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  2. Pay attention next time and I won’t have to correct you (and provide a link) again Spanky.
  3. You really want to talk about “elitism” with that BS you spouted about me yesterday? Seriously? Next time just call yourself a hypocrite and remove all doubt. So criticize the SMK way yet use it as your reason for Diesel sales being in the toilet? What I’m seeing out of your hypocrisy is that excuses for diesels are okay but not when it comes to EVs. Face it. Outside of the heavy duty pick up market and some other commercial uses, the AVERAGE BUYER in this country (buying it for themselves and not for business) don’t care about diesels. This has been true for nearly half a century now yet the dinosaurs can’t see that very obvious writing on the wall. And regarding the cylinder count in the GM twins, that is not the problem. I drove the Colorado Diesel last year and was pleasantly surprised (thank you torque) by it. It is not lacking for ability as a commercial use truck because of having two fewer cylinders. Any reasonable person would understand that after one drive. Again though, the average buyer just doesn’t care and probably because the full size diesel pick up market is just that dominant and tends to render smaller pick ups rather useless in their eyes, whether the reason is valid or not. Oh and I provided the source of those numbers on the previous page. Since you have a habit of reading what you want to read, here’s a screenshot and said link. https://www.dieselforum.org/vehiclesales/u-s-vehicle-sales-dashboard
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  5. Proper reading comprehension and sticking to the subject were never his forte. Cut him some slack.
  6. The lower photo, aren't the oldest cars Holdens?
  7. Found some pics of racing at Put-in-Bay in the early 1960s..they are having a vintage sports car race event next month, may go to that.
  8. What language is this?
  9. I need you to post a link to Colorado/Canyon diesel truck sales. GM hamstrings themselves with the 4 cylinder Duramax (and the upcoming I-6 in the Silverado/Sierra) by treating it like a luxury option, instead of a workmen's option. FCA gets it. Do you think for one minute a Colorado/Canyon Duramax fleet model wouldn't sell? An extended cab mainstream trim Duramax wouldn't sell? Of course it would. Get out of here with your SMK BS. Be careful, your elitism is showing. As well as your ignorance.
  10. Disagree as the point is that that was then and now we have better moving forward and pointing to the past without pointing out the better in the current and how we will get even better in the future is what the end point is about.
  11. WOW, Pulling an SMK of moving the goal post and pointing at a total different auto class rather than talking the one brought up. The mid size sale of Diesel trucks is a loss from a business stand point, the cost and increase in fuel price, maintenance, etc. the public has decided is not wanted compared to full size diesel trucks and one that I am pretty sure is in the Redneck non college educated crowd. I agree with @surreal1272 GM needs to either market it and point out the benefits of the auto, or build it as a true wanted AWD CUV/SUV.
  12. I was 12 years old in 1976. What is this internet you speak of. My post was about being a young, car crazy kid. It was the age of innocence. When things were simple and true. Injecting the internet into a nostalgic post is clueless.
  13. Quality over Quantity is a thing some people do not get when they cling to hard to a static past as being the best life could ever offer. It is also why various society's have perished.
  14. https://www.greencarcongress.com/2019/01/20190116-dtf.html
  15. Undergrowth - Vincent Van Gogh, 1887
  16. 26 years in the biz yet it is you who doesn’t get it. More and more folks are using the internet to do just that so enjoy being left behind if you seriously think that he doesn’t get it.
  17. Thanks. Here’s two for you the next time you want to try and insult someone over where they worked and what they did just because you don’t approve of the subject matter. The issues with the Bolt are pretty simple. Either market the hell out of it to increase sales and awareness or cease selling it and move on towards better applications of EV tech like an actual CUV or SUV. It certainly is a better use of money than investing in diesels that no one wants. Combined sales of the Colorado and Canyon (both less than the Bolt for the year) back this up.
  18. If it's a 2.0T Accord, it has blind spot monitoring, standard. That's a pretty common Honda feature now, and unlike GM's invisible version, you can 1) see it, and 2) it has the audible beep not just a silent yellow amber light. 2.0T Sport, EX, EX-L, etc. have it, along with the other lane keep, and such. Fusion, not a bad move. Deal, etc. too. Lots of solid options.
  19. Most likely the Valiant was equipped with a leaning tower of power. Maybe it was a close race.
  20. Really? You just don't get it.
  21. Yeah, I couldn't imagine buying a vehicle without actually seeing it in person or test driving it. When I bought my CPO JGC in 2017, I did a bunch of research online and checked the inventories of the various dealers around Phoenix and zeroed in on a specific vehicle that had the right equipment/mileage/price combo that I was looking for. Didn't seriously consider any other brands. Then I went to the dealer on a Friday afternoon and asked to see and test drive that specific vehicle. I was time bound in some sense in that I was in the midst of moving to Ohio and my old Jeep was dying, so I moved pretty quickly. A lot of people buy used cars on eBay and other sites and have them shipped to them, haven't tried that yet, not sure if I would.
  22. So true and it made the Auto Shows more relevant as you actually would go to see the new releases and check them out. Now it is just a single stop sales athon mess. I will say having the autos on hand to test drive is much better than in the past. One thing I have never gotten is those that refuse to even go to a dealership to test drive and check out the auto, do 100% online even the purchase and wait for the dealership to come to them to drop off the auto and then they bitch about the auto when they could have saved buyers remorse by getting off their ass and into the dealership. I DO NOT feel sorry for such lazy people.
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