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  2. i'm getting a Batman and Robin vibe off that color combo
  3. F1 is more about he machine, Max Verstappen is one hell of a driver and he rarely wins because he has a Honda engine. Red Bull does well with aero and tire wear, but that car is not on par with a Mercedes.
  4. I've never had any interest in F1 racing. F1 and modern era NASCAR are events about the DRIVER, and that's fine if that's what you like, without question. But I'm not a 'driver guy', I'm a car enthusiast. F1/NASCAR cars are very very tightly rule-bound to the point of being all the same. It's 'go-fast re-badging'.
  5. Lincoln Mark LT was sold from 2005 to 2008 US / Canade and till 2014 in Mexico. Cadillac Escalade EXT was sold from 2002 to 2015 for North America. Data from the following web site: http://carsalesbase.com
  6. Yes, the last two races were spectacular. Perhaps what F1 needs is some new blood to keep things more dynamic. If not the Corvette, then someone else. But GM made the C8 a rear engine car for what? Ford not only went to Le Mans with the GT but they also put the two year hold on any re-selling of the car to maintain the value. Granted the C8 will outsell the Ford GT but will it outclass it in any other racing series?
  7. No one can beat the 5 time reigning, defending F1 champion who are well on their way to a 6th consecutive title. But I would love for Porsche or BMW or a GM/Toyota team to try. Last two races were great. And it is only predictable because one team is so dominate, but maybe with a 4th big money team it can make it more interesting.
  8. The Corvette has been successful in sports car racing, I assume the C8 will competing also. F1 has sadly become a deeply dull snore fest of ugly cars, boring tracks, and predictable outcomes. And as a 40 yr F1 fan, it’s sad.
  9. Ford brought the GT back to Le Mans. Chevrolet would need to do something different than that to compete in Europe. Ask most people in the US who owns a Mercedes to see if they ever heard of Lewis Hamilton. So the question has to be asked - was the C8 built just to compete in the US against foreign marques? Or is it going to be sold as a world class super car? If it's a world class super car, then where will it go to prove its chops?
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  11. There is absolutely no point in getting in F1. The costs alone are astronomical. Marques with a history in F1 get preferential treatment and budgets, the series has been in a turn down for several seasons now, and most likely GM wouldn't be successful, even if they DID throw the necessary money at it.
  12. Only if it is Formula E, I see no reason to waste money on Formula 1.
  13. Well I did not view the first version, but the one posted currently is well done. I give it two thumbs up and a roundhouse kick!
  14. Except for one thing- the mainstream market has long & steadily embraced the SUV & truck AS mainstream. GMC sold 311K units in 1986, they sold 556K last year.
  15. If GM *REALLY* wants to go after the European market with the C8, then they should also pony up for a Formula 1 team and bring the US back into the series.
  16. I bet the Z06 or ZR1 will have this black trim at the edge of the scoop in carbon fiber. Maybe the aftermarket will put out a chrome trim piece for it. Pretty slick how they worked the door cutline through the scoop opening surround.
  17. I'll be crucified for this, but I don't really care. Performance per dollar aside, I'm very disappointed. Though it looks better than I feared it would, it is still an unattractive car. I would struggle to think of another mid-engine car on sale that looks as bad. It it not cohesive, many of the details are fussy and look cheap, the rear end is visually massive, the proportions aren't great, and it doesn't identify as a Corvette to me. It really reminds me of like the generic cobbled together designs you see on racing games that don't have licensing rights like Burnout or Grand Theft Auto. As for the interior, it actually looks quite good and of good quality. I think the strip of buttons and the wall below it was a major oversight, but hey. The powertrain is another area I find to be lacking, at least on paper. I thought they were going to a DOHC design here, but it's no biggie. The lack of a manual is far more concerning. I give them credit for at least pursuing a proper dual clutch trans, and being a Tremec unit, I don't doubt its quality, but no manual offering is a slight against enthusiasts. Seems an odd omission for what has traditionally been lauded as a rather raw and visceral car. Overall, I think they transitioned to this designed with better adherence to their value quotient and marketplace positioning than expected, but I think there's some shortcoming, and I am very eager to see if any of the engineering challenges they reportedly faced during development made their way through to production. With no real experience building mid-engine cars, they certainly have some risk here. I guess time will tell.
  18. I definitely liked the white with black but I didn't know they made a white top. The white on grey looks pretty sharp. I think I'd prefer a darker grey/silver though.
  19. Not quite the shade of gray I’m referring to but this is one with a white top. The white models with black tops were sharp as well.
  20. The domestics LOST the mainstream market (despite their best efforts) somewhere between 1985-1995. The only thing that keeps Ford and GM running well (and FCA from suffering the fate of Hudson and Nash) are the trucks and BOF SUVs.
  21. I hope so. Those harsh lessons of too little differentiation and too many brands must never be forgotten.
  22. My engine did consume about a quart per oil change when I had it. I think it had about 120K miles when the radiator failed. Missed the burgundy velour seats; the car felt like I was driving on a cloud. It was a white '84 Cutlass Supreme sedan (not a Brougham).
  23. Out and about today and I saw a new Silverado 4x4 4dr in bright red w the blacked out front end. Really, really ugly in person.
  24. No, it’s a convertible. Look at the pics of the regular targa w/ the fixed rear window and bar where the rear hatch/engine cover is hinged. The convertible version probably works like a Ferrari 488 Spyder or various Lambos—the section with the headrest fairings flips backward and the top folds into a well between the seats and engine. Pretty standard approach for convertible versions of modern mid-engined sports cars. The Jalopnik article shows the differences in the rear structure between the coupe and convertible. The pics below are from that article--convertible in green, coupe/targa in red. https://jalopnik.com/heres-a-first-look-at-the-new-corvette-convertible-1836527053
  25. Think of it as the 'recipe' that made you, you. I found that my mother would've been born with a different surname, because no one knew her father had a different biological father. When the mother remarried, the kids apparently were adopted & had their surname changed. Her father never told anyone about it (he was 8 when it happened); not his first wife (my grandmother) or his second. He had a German surname, but was born with an Italian one.
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