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  2. Would you buy an Envision or an SRX?

    Sure, Cadillac does need a Lambda-sized 3-row crossover since a lot of the luxury marques are going into that market now. Bring on the XT7.
  3. Tesla Has Been Burning Through $8,000 Per Minute

    Elon Musk's mistake with Tesla is simple and mundane: his vision's reach exceeded his production grasp. If he only started small (one model) and worked on that for about 7-10 years, then Tesla would actually turn a profit and generate cash flow. But that would be way too sensible. He wanted it all and wanted it yesterday. When Jeff Bezos started Amazon, he did one thing: sell books online. We know where Amazon is now. If only Musk's ego told him to start really small and then grow organically.
  4. Would you buy an Envision or an SRX?

    I don't the XT5 is much bigger..it's wheelbase is a couple inches longer than the SRX was IIRC...they need a larger Caddy CUV on the Traverse/Enclave wheelbase, I think..XT7?
  5. Random Thoughts Thread

    Had a nice turkey day yesterday, didn't overeat. Good food, hung out w/ my siblings, chilled out and watched a few football games... nice sunny morning, think I'll take a drive along the North Coast today and see some beaches and lighthouses.
  6. Random Thoughts Thread

  7. Random Thoughts Thread

    Hope all our US fans are having a great holiday!
  8. Would you buy an Envision or an SRX?

    Exactly! I just like the look so much better. The Envision is fine for its target market.
  9. Random Thoughts Thread

    You're such an innocent creature, Mr. dfelt.
  10. Random Thoughts Thread

    Since they did not show the engine bay and no exhaust can handle the output of heat and exhaust flame being from coke cans, I have to question that this is really a conversion since you do not see any exhaust. Easier to sync up engine sounds to the quiet tesla. I have to question the whole list at the end especially since it is a shop that is a pizza and pasta shop on top of welding with an american name yet European license plate.
  11. Tesla Has Been Burning Through $8,000 Per Minute

    Right now nothing Musk owns makes money. Lots of tech and potential, but no solid money makers yet.
  12. Tesla Unveils Their Electric Semi Truck

    The pricing has been announced: $150,000 for a 300 mile range truck and $180,000 for a 500 mile range truck. That is quite good because I looked up a Freightliner Cascadia and they sell for $140-155,000 for most models, unless you get a stripped down base model for $120,000. So a slight premium for the Tesla, but it should make that up in operating costs rather easily.
  13. Random Thoughts Thread

  14. Roadster 2.0 is a 1-off concept car. I'm not sure of the value of using it's claimed figures...
  15. Tesla Has Been Burning Through $8,000 Per Minute

    • If profit were tied only to volume, Tesla is DOOMED. Remember- early on Tesla bragged the company would be profitable at 300 cars annually. • Airborne passenger drones?? And you think it's hard to convince consumers to buy EVs?? Wait- you were saying EVs would replace ICEs in 10 years, now drones are going to kill off EVs AND ICEs in 10 years? Convolution honed to a razor sharpness. • SolarCity is under Tesla now- the CORPORATION as a whole makes no money. That includes SolarCity (I didn't look up the others tho).
  16. Tesla Has Been Burning Through $8,000 Per Minute

    GM and Ford make profit because the annual sales rate is 17 million cars, there are forecasts that post 2030 the annual sales rate could be 6 million cars, that is well below the 2009 levels than drove GM to bankruptcy. Airborne drones will replace cars at some point, might be 10 years, might be 30, but at some point car sales will go into decline and never rebound. The value in Tesla is the charging network, Solar City, solar roof, batteries, autonomous tech, etc all of which can be applied to a flying drone just as easily as it is to a car.
  17. Tesla Has Been Burning Through $8,000 Per Minute

    Yeah.. I feel the same.. even the name, if I think about it, really may not be worth that much in terms of EV buyers if GM brings out the right Boltech type products.
  18. Random Thoughts Thread

    Who Knew but this web site tracks all things auto's in China and the number one selling auto is the Buick Excelle GT http://chinaautoweb.com/2017/08/best-selling-new-cars-in-july-2017/
  19. Interesting comparison between the 2008 Tesla Roadster 1.0 and the 2017 Tesla Roadster 2.0 Tesla Roadster 2008: 248 hp 270 Nm 53 kWh 244 miles (393 km) 0 — 60 mph: 3.9 sec Top speed: 125 mph Tesla Roadster 2020: 1,500 hp 10,000 Nm 200 kWh 620 miles (1000 km) 0 — 60 mph: 1.9 sec Top speed +250 mph
  20. Yesterday
  21. To those that say we are still very dirty, here is the latest chart showing our North America Energy use and from what sources, very interesting: This is our GCD emissions and is pretty interesting to see how much we have increased output that is affecting the planet: Clearly we can change and not just in auto use but elsewhere to improve our living and the footprint we leave on this planet.
  22. Mazda News: Mazda Updates the 6 With A Turbo Engine Option

    Good point of consideration. If MB, BMW, GM, Ford and Toyota deliver on their EV / Hybrid auto's, by 2020 Mazda could be in a world of hurt with nothing to compete against it and their so called Skyactive technology will not amount to much. I really hope they have an EV backup plan.
  23. Mazda News: Mazda Updates the 6 With A Turbo Engine Option

    i'd say it all hinges (staying independent) on the skyactiv-x attempt being put in the other 2 engines(assuming the 1.5 would even be relevant) and if it's put in the turbo'd engine... along with how fast other hybrid/electric vehicles take over the market. their collaboration with 'yota for hybrid tech in mazdas will also be a big variable, hopefully to show up in '20 models. also, in terms of the video, i wonder how much the uls gasoline standard is a part of the soot reduction.
  24. Mazda News: Mazda Updates the 6 With A Turbo Engine Option

    No doubt a very cool video showing their version of this, but I still have to say So What! Mazda is not really innovating and growing as much as just refining their current product I still do not think they will remain independent in 5-10 years.
  25. Mazda News: Mazda Updates the 6 With A Turbo Engine Option

    video for the NA engine
  26. Tesla Has Been Burning Through $8,000 Per Minute

    So Toyota was an early investor to a tune of $50 Million back in 2010 just before the IPO of Tesla. They have quietly sold off all their stock in June for $538 million as they are now a true competitor with their own dedicated EV division. Early on the Toyota Rav4 EV was a Tesla Powertrain with a Toyota body. According to a CNN report that partnership crashed at the end of 2014 due to a culture clash of Japan wanting to go mass market with cheap EV's and Tesla CEO Musk saying they can be profitable as a high end auto company and not wanting to allow toyota to keep using their tech resulting in a wind down and eventual sell off of Tesla Stock. CNN Story In 2013 Forbes did a formal review of Tesla and said the company was way overvalued and with their focus by CEO Musk selling S class cars for $80-$110,000 dollars they were bleeding money as each S class car was costing $1.1 million to make and this was in 2013. Forbes said at the time if Tesla could sell 40,000 S class cars for 2013, that would still leave a manufacturing cost of $550,000 per car. Musk then came out and said that their Gen 3 technology would allow them to create a less luxury car priced at $35,000 and be more profitable than any other car company. The global community grabbed it and pushed the stock value up even more. Forbes does imply that Musk is an outstanding Marketing person, but a terrible communicator of the real facts. Forbes shows all the math in their story and states for 2013 Tesla stock trades at 117 times it's P/E ratio. In 2014 banks were stating that Tesla would be about 88 times valuation. Tesla then took to massive leasing of the Tesla S car which inflates Tesla revenue and understates their debt balance sheet. Even with Tax and ZEV credits where Tesla makes a hefty amount of about half a billion a year, the company is on a Utopian goal that is not sustainable. End result is Forbes is just as baffled by the ability to stay alive bleeding money. They clearly state it is a CULT Stock where reason is thrown out the window. Forbes Story Business Insider wrote this story in July 2017 and titled it: "It might be time for Tesla to get out of the car business!" and they would be right in stating it I believe. End result with all the profitable cash heavy auto companies, Tesla is about to be dumped into the deep end where they cannot swim with their current massive debt load even if they do start to deliver the Tesla 3 in quantity. They blame it on a couple of things, 1) A victim of Musk's vision. 2) A business for the Nutty. 3) Hard to change course as Tesla does a Joint Venture with a Chinese partner to build auto's in China and the clash that is about to happen. End result, not a financially exciting business to get into, but a financially depressing black hole that is sucking up money faster than most can understand. All the stories clearly highlight the impact Tesla has had on the global auto business. One thing that I have realized in looking at this is that Tesla as a sell off company is really only valued between $5 to $10 billion at most and that still will not cover all the debt they have incurred. Not a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN Tesla will have to go bankrupt or be sold I believe.
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