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  2. ^^^ I did not know that. About the Renault 8 being built in Saint Bruno. I mean, I knew Renault had a plant here, its just that I thought it was the Renault 5 "Le Car" being built here. There were a few of these "Le Cars" around back in the day that I assumed when I learned in my teens that Renault had a plant here that 'twas it that was manufactured here. I never saw and got the chance to see the Renault 8 on Montreal roads. I never knew this car even existed as even in Greece, I dont remember ever seeing this car. And yeah, it makes sense that Montreal bought these because it was built locally. Logical.
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  4. Used them because they were built locally? Saint Bruno, Quebec http://www.oldcarscanada.com/2011/08/1966-renault-8.html
  5. Im trying to match Balthy's old time pics. But mine will always be within a Montreal realm. There was a short time when Montreal had little shytty Renaults as cop cars. I believe this to be a Renault 8. From the '60s I assume. Dont really know why on earth Montreal decided to have a fleet of these. I think it was a Youth Squad for rookies to learn how to do a "beat" And a row of these shytty Renaults.
  6. axlon

    Vintage bimmer

    More power and torque than an e28 M5. 530i 3.9 p1 530i 3.9 p2 530i 3.9 p3 530i 3.9 p4
  7. "The Messiah" says "flaws in thinking" while he can't even see many of his own.
  8. Yup, wrong again @USA-1 These are the only refineries in Washington and suppliers via distribution points to ALL GAS Stations. Yes Shell, Chevron, Exxon, etc. do have their own labeled trucks, but they cannot supply all the time to their own branded store via their own branded trucks and as such since all these refineries resell unbranded fuel, aka their surplus fuel under the B2B process, this is where Costco get's their Top Tier Fuels. As long as it meets the certification, Costco sells Top Tier fuel at a bargain to their members and that means one day you might fuel with Shell, next Chevron, next Exxon. Yes they buy from who ever has capacity to sell and they do it as an unbranded fuel purchase, reselling it as Kirkland Signature with the same certification that Shell, Chevron, Exxon, etc. also got as it is the same fuel. Yup been fun pointing out the flaws in your thinking.
  9. SEXY (it's Carrie)
  10. WRONG. Shell does NOT pump the same fuel from the same trucks into their tanks that Costco does. I've seen the SHELL branded truck at my Shell station when I drive by that definitely isn't going to Costco before or after, because I've seen the generic marked tanker at or even a Costco marked tanker at Costco so they buy whatever they can find. Shell and Chevron blend their high-end Top Tier fuel with their detergents at the refineries not willy-nilly at the pumps like Costco, so that's BS comment. Here in Arizona we have fuel points at my local Fry's Marketplace where I shop (owned by Kroger just like Fred Meyer in the NW). The interesting little tidbit for you is we get .10- .20 off per gal at any SHELL station around as well as a dollar off at Fry's stations. Fry's fuel I would never pump even with that much off per gallon as it will cost you more in the end in fuel system and/or other engine repair. So, the grocery store chains like Kroger or Albertson's/Safeway have the gas station in place to attract shoppers as well. AGAIN, the GM dealerships want you to have a Costco Membership and I know they mention that they have the Auto Program that gives $1,000 Member Only Incentive on a new purchase like... https://www.costcoauto.com/save/Brand.aspx?utm_content=chevy01&makeid=7&cmpc=1 because I used it when I bought my new 2018 Silverado in 2018. So the dealerships have their own incentive to push you to Costco pumps, no other reason for it. Why the F would they care where you pump your gas if they didn't have an incentive of their own to get you there, it's not the gas that's for sure. You go right ahead and burn that gas that by the way isn't purchased as Top Tier like you stated. ALL the petroleum companies or in this case big box store merchandiser make it Top Tier with THEIR OWN blend and some ARE higher quality than others and well as the fuel. Thanks for your time with this matter, it's been fun.
  11. Costco gas stations at least here in Washington are open 5am to 9pm 7 days a week. I see long lines usually in the afternoon and early evening. Rarely in the mornings or late night. It is interesting to see the same company trucks come and fill up the costco stations and then go across the street to the Shell and fill up their tanks. As @USA-1 posted link, it is true that not all gas is created equal and you do have farm grade cheap ass gas. Yet with the standards today and the fact that cheaper farm grade gas is also sold at local pumps and clearly marked, not all auto's can handle the cheaper gas especially those blended with ethanol. Costco has their certifications posted at the pumps and online as their detergent gas comes from the same distribution centers and is certified Top Tier and like @ykX stated, I have auto's with 200,000 miles on them running still just fine on Costco gas too. Why the long response to you, is that you HIT THE NAIL on the Head and Costco is on record that the gas is an additional benefit they offer to help their members do one stop shopping, just like tires. It is not about maximizing a profit on every sale but about offering value to the members who then also go in and spend on average $150 per trip into a costco to get stuff. The Business model is about generating profits on large about of turn over at an average of 5% mark up. Yes there are some products brought in that clearly have a much larger mark up, but Costco business model on how they built the business has always been on the average small markup on sales of thousands of units rather than a large markup on a few sales. Costco gas is the same thing, they buy Bulk Top Tier Gas to offer at a small markup to their members as the general public cannot buy gas there. A benefit to membership, unlike a shell, Exxon or Mobil where the franchise owner has a large % markup so that they can make a small profit after they pay all the fees to the oil company. Two different business models, some get suckered into paying crazy high gas prices for the same grade of gas versus others who see the value and benefit from having less outlay in cost. FYI @USA-1 The recommendation from my Cadillac dealership is not the only GM dealership as both the east side Bellevue Chevrolet/Cadillac Dealership where I bought my SS and the Everett Chevrolet Dealership as well as the Everett Buick dealership where my sister bought her Buick all recommend Costco as it is a CERTIFIED TOP TIER GAS SUPPLIER. End of explaining this, I wish you the best paying out much higher gas prices to your local Shell or which ever name gas station you use. Happy your happy with your auto performance on their over priced gas. Like you said you get what you pay for and in your mind you have a superior product. Interesting that my custom tuned SS runs so awesome on Costco Premium gas as it always has required and I am at 140,000 miles on my SS and it runs better now than it did the day I bought it new from the dealership. Seems Costco gas is a quality less expensive product for me.
  12. I'm pretty sure Costco sells gas to attempt to drive traffic to their store, not to make much of a profit on it. I've just grown tired of the lineups so I rarely fill up there unless I know it is a quiet time, around 9am on a weekday.
  13. If you keep making these kind of claims, I have one of my own. For the last 6 years I was putting Costco gas in my G37S and I drove it for over 150k miles in those years (I was putting about 29k miles a year). The car has now over 190k miles. Engine still runs great. So lets agree to disagree on Costco gas.
  14. Latest News Rumorpile: New Document Reveals Possible C8 Powertrains Outputs ranging from 600 to 1,000 horsepower ---> Read More Ford Executive Wants A Sequel To "Cash for Clunkers" Is this a good idea or not? ---> Read More 2021 Genesis G80 Packs New Styling, Two Turbo Engines This isn't the G80 we're used to ---> Read More GM's Upcoming Electric Onslaught 11 Vehicles, New Platform and Battery Tech ---> Read More End of the Road: Holden to Cease At the End of the Year ...the final curtain call for GM's Australian operations... ---> Read More The Unclear Future of the Blackwing V8 ...Good-Bye Blackwing?... ---> Read More Hummer Is Back As A 1,000 HP Truck By GMC ...and 11,500 lb-ft of torque... ---> Read More Latest Reviews Quick Drive: 2020 Toyota Camry XLE V6 Do V6 engines still have a place in midsize sedans? ---> Read More Review: 2020 Lexus UX 200 F-Sport When is a crossover, not a crossover? ---> Read More
  15. Bolted the dash substructure in "permanently" tonight. Feels good. (8) 1/2-in bolts, plus (3) diagonal braces (for effectively 3 more bolts). Made thin rubber gaskets between the substructure and the body shell- hopefully no squeaks, ever. Feels very good.
  16. Brooks & Dunn (to daves)
  17. AGAIN, you get what you pay for. Don't you remotely wonder at all why it's 25 - 30 cents less per gallon?! It's not bulk purchase pricing either. One GM dealership is not the know all be all who know NOTHING about gasoline like my family friend who F'n worked with it for over 30 years! GM uses the Costco Auto program that gives $500-1000 rebate towards a new car or truck along with other auto makers so there's that incentive for the dealer to tell customers that as well. I love Costco merchandise and food, but would never pump their gas in anything but a U-haul rental like I have that then ran like total crap afterwards pinging away down the road, was probably half water. Here's some reading for you with no mention of Costco gasoline... https://www.motortrend.com/news/all-fuels-are-not-created-equal-technologue/ Just go buy the EV you've been yearning for and you won't have to worry about pumping crap gas With a little bit of BS urine from @dfelt Port-a-Potty pack!
  18. Boogie oogie oogie 'til you just can't boogie no more
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  20. Makes sense...I finally figured out who you REALLY are! You are Yankee Doodle! You distance yourself from things expelling gas...so Im betting you ride a pony. Although ponies also expel another type of, ahem, gas. Hear me out. I got another clue. You got a feather in your cap. All I gots to know if you call THAT, macaroni.
  21. And Duck tape on my mouth... Does sound like fun though.... Busy day. Finished staining the deck. Now on to my son 12th Birthday party!!!!!!
  22. Thanks for that. Even before the 'rona, I've diligently social distanced myself from ppl who expel gas. It's a feather in my cap, surely.
  23. Very cool read about the Ram Charger and could it take on the Ford Bronco. https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/enthusiasts/dodge-ramcharger-rendering-brings-back-a-classic-suv/ar-BB14VstG?ocid=msedgntp
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