Tesla...AWD with 2 motors, 1 in front and 1 in back, then 100% of the trickiness to drive a 911 will be virtually eliminated. Negating 40-50 some odd years of engineering the 911 to death...which is good...I guess. But is it gonna be a "real" 911 though?
  9. Porsche News: Rumorpile: Porsche Reconsiders 911 Hybrid

    Fast and EV? That would kick booty....
  10. Tesla Unveils Their Electric Semi Truck

    Pretty much my thought as well. I've heard those "superstations" will be solar powered too, which also would be quite cool. I'd really like to see this happen. Even if it would only change 10% of the fleet on the road-would be a huge start...
  11. Ill continue: #19 Batteries require supplies of very RARE minerals. If EVs become the successor worldwide, where will we find all these RARE minerals? Everybody keeps on mentioning RARE minerals...RARE means scarce to me... Everybody keeps on saying fossil fuels are just about to run dry...but NOBODY discusses how long will these RARE minerals will last us when and if EVs are produced by the millions yearly. #20 Every so often, anti-EV arguments reveal that disposal of batteries is EQUALLY harmful for the environment, yet no tree-hugger explains how this eco-disaster will be addressed. As far as pollution goes...we are trading 4 quarters for a dollar. Nothing is free in life...just checks and balances... #21 Nobody is questioning China as to why China is pushing to ban ICE... Pollution SEEMS to be the answer... Sure... But I truly believe (no devil's argument in this one) that is the brainwashing answer... I dont feel like googling...but Im almost 100% sure that China has a shtye load of these RARE minerals in her own back yard. Probably the world's largest supply. She already has monopolized the market...I think... Lots of dough to be made here on the backs of the rest of the world. Couple that with the fact that China has become the world's LARGEST producer of hydro-electric power and because China has the world's largest population o date...India will overtake her in the next 50 years...it dont matter though as billions of Chinese people will be recharging their EVs anyhow allowing China to line up her coffers with TRILLIONS of dollars... Its a money making power move for them...to ban ICE and go all-out EV. #21 is not a slight against EVs, nor a positive for ICE (although China as of now dictates how and what kind of cars will be bought) its just a reminder that the USA has to do something to keep up monetarily to the Chinese because this EV thing will propel China into a superpower level that has never been seen before...
  12. As for the Amish all I care to know is that I really enjoy talking to Amish woodworking people when they shop at the same supply house or lumber mill I like to use.
  13. That also. Your answer is essentially non competitive with mine...we are both correct. Something can be environmental waste and an act against personal liberty at the same time. Or better yet just don't take the bait if you think he is baiting you. There is a world of ideas relating to the fossil fuel side of the equation. Deal with those ideas. I don't give a damn about who has sand in their manly bits about what was said here. I want to talk about cars.
  14. Good night from Light Up Night

  15. Trax is too small, Equinox size is better. GM needs a crossover in between Equinox and Traverse too, that is a good place to put an EV.
  16. Random Thoughts Thread

  17. You're alright with me, Bill; I respect your preference. To each his own. It's NOT that it'd be 'unprofitable or wasteful'; it'd be a tremendous financial hardship to so many, and a grotesque criminal infringement on individual liberty to all. Short of an open dictatorship, it CANNOT be done.
  18. Ram News: Spying: Ram 1500 Sporting A Split Tailgate?

    It doesn't stick below the body of the bumper; it's WITHIN the body of the bumper. It's also only about 4" below the top of the bumper, which is in the same spot it's been for 60 years; at the bottom edge of the tailgate. It's simple, it's functional, but I'd not go so far as to call it 'brilliant'. Ford's 'Man Step' is embarassing, IMO. Wonder if some sort of ratcheting tailgate-lowering platform is possible. Crank a lever and the 'gate remains horizontal but extends out & downward half the distance to the ground. That would be 'brilliant'.
  19. Random Thoughts Thread

    1960 Buick Daytona 83-hour endurance test gauge readings, 120 MPH average : water temp : 180 trans temp : 210 axle temp : 240 oil temp : 260
  20. Ram News: Spying: Ram 1500 Sporting A Split Tailgate?

    The Chevy bumper step is brilliant, simple and elegant. It sticks out just enough past (and below) the body of the bumper for a man to catch his boot on, grab hold of a stake pocket hole and climb into the bed with the tailgate up or down. They've been called "step bumpers" for generations and there was a time when they were husky and useful. Then they got smaller and much more "fared in", diminishing their functional value. The GM bumper step makes the step bumper great again. The Ford step is a Rube Goldberg contraption that misses the point... and continues to relegate the pickup truck bumper to mere "license plate bracket" status, while adding complexity to the truck, while GM simply adds function back in to a component that has been losing said function for yerrs.
  21. Surreal and others who like to point out the fact that I live in an area heavily populated by Amish folks show their big, fat ignorance every time they gleefully spit it. There are Amish barns near me with solar panels on the roof. So read up on things... like you all are particularly wont to command of me, before you so surely and clearly spell out just how ignorant you are by throwing out statements about the Amish, which demonstrate you don't know a damn thing about them and how they live in 2017.
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  23. Tesla Unveils Their Electric Semi Truck

    If a few commercial fleets get the green light on this and the budget is provided for maintenance and life cycle, then there could be justification for wide-spread use with many industries. Yes, there could be a demand. But will they be able to make enough of them in time?
  24. Tesla doesn't have a cash flow (revenue) problem, they have a spending problem. Company needs to strike a balance, yesterday. This is over extension. Sure; it's cool, gee-whizzy, and it keeps the buzz going (or is it merely taking focus off the Model 3's disastrous launch? Roadster looks pretty cool, claimed specs are ridiculous... but it's not affordable. And it's not a move toward balance. Where is the Model Y? Where is the Model 3??
  25. Mazda News: Mazda Updates the 6 With A Turbo Engine Option

    the 2.0L is the base around the world... if it makes nearly the same ~150HP, a turbo 1.5L should have 150hp based on the 250 the 2.5L T has. but, Mazda prefers to stay away from turbos because of it's driving characteristics.
  26. Ram News: Spying: Ram 1500 Sporting A Split Tailgate?

    • MoPar swivel seats were only around I believe 2 or 3 years. The funny thing is that they were on those huge full-size cars, where there was plenty of room to bop in-n-out. They might be useful on a -say- accord today. • The Silverado bumper step is only a few inches lower than the bumper top- not much of a noticable difference at all. I strongly dislike the Ford step, but at least it's lower...
  27. Ram News: Spying: Ram 1500 Sporting A Split Tailgate?

    The Chevy corner step doesn't compromise the bumper though. The Ford step i agree with as it just complicates things and there's more to break, same with that swivel seat. That's like the definition of a fat person thing hahaha.
  28. If he could sell 10,000 Model 3's it would be a $500 million infusion into the company. Musk is genius in how he gets all these interest free short term loans from people, but if they had cars to sell, they wouldn't have cashflow problems.
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